Ulcerative colitis

Name: Robert Atack
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aUuXdlr5p0

Posted on Ulcerative Colitis Support Group - Just in from my last colonoscopy. It looks like I've cured myself from a 20 year 'infection' which caused ulcerate colitis, it took me about 12 days, This is not a windup I can hardly believe it myself. I have nothing to gain from telling you this, I'm not on the make, this is not advertising or trolling. All I've done so far is follow what Jim Humble says on his MMS site, and YouTube skits, The hardest part of this 'cure' for me was going without my second cup of coffee for the day, and avoiding chocolate (I'm sure 2 things you guys would love to consume again) just saying that was the hardest part. I'm 12 days into a 21 day program, and I feel great. So yeah that's all really, you wont hear from me again, good luck. Robert 0274 301 574 New Zealand PS I've tried many many things over the years, the drugs are masking the cause, and just treating the symptoms. You have to kill the PATHOGENS. The treatment/21 day course cost me about $10.00 ............ PS - And I still had to argue with people on the site. Alas MMS doesn't cure cognitive dissonance

Name: woofy

I have a friend who had severe ulcerative colitis for 28 years. It is bacterria living in the last 10 inches of the rectom. Could not hold down a job as he needed a toilet very handy and that came very often at a moments notice. It is incurable the Medical way.

After altering his life style and nutrition along with MMS his doctor pronounced he no longer had the diasease. It was his last checkup before they were ready to remove part of his bowel and go on a bag and his doctor did not beleive it no longer was there!

He has told me if anyone needs verification over the phone he is quite happy to talk to them. He did not do an enama useing MMS but i beleive he should have as it would be very easy to get to the bacteria.