Venous Ulcers

Name: Elizabeth Britton

My friend has been battling on and off for several years venous leg ulcers. Several years ago, he had surgery to strip the veins, however just recently has had yet another ulcer that covers the bottom of the left leg, and has to be wrapped  daily to create compression. Before i bought MMS the first time two weeks ago, i was making a paste out of tumeric and covering the ulcers before compression wrapping. It helped a little, but my friend works on his feet over 10 hrs each day, so it was getting really bad. 4 days ago i started my friend on 1 drop which he had diarreah, actually, i haven't been able to get him going on the 1000 protocol yet because of the diarreah, but he takes a drop every few hours and is steadily able to do more. BUT oh my!!! The ulcer and his overall leg appearence has improved already 80 percent!!! in only four days we both are so excited. He says it feels better on the inside as well, like he could not even need the compression any more, but we will continue with the drops until he can do the 1000 protocol for 3 weeks, and to be safe we will keep compression on it as well. Thank you! As we continue to add more mms i will keep you informed of the progress. Much Love!

Elizabeth Britton