Hello, I used mms to make my daughter's wart go away. I mixed the drops and put it on the wart and put a patch over, then she complained of it stinging so I washed it off and a few weeks later we noticed the wart had gone! Anna

My son has had plantar warts for almost 2 years and has done every treatment known to man including shooting beetle juice into his foot and living with the massive blisters to only have them spread more.  My mother asked my son to try mms on his warts and he said he was going to continue doing what his doctor told him and to schedule surgery.  This surgery required a special tool that the doctor had to order and so he had to wait for that tool to come in.  While waiting, my mom said she was just going to pray.  Well, the tool after nearly two months had still not arrived and my son was home from college at the same time my mother was visiting and I asked him to just try MMS since he cannot have the surgery anyhow.  He agreed and started to apply the full solution directly to his warts (after cutting away all callouses)  and even after the   first treatment he said "that's weird, they look a bit darker".  After only 5 days one scraped off and the largest one (almost the size of a dime) lost that hard knot that was keeping it alive.  After 7 days, my son said they are done.  We are going to cancel surgery and my mom gave praise to God that he would orchestrate this matter in such a way.     Melodie Smith

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One thing I can definitely say I have cured is an aggressive wart. My granddaughter had a bad case of warts and was using an over the counter freezing device. I told her, after doing research, to be careful not to spread the virus as it is very contagious but she is stubborn and careless. I started getting this wart on my forearm. It grew very fast and also, weirdly, itched on and around the site. I had tried many things but nothing was working, including colloidal silver. The MMS started to work right away and now the wart is all but entirely gone. :)

If anyone else has warts and tries the MMS on it, let me know how it works for them. Wonder if it could help genital warts too. I know they are dangerous.

I applied both externally and take internally btw.

Name: Rosemary. Victoria
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I’ve had some really strange skin problems for weeks now. There has been a cluster of what looked like warts on my foot along with flaking skin and red spots. The warts were rubbery and quite hard. I haven’t had warts since I was a kid. As this is the least of my problems I had not bothered to do anything about them. However, a few days after taking MMS orally, they have dried up and fallen off! This is an added benefit I had not expected. I am also noticing that Vic is a lovely pink color instead of his usual yellow skin. The pink happens after each dose and he actually feels warm in the face instead of freezing cold. We believe that his circulation is improving as bugs are killed.

Website/Source: https://www.natmedtalk.com/threads/mms-testimonials-only.2115/

The successes we've seen so far have been with much with smaller things, but I'll share them with you. My youngest daughter had a large plantar wart on the sole of her foot, and after treating it with MMS for one week, it turned black and fell off. We're both delighted! Also, when the MMS arrived, my eldest daughter had been home on and off, a fair bit, with nausea and headaches, over the two previous months. After four days on MMS it cleared up and hasn't been back. And as for me, I've had a very painful sore in my right ear for over a year now. After one single topical application of the MMS, it was gone the next morning. Quite unbelievable! So that's really exciting.


Laila QL

Name: Matt

After unsuccessfully treating my 6 year old daughter's wart for 2 years with essential oils, we decided to try MMS. My wife mixed just 1 drop and put it on a band aid over night. Five days later the wart was black and it fell off. Although it worked, we probably should have diluted it because it left a burn around the wart that was painful for her. Bottom line, it worked, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get rid of a wart.

Thanks, Matt

Name: Tina M. Cuevas

About a year ago I bought 5 bottles of MMS.  I love having a possible cure for any diesease that may strike my family or myself.  I have used it many times for various reasons...flu...infections...ets.  My 8 year old Grandson came to visit one weekend and had a horrible and huge wart on his knee.  I actually mixed up three drops of mms and citric acid and applied directly to the wart without diluting it at all.  It did burn him a little but the next time I saw my gandson......about a month...the wart had completely gone.  
It has been about a year ago now and he was here this weekend....he has a scar where the wart was but no sign of another wart. 
I gave my son and daughter in law a set of the citric acid and mms and I think they have never been opened.  
You just cannot get some people to see beyond conventional medicine.  Thank God I'm not one of them.  
I am amazed at how well it works on various issues....and love to read through the testimonies.  I hope mine can help someone who has children or grandchildren who think they have to live with problems ...that really they don't.