Name: Matt

After unsuccessfully treating my 6 year old daughter's wart for 2 years with essential oils, we decided to try MMS. My wife mixed just 1 drop and put it on a band aid over night. Five days later the wart was black and it fell off. Although it worked, we probably should have diluted it because it left a burn around the wart that was painful for her. Bottom line, it worked, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get rid of a wart.

Thanks, Matt

Name: Tina M. Cuevas

About a year ago I bought 5 bottles of MMS.  I love having a possible cure for any diesease that may strike my family or myself.  I have used it many times for various reasons...flu...infections...ets.  My 8 year old Grandson came to visit one weekend and had a horrible and huge wart on his knee.  I actually mixed up three drops of mms and citric acid and applied directly to the wart without diluting it at all.  It did burn him a little but the next time I saw my gandson......about a month...the wart had completely gone.  
It has been about a year ago now and he was here this weekend....he has a scar where the wart was but no sign of another wart. 
I gave my son and daughter in law a set of the citric acid and mms and I think they have never been opened.  
You just cannot get some people to see beyond conventional medicine.  Thank God I'm not one of them.  
I am amazed at how well it works on various issues....and love to read through the testimonies.  I hope mine can help someone who has children or grandchildren who think they have to live with problems ...that really they don't.