I'm a 66 year old male, who use to race bikes. I've had my share of crashes. Started limping on left side so I had it x-rayed. Doctor told me I had severe arthritis on my left side and my right side was right behind it. Probably from breaking my hips a few times. I asked for physical therapy so he set me up. I started my Therapy about the same time as MMS. Half way thru my therapy the pain in my Hip went away, and I didn't limp anymore. My therapist asked me If I was in any pain, I said no. She showed me my x-ray and said I should be in pain because It was bone on bone. Then I notice my Sciatica was also gone. Probably from breaking my back a couple of times. Anyways I am so glad I found out about MMS, God bless everyone involved in this! Lots of videos and info has been removed. Thanks to MMS I'm back riding again!

Name: cookie bear

I heard about MMS 5 years ago and did a little research and just thought snake oil. Four years on from there I came across it again and thought WTF it's only $40 , less than one visit to my doctors so I brought some and decided to give it a try. I have arthritis in both knees and feet and quite badly in one hand, also eczema on both legs and groin area plus hands and arms , it's been a curse my whole life and no medication keeps it away for much time , and to top it off about 10 years ago I also got type 2 diabetes....... After 3 months on MMS all of the above conditions have just up and gone. Coincidence ??? Yeah I don't think so , I no longer need 150+ units of insulin everyday , no steroid skin creams and no pain killers for the arthritis . Im 59 years old and I have never felt better in my life. I only take 1 drop each hour and I have never increased it since starting it....... the most startling thing was my arthritis which was mostly gone in a week and fully gone in 3 weeks..... the others followed a few more weeks down the line. Dont ask me how it works because I don't know , and by all accounts it shouldn't work....... but it does.... Any medication will hurt or kill you in large amounts and people that commit suicide take pills to kill them selves all the time....... MMS is no different , but take your meds in the correct way and they can definately help you...... as can MMS , I'm certain of that now . I have had no real side effects from the use of MMS, and now that I have kicked those diseases to the kerb I only take 2 drops a day one in the morning and one right before bed. What I have stated above is a true and factual account of my own personal experience with MMS , I have nothing to do with their church or anyone in it , and I certainly have no reason to lie about the results I've had....... if it was shit i'd tell you....... If your at the end of your rope and nothing else has worked what have you got to loose , all I can say is give it a go..... Peace love and good health to you all .


I was informed by my doctors that I would need to be on medications for the rest of my life. I had a few illnesses that I was on medications for and found that I was only going down hill as the years went by. In searching for natural cures, I found MMS and Jim Humble and I found the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing headed by Mark Grenon. I donated to the church $40 and received the MMS kit for my donation. I watched the free videos on how to take this solution and in 4 days, I was completely healed of one of the major illness that I had. I continued the protocol and within 2 weeks, there was no more arthritis, my degenerate disc disease was gone, I had no more gout and there were no more excruciating sharp knife like pain in my foot. My HPV disappeared and the atherosclerosis of the aorta was gone. I had more energy and my brain fog was gone. THIS IS A MIRACLE CURE. IT WORKS. I introduced it to a family member who had diabetes, another who was suffering from an ear infections, another who had extreme rashes on the skin that would not go away with medications. All of them were healed. Some within a matter of months. TRY IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

Name: Steve Inka

Very interesting video. Still following up with CDS chlorine dioxide. I have seen do wonders. Helped my sister with her arthritis pain. Very informative video keep doing what your doing spread the message to the world


USE MMS for the CORONA VIRUS. You will be saved.... MMS cured my HPV, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, gout and ATHEROSCLEROSIS. Father Jim Humble and Bishop Mark Grenon and two men who are trying to spread the truth and wake us up. They are trying to help people help themselves. Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, DOJ and the Elite are not happy that the TRUTH is finally getting out. There are still many robots out there who still believe the news media and wikipedia and the lies that they tell. Those of us who have used MMS and know that it works must help to spread this news and help save your friends and family who are suffering and dying from the chemo, radiation, vaccines and medication still being given as a cure for all. If you believe in GOD and have faith it is YOUR DUTY to tell the truth.

Name: Ron Hummel

You all can believe what you can go with the media which can be proven they lie to you or go with the FDA which members have almost ALL worked for the drug companies which would lose billions if everyone were to use MMS. All I can say is that I went for it and it’s worked for my arthritis, general sickness, feet issues & more. Problem here is regulation & common sense which can be the biggest problem with using it. Sore throats, flu, colds & more can go away in as little as 4 hours to a day. I’m going on my 3rd year using it almost daily. Oh works on cavities also. I had a tooth that would zing me when drinking cold fluids and after using MMS for other things it went away. I went to my dentist who did x-rays & he saw the cavity and poked at it to see if it hurt me which it did not. He filled the cavity & I told him that’s the last cavity I’d ever have. My medical doctor was also interested in it because someone she knows uses it and it helped them. I gave her the info on where she could get it. Even the FDA message about MMS states it can make you sick....and I agree 100%, but so can 1000’s of drugs & they aren’t mentioning the dosage size. Have a GREAT day!

Name: Farida Aftab

Rheumatoid arthritis has no cure but I have recovered this disease by using MMS.and it is cured now. It really works.

Name: Maicoh Lichter

It’s not bleach! MMS is wonderful it cured my arthritis!

Name: Dom Mcrobert

Took MMS for arthritis in both knees, something that I have had to live with for 20 years. Just sfter one day the left knee is back to normal. Still working on the right knee but it is improving.

Name: Aracely Fiske

I have been taking it for 3 months and my arthritis is disappearing and I’m very healthy, no viruz or sick at all


I have used MMS and it has cured my arthritis on my fingers and also I am better with no cold and flues. According to me MMS works for me and to all my families and friends.

Name: Jack London

1. used it 7 Years for approx 2 months 2. Arthiritis - Joint Pains 3. It worked... All my joint pains I had for years went away and stayed away - 7 years later pain free. Also as a side benefit I discover my sunhives I had for over 20+ years have also gone - I can now walk out in the summer without needing to wear long sleeves - before MMS I needed to be covered in summer or my skin would start to be covered in painful sores. Just come back from 1 month in a very hot country with 35C temperatures and never needed to even use sunscreen. Before MMS I couldn't leave the house without sunscreen in summer.


My husband had been suffering with a Lyme disease type rheumatoid arthritis for several years. It kept him from riding motorcycles because you have to grip the handlebars quite hard with your fingers to hold on.

Will the Arthritis Swelling in the Hands Go Down with MMS?

[link to]

He started taking 1 drop of MMS four times a day. The next day he took 2 drops four times a day, then 3 drops X four times and by the time he was on the 5th day -- he was taking 5 drops X four times a day. The swelling in his hands was gone.

What does this mean?

Could it be that littler critters (bacteria, spirochetes) were killed by the immune system using the Miracle Mineral Supplement?

Does that mean that under arthritis and other joint problems are bacteria and other microorganisms?

Name: JH

This is May 1, 2008. About one month ago there was a knock at the door here at my friends place in Mexico and in walked a very pretty Mexican lady. She was carrying a large envelop which I recognized as such an envelope that would have x-rays and other records. And that was exactly what was in the envelope. She said that she wanted us to see that she had evidence to back up the story that she was about to tell us.
There were quite a few x-rays of her back and legs and other bones. These x-ray showed the evidence why she was unable to walk and move to any extent for 8 years. In the year 2000 she had been 47 years old, now she was 55 and very happy.
She said that in the year 2000 she began to get back pains and leg pains. The doctor said it was rheumatoid arthritis. Her pains continued to get worse and finally she had to take to her bed during the year 2000. It continued to get more painful to move and the muscles drew up so that she couldn’t move much anyway.
Her hands started to resemble birds’ claws and she could not use them. Her eyes dried up requiring someone to drop tears into her eyes on a continuing basis, and her mouth went dry so that she needed continuous water for her mouth. She told us that she no longer wanted to live. The pain and constant need for help was more than she could stand. She wished for death.
Then only one month before she came to see us, someone took a bottle of MMS to her and suggested that she take some according to the instructions on the label which was to start at one drop and increase one drop each dose if possible. Well, she worked up to 7 drops only, but in one month she was back on her feet, walking normally, and when she walked into our house here no one would have imagined that she had been in bed for 8 years.
She looked very good. She was taking 7 drop doses twice a day, and she told me she intended to continue right on up to 15 drops twice a day. She shook my hand and gave me a big hug. She said that we could have her records but we didn’t have a place for them. She said that she would keep them and that if anyone ever wanted to ask her about her experience she would be happy to show them.
She left walking normally without even a limp. The only thing left was that she still needed to put artificial tears in her eyes from time to time. She had been a law student in 2000 and she wanted to return to her studies.
So do you see why I called the MMS a Miracle Mineral?

Name: Marilyn

I had the 3 weeks of 1000 protocol and it helped the Arthritis in my hands tremendously.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by bacteria - I had it for 2 to 3 years in my 30's - caused by a Kiss. Had my tonsils removed as a kid - I later find out the job of the tonsils is to protect you from bacteria that enter via the mouth. Took me 2 years of trial and error to find anything more natural that helped - first was the herb Cat's Claw from Peru - that helped a lot but once you stopped taking it the pains came back. Then I found MMS. About 3 weeks on MMS and the pains went away for good. MMS killed the bacteria causing my joint pains. The type of bacteria that causes RA doesn't have a cell wall, so isn't killed by antibiotics that target the cell wall - MMS kills this kind of bacteria.



(24 April 2020): I got my Mum some about 3 weeks ago because she was in agony with arthritis, so much so she couldn't sleep. Just got off the phone with her. She's been taking one drop per hour every day for just under 3 weeks. I asked her what the pain was like 3 weeks ago out of 10. She said 8. Today? Zero. This particular mineral came to my attention about 4 years ago in Marrakech, when the owner of my favourite organic cafe emailed me about it. Then again last year when my friend in Ireland who's a huge health expert told me about it. Then again when one of my favourite researchers in the US started tweeting about it (to the point where he got mentioned as a conspiracy nutter on This Morning) It proves to me that there is a literal mafia in charge of medicine in the world, and has been for over a century (look up the Rockerfeller takeover of modern medicine). The cures to pretty much everything have been blocked from our education system and in this matrix we are locked into. It's simple science when you actually look into it. I used it in February on my son when he displayed all the symptoms of what we didn't know then was covid19. I didn't apply it in the right way then, but the symptoms were gone in 2 days. This particular, cheap and abundant mineral is exactly the same as what our white blood cells produce to fight invaders, so there can't be any side effects - it's simply topping up the body because we are so packed with poison from everything they've been pumping into us over the past 50 years, from flouride in the water (neurotoxin that calcifies the pineal gland, makes us dumb, docile, receptive to orders/suggestions and more importantly us our telephone to God/the Universe and where our visions come from) to the Monsanto shit glysophate they spray on the veggies, to the hormones and shite they inject into the animals that become our meat, to the chemtrails from the sky which fill us full of particulate parasites and heavy metals that rot our brain and destroy our immune systems. All of which makes us super-susceptible to a virus, however that is transmitted (clue: not by hands or touch or breath). I have been taking responsibility for my health and the health of my loved ones by acting as a sovereign human being for many years now. Many ailments can be cured by super simple cheap remedies. That's the big secret they don't want you to know, because if you did know you wouldn't buy into all this bullshit they are currently pumping us with and the human race could get on with building a beautiful, harmonious world of fun and abundance instead of this shit-show of fear.

Lynda and I have a friend, mid to late 50's, has suffered from arthritis for 20+/- years.  Along with fibromyalgia.  Fibro pain on her skin was intense while I applied the undiluted MMS and DMSO to her wrists.  Immediately the arthritis pain eased.   She couldn't open doors because of the swelling and pain.  Within 3 days she was opening doors, the pain in one wrist was gone, the pain in the other reduced by 50%, and fibromyalgia was greatly improved, and she was opening doors.  Headaches she was having every day for 4-7 hours a day have stopped.  And back pain has significantly reduced.  She had just been diagnosed with possible breast cancer, a lump in the left.  We had her start applying the undiluted MMS mixed with DMSO directly to the area of the lump. We left her drinking a 1 drop/oz water mix every hour for 8 hrs, then rest, while applying the MMS/DMSO mixture to her breast, back, and joints as many times a day as she felt comfortable. Tom

Name: Liz Ellie

rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, gout, degenerative disc disease and HPV. I was told there was no cure. I'd be on meds for the rest of my life. I took this Holy water as instructed and in four days I was healed. I keep this sacrament in my home for all ailments. You should too. Thank you Lord. Liz Ellie

From 21 I had severe problems with feet, thigs, backbone. Pain from all over the body. I've been using mms from 7 months (just 2-3 doses per day, always 2 drops of mms and 2 drops of activator). Now I feel much better than before. I have more energy and pain decreased.

Name: Dee

Rheumatoid Arthiris is caused by bacteria - I had it for 2 to 3 years in my 30's - caused by a Kiss. Had my tonsils removed as a kid - I later find out the job of the tonsils is to protect you from bacteria that enter via the mouth. Took me 2 years of trial and error to find find anything more natural that helped - first was the herb Cat's Claw from Peru - that helped a lot but once you stopped taking it the pains came back. Then I found MMS. About 3 weeks on MMS and the pains went away for good. MMS killed the bacteria causing my joint pains. The type of bacteria that causes RA doesn't have a cell wall, so isn't killed by antibiotics that target the cell wall - MMS kills this kind of bacteria.

Name: Mark Clark

Hello, I have recently posted how the MMS protocol cured my sarcoid symptoms that would trigger as well as other ailments such as Reflux, Brain Fog, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia symptoms, and Severe Arthritis thru out body but I also want to share how MMS has helped my 70 year mother. My parents although in there 70's are very active.. they work, hike, ride bikes and even play basketball with my boys, their grandchildren. My mothers knee begin slowing her down and begin severly interferring with her active lifestyle. The Dr. said her cartlidge was fine so knee replacement surgery was not the answer. Rather, it was arthritis built up and begin giving her a cortisone shot in her knee every 10 weeks. By the time the 10 weeks rolled around she was barely able to put any pressure on her knee and would find herself crippled until her next shot. The Dr. begin to talk surgery to go in and scrape out the arthritis at which time my mother begin MMS protocol both internally and externally along with the DSMO. After a couple of weeks she noticed the pain wasn't coming back. She said that she would know for sure that it was working by week 10 when she would normally get her next cortisone shot. Week 10 has come and gone and she has never had to have another cortisone shot. The amazing thing is she maintains her normal active lifestyle!!

Name: Mark Clark

Hello, I have posted how MMS changed my life in a testimonial found under Sarcoidosis but I also want to share how the MMS protocol helps with arthritis in general but specifically tender joints and swelling in the fingers and tendinitus in the arm and elbow. My wife and I both suffered with these symptoms along with my parents in their 70's.. After going on the MMS protocol all of us noticed the aching, tender, swelling symptoms in the fingers arms and elbows going away in just one or two days. The symptoms just dissappear... absolutely amazing!

Name: Mika

2005 I started to get pain in finger joints, working as a chef. 2010 I saw an interview with Jim Humble. Then I watched testimonials on you tube. I saw a dutch guy telling about his ill joints and about a rapid improvement. I bought some Sodium chlorite online and started to take the drops. I took as large doses I could several times a day(up to 15 drops). The citric accid was a terrible activator. However my joints were completely healed in 2 weeks. Now 6y later My joints are still great. I only used mms for a month. No maintanance drops during the years.

Thank you Jim Humble, actually thank you one million times!

Name: Jack

So here is my story. When I was 7 years old I had my tonsils removed because they were always getting infected. What I know now is that the job of the tonsils is to help protect the body from any infections that enter via the mouth. If you've had your tonsils removed then you are at extra risk of getting sick from bacteria that enter through the mouth. This means if you kiss someone who carries a bacteria you're not used to it can cause you great harm.

In my 30's I was seeing a girl that lived 200 miles away and whom I didn't see very often. I kissed her and didn't see her for several months after that. Soon after that I started getting pains in my neck, which over time progressed to my shoulders and worked it's way down the body.

At first I just thought it was my pillow causing my neck pains and bought a new pillow. What followed was years of joint pains that would come and go. If I had taken antibiotics right away then my joint pains wouldn't have progressed. But because I didn't know the cause of my joint pains being bad bacteria I just assumed it was inherited because my grandmother had really bad arthritis - so much so that she was on cruches for most of her adult life. I simply figured it runs inthe family and I'd inherited it from her.

Later on I was on antibiotics like doxycycline and I did find it helped with the joint pains but the pain never really went away and if you stopped taking it, then the pains returned. I set about on a quest to find a natural cure for the joint pains and tried about 20 different things over a 2 year period. The first thing I found that really helped was the herb from Peru called Cat's Claw. That made a big difference but once you stopped taking it - the pains returned.

Then one day I came across MMS, but there was so many scare stories out there that it took me 1 month to work up the courage to try it. At this time the forumla was MMS and 50% Citric Acid - which has now been replaced with Hydroclaric Acid.

I will say right from the start the smell of MMS is simply horrible and so is the taste, although the newer version with Hydroclauric Acid instead of Ciric Acid is a bit better tasting and I recommend that for sure from now onwards.

Anyways, I think my inital mistake was taking took much. I did 2 drops per hour instead of just 1. But also the shape of the bottles I had was different to most of the ones I've seen online, so now I'm sure the size of my drops was larger also, as I'm sure the holes in my bottles were larger. So I probably took the equivelent of 4 to 6 drops when I thought I was taking just 2 drops.

The first time I took MMS it was on an empty stomach and now I know that's not a good idea. It felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. I know now that it's best to eat some food and wait about an hour before taking MMS. But from everything I read I heard you'd feel worse before you got better. Anyway I kept with it but by day 2 I had uncontrollable diarrhea, everything was just gushing out of me. But what really struct me was the smell of it - it had this very metallic smell which was exactly the same kind of smell I knew of as a child being in a dentist's office and getting a silver mercury filling. I had many fillings as a child, maybe 20 or more because I used to cough so my doctor loaded me up on sugary cough syrup which rotted all my teeth and hence the many fillings.

I believe now when I took the MMS it was helping me to get rid of years of mercury stored in my body and that was the smell I was getting.

I also think I may have had a lot of parasites. I love to travel and at that time had been to around 20 different countries including months in my childhood in East Africa as we had family there. So I'm sure I could have picked up a lot of different kinds of parasites. And I think perhaps this is the reason I found MMS really hard to take because I think those parasite put up a really big fight when MMS comes along and does everything it can to turn off from using it from the taste and smell of MMS.

Anyways I found it very hard to stick with the regular 1 or 2 drops per hour because MMS just smelt and tasted so bad. But I did take it whenever I could work up the courage. One of the first things I noticed was within the first few days of taking MMS my toes had a mild burning sensation which went away after about 3 days. Up until this point whenever I walked the joints in my toes would click. The same thing with my wrists, they would also make a clicking sound as I moved my wrists back and forth. After a few days on MMS the clicking from both my toes and wrists went away.

It took me maybe 2 months of using MMS to be pain free but I wasn't using it every day. The biggest reason I wasn't taking it every day was because MMS used to give me uncontrollable diarrhea 2 to 3 days after taking it and so I had to plan times when I could take it and know I'll be a home in 2 or 3 days time. I believe now the major reason for the really bad diarrhea was because of the citric acid. As I have now switched to using MMS + hydrocloric acid and it's so much easier to take and less of the diarrhea.

But after having joint pains for 2 to 3 years and taking many other things before MMS that helped but didn't get rid of the pain for good - I found the MMS seemed to get rid of the joint pains for good.

it's probably been about 4 years now and I've been pain free. MMS tastes horrible, it smells awful BUT it really works. Recently I've come back from a road trip across Europe where I got sick because of breathing in so much cold air, plus lack of sleep, plus I was in a carw ith another person for 12 hours a day and sure I picked up a bug. And I avoided taking MMS simply because I really hate the taste of it. But I did try for three days in a row simply rubbing it into my arms and chest with some DMSO added and it really helped. My cough reduced right away after rubbing in the DMSO and MMS mixture. So there are many ways to take MMS and have it help.

I can really see why Big Pharma would want to shut down all knowledge of MMS, for years I spent hundreds of pounds on things that help reduce the pains but didn't get rid of it totally. And in all cases when you stopped taking whatever it was the pains returned. MMS was pretty much a one time treatment which if I'd been able to stick with it constantly I'm sure would have gotten rid of my joint pains in two weeks total.

I really don't know what else to say, MMS totally changed my life.Before MMS I thought my life was over and I was going to end up on crutches like my grandmother. Now I'm pain free and my joints don't click when I move. I hate the taste and smell of MMS so much but the lasting effects of what it does for your health is simply amazing.

Name: Ross Williams

I have been useing MMS for 2 1/2 years. Stopped arthritis pain in days. I have found I have to take doses very month to 6 weeks to control. Must assume that it is killing pathgens responsible for artritis.

Skin disorders includidng cancer. Days to about 3 weeks.

Name: Marilyn S.

Had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years. Tried allopathic, dietary, massage, Ayurvedic, nutritional, cleanses, homeopathic, magnetics, Chinese, herbal, yoga, exercise, TENS, etc, etc. Saw over two dozen health professionals. Even had 18 mercury fillings removed. Some things helped a little, some things were outlawed by the FDA. Through prayer i was guided to take MMS. I tried 3 drops activated MMS every hour with 3 drops DMSO added after 3 minutes for 2 weeks about 2 months ago. Finally pain is gone, deformities of elbows, fingers and wrists are almost gone and still reducing in size. Only an agent of darkness would keep this cheap, safe, effective solution from the poor suffering people. Beware. Those who serve the devil's plan, are severely punished eternally after the work is done. Kindly allow the people some relief from their bodily and mental sufferings through use of God-given MMS. You and your family will surely need and be helped by MMS in future. Thank you. Good luck and God bless you.

Name: Judith Ehlert

I have known of MMS for years, but not the protocol for cancer.  I started using the cancer protocol for a 21 year old malignant breast tumor this year without knowing about the protocol for arthritis.   To my amazment, the arthritis in my left wrist and hand has disappeared.  I got on the website and low and behold others had been using it with success for arthritis as well.  One of the points I would like to make here is that I was not influenced in any way by others reports.  The pain of arthritis may not be life threatening, but it certainly takes away from life enjoyment.  Thank you Jim Humble.

Judith E

Name: Marilyn
Location: Fiji

Have had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. Never used allopathic medicine, tried everything else with some success but continued damage to tissue and bones. When i finally read it was viral i contacted the ministry. Really nice people there. Took 3 drops every hour for over two weeks. Then i took probotics for aother 3 weeks. Been feeling so much better last 4 months, like i am cured even though the damage to tissue and bones is still with me. I think i just need to carry on with maintenence dose and improve my diet and lifestyle. Thank you Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, thank you Jim Humble and co.

Name: Alan Mauser

Dear jim:

my friend judith had post salmonella articulations pain in wrists knees ankles elbous for about 2 months afterhaving salmonella.

At the begining of the sikness i told her to take high doses of vit c (about 5gms morning afternoon and night) and this really worked because she only had one day 101 temperature instead of 10 or 11 days.

by that time i did not know about mms till 2 months later thanks to your wonderfull books wich a brought .

i started giving her protocol 1000 and after 8 days her articular pains demenish about 90 % we are still working with the pain on her foot.

I also gave it to a friend of mine who is a veterinarian because she started with a closed throat and pain on her lungs and in one day she felt90% better she is still going to do protocol1000 for the next two or three days.

Name: Rhoda Foust

In addition, about Ronnie's prostate problem, I forgot to tell in that testimonial, that he had had arthritis in both his thumbs for several months. When he was cured of his prostate cancer, as I explained in  the previous letter,  he noticed his thumbs no longer hurt as before. So, by using MMS he killed two birds with one stone. I also want to inform any who try my web site they need to go to their search engine to type

 I tried it from the other testmonial page and it didn't go through, but when I went to my search line it did. Ronnie's out cutting down trees today and he's not complained with his thumbs at all. Go down to the next testimonial to read my first testimonial about his three month cure of prostate cancer. He says it's a wonderful feeling not to have aching thumbs, too.

Rhoda Foust

Name: Stephan

In the summer 2012, I visited my family in Germany. My mom had a caretaker from Poland (61-old woman) who had arthritis in her hands; the index and middle finger on her right hand were stiff. I offered her my traveling pack of MMS and she took 4 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution mixed with only one (!) drop of 50% citric acid - this is the proper stoichiometric ratio, which I calculated. After only 5 days, the swelling in her finger joints was gone, pain was gone and she could move the two fingers that were previously stiff! I was really surprised. Another lady (72-old, German), a friend of my mom, had rheumatoid arthritis and she also took 4 drops of the sodium chlorite solution, activated with one drop of the 50% citric acid, and after only 2 days, she was pain free - unbelievable! And they are still fine. Once in a while, I have some pain in my hands and I take the same amount as above and the pain quickly disappears. I use MMS to keep my gum healthy and informed my dentist about it. He found the CLOO-SYS toothpaste and oral rinse and uses these in his practice. I wonder if bacteria in the mouth are the cause of arthritis? When I use more than 5 drops I get diarrhea, so I stay with a maximum of 4 drops. Look also into boron - there seems to be a connection between boron deficiency and arthritis.

Name: Tim

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Reactive arthrits, also known as Reiters syndrome. I was given Voltaren which took the pain away for a week or two or so and then made it worse. I was then put on Naproxen but that didnt help any at all.I learned of MMS at an early stage, at the time when 15 drops per day was the recommended dose. All though it made my situation a little bit better the 3 x 15 drops a day did not completely rid me of the pain in my heels, knees and elbow.

I gave up on MMS until I heard of the new Protocol 1000 which instead of taking 3 x 15 drops a day was 8 x 3 drops a day. I followed protocol 1000 religiously, with NO change in diet, and in fact drinking BEER once in a while.

I would start taking the protocol 1000 at around 9am in the mornings and keep going every hour for 8 hours a day. After the protocol 1000 before the day was over, I would have dinner, I would drink coca cola, sometimes beer, eat chocolates and basically anything I wanted.

3-4 weeks later, the pain was gone completely for the first time in years. I could walk without feeling pain AT ALL. NONE!


There was still some pain in my knees when trying to stretch them out. Around that time is when new information came out about CDS, which is Chlorine dioxide gas blown over to a bottle of water. I used CDS as protocol 1000 or probably in even heavier doses than that recommended, for only a few days, and then the pain in the knees also went away.

Now for the first time in years I was completely pain free. I could walk, I could jog, I could run all though running would have painful after effects because it had been so long since I last went for a run. Probably 5 or more years. That is not a problem now.

But as the topic says.. It didnt cure me.

In other words, as long as I drink CDS, I am 100% pain free. I can walk up mountains and back down with no problems, I can go for runs, I do whatever I want, but if I dont drink CDS for two or more days, I can start feeling a little bit of pain in one of my heels. No big deal, but its there.

I am told that the reason for this is that the main cause of my arthritis is actually a Parasite. A worm. That parasite is causing the problem. So even though CDS cleans up after the Parasite, if left alone, the problems caused by the parasite leading to pain, will come back.

Therefor, I will give Albenazole (anti-worm) medication a try and see how that goes. It is hard to get and heavily regulated, but Im sure it wont take too long until I have it.

I have not experienced any bad side effects from using CDS almost every day for the past 6 months and I rarely if ever get sick anymore, but if I get influenza or anything like that, I have not had it for more than a day or two since I starting the MMS. That goes back to when 15 x 3 was the recommended dose. Years ago!

But that being said, I mean come on. Really. Since CDS is easy to make and works wonders to get the pain away, I recommend it with all my heart. Doctors will give you Voltaren or Naproxen or even chemo for this condition. I never did chemo and never will, but Voltaren and Naproxen did absolutely nothing for me. CDS made me and still do make me 100% pain free. It tastes good and it is cheap and easy to make. Go for it. I will come back with an update to see if this anti-parasite medication does the trick to fix the problem completely.

I now make CDS with this protocol:

 Thank you to everyone trying to make this world a better place for us all.

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Name: miker

Since 2005 I suffered from joint pain in my fingers and sometimes even in the joints closer to hand with swollen nuckles. Never went to doctor but this was still somewhat painfull at times(I worked as chef using my hands and fingers a lot.

Then in the end of 2010 I saw an interview with jim humble and researched the MMS topic further. Ended up buying a bottle from the webb and started to use mms, first one drop and then I went up as high in drops per hour I could. At 10 drops I got severe diarreha and had to stop for a while and then maintained a dosis under 10 drops. After a few weeks fingers felt better and a month later my fingers got totally well, no pain no swollen joints. Today, almost a year later, and although not been regular at all my fingers are totally healed :)

Thank you, Jim Humble

Name: Sonya Signorella

I have been taking MMS protocol 1000 for 6 days and I woke up today with stiffness from arthritis in my back GONE!!! the inflamation from the bursitis was already gone after day 2 or 3 I can't wait to wake up tommarrow to see how much better I feel, I think what you are doing and how you have gone about it is absolutely wonderful!!!
Blessings & Miracles
sonya signorella

Name: Taylor

I just want you to know that my partner's Lyme disease rheumatoid arthritis hands are getting back to normal -- after just 5 days on the MMS drops.

The pain is gone. The swelling is down and he can make a fist for the first time in years! more info can be found here:

Our friends and family members are also having good results.

Taylore Vance
Reiki Master