COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Name: Renato D'Amico

My friend just told me about taking MMS. He said it helped his COPD. I just ordered CDS. He lakes his own using the MMS. I don't feel confident. So I bought the CDS

Name: Tim

I was a "30 pack year" smoker and managed to give up smoking using Allen Carrs book, it took several attempts but got there in the end.  I stopped when I was 40, I am now 48.For the first 5 years  it was repiritary infection over and over, with lots of antibiotics. I was in a state of ilhealth in other areas as well, overweight etc. It was not untill I was 45 that I noticed shortness of breath developing, and I was getting it while at rest. I started going to the gym but then found the harder I worked out the worse the illness became.

The doctors prescribed all the steroids and  drugs, Symbicort, Ventolin, Spiriva, the later made my condition worse. I  had a CT scan done and fibrosis was found, they didn't know how progressive the desease was, needless to say, it was not looking good. the doctors declared there was not much more they could do.

I found The One minute Cure and Bill Munro treatment of inhalation of H2O2, The effect was immediate, I coughed up more rubbish that week than ever before, I continued with it for about 6 months. My condition was better but it was not a cure, I still felt tightness in my chest. I read a technical article on COPD and it said that the desease is a result of the  bodies immune system attacking it's self. The damage is caused by the created superoxidents such as H2O2, which the body produces in the lungs,it reacts with catalase in the tissues, killing any pathagens present but at the same time it removes elastine from the lungs making the tissues less flexable eventually causes them to collapse causing Emphysema. I found that after Inhaling the H2O2 for some time that I had effectively used up the excess catalase in the know you have reached this point because you stop coughing up rubbish.

It was then a work colleague introduced me to Chlorine Dioxide, I started slowly but the reaction came on suddenly, I got the usual diarea and naursea, I stopped, I became very ill,I had uncovered a biofilm and developed a massive sinus infection and had general malaise for about a week, I eventually came good and then continued with Protocol 1000.

It had an amaizing effect all over, it fixed my stomach complaints, fatty liver symptoms, reduced my blood pressure to normal levels and my colesterol levels and Bgl's have come back to normal.

I felt the best I had in years,I desided to stop the Chlorine Dioxide all together and see what would happen. During this time I went on to high dose Vitamin C with MSM. The MSM restored the elasticity to my lungs, they feel normal now, however after a month I started to get the congestion happening again in my lungs and a green sputum. I have since gone back on the Chlorine Dioxide and a mainentance does on 3 drops morning and Night , this keeps the COPD in check.

I have a grin from ear to ear.

Go you good thing, Jim Humble!  

Name: Sara Sturz

14 months ago i watched my friend with lung cancer take a certain substance and begin walking again, his lung lesions are disappearing. His liver (he also HAD Hep C) is regenerating and his doctors are thinking of taking him off of the transplant list...but this is another story within itself...I immediately asked him what it was that he took, because my friends mother had just been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I decided that before i would treat another person with anything, I would have to take a high dosage to determine if the treatment i recommend IS HUMAN SAFE. I did just that...and I ended up removing 39 years of mental anguish and torture!!! AND a lifetime of lung and sinus problems that were about to kill me!!! The substance that my friend used? Why, it was called MMS.

My name is Sara Sturz. From the time i was nine years old i was "strange" the degree to which my mother started taking me to see a childhood psychologist. I saw a psychologist every week from nine years of age until I was in college! (I just remembered this two days ago.) Although I dealt with ADHD, PTSD, and chronic depression, on a daily basis,  these symptoms had yet to be diagnosed. My mental illness was getting worse and by the time i was 26, I was drinking heavily and in 1995, i saw my first PSYCHIATRIST and was given my first MEDS. In 1996 for no apparent reason I snapped completely. (I now know that it is mercury poisoning) My "breakdown" followed a huge round of dental work done with Silver Amalgam (mercury) fillings. I know now that I had reached my toxicity limit. My brain started deteriorating rapidly. In April of 2012, I had thought I had begun to hear voices. I could not complete my thoughts let alone sentences, I was incontinent. I had a constant raking cough that was so consistant and strong it would throw my back out. I had constant congestion and runny nose. Sinus and lung infections abounded. It almost felt that I was drowning. ALL OF THE FORMENTIONED CONDITIONS ARE GONE!!! I am realizing that although MMS cleared out all of the fluke and heavy metal in my body, it cannot undo all of the mercury damage. I am finding that my body still is not producing enough Seratonin to alleviate my depression. I am using suppliments to try to get my seratonin to kick in.

Seven years ago I curbed my Alcoholism. This magnified the true symptoms of my mental illness, in fact, it wasn't until i quit drinking that I was then diagnosed with ADHD. To make a long story shorter, I was poisoned by my dental work from the time that I was 9 years old with the very first filling. MERCURY fillings. COPD is also linked to dental amalgam vapors. Until May 4th of 2012, I was diagnosed with beginning stages of COPD. I had an inch of white in the bottom of each lung on my xrays that disappeared AFTER I TOOK THE MMS PROTOCOL.

MMS saved my life!!!

Name: sean little
Location: America / United States

Hello. My name is Sean Little.  MMS has saved my mothers life twice when she was in the hospital.  The first time was in 2006.  That was around the time I learned about MMS.  She couldn't sit up in bed without being out of breath.  I ended up sneaking the MMS into the hospital and giving it to her (at a 10% ratio).  My mother was up and ready to be released within three days.  Of course her doctors contributed it to steroids, but I knew the truth.  I did no follow-ups and her health was better for the next couple of years.

The next time she went into the hospital was 2010.  My mother overheard her nurses in the hallway saying that she probably wouldn't make it through the night.  Then we recieved a phone call from a family member saying that the respiratory therapist told them that she was as comfortable as possible and we should all come say our goodbyes!  (How unproffessional for any medical personal to let a patient overhear this!)  By the time the news got to me, it was either run for the MMS or be escorted out of the hospital for life.  I once again had to sneak the MMS into the hospital.  We stretched a protocal 1000 into a week or more.  I truly believe that the protocal 1000 played only a small part in her recovery. It was the two drops that I had her inhale that was the reason that she walked out of there.  Mind you, I could only sneak in a small amount at a time for her to breath one day and then a small amount for her to breath in the next day for a minute at a time.  Even though the therapist was completely out of line for letting her hear that, they would've been 100% correct if this wonderful supplement didn't do its job once again.

Name: Mark
Location: America / United States

A friend recently introduced me to their daughter (42yr old) who has suffered with COPD for years and recently had gotten terribly worse. Her mother asked me if I would call her daughter and offer help. When I first called her she could barely hold a conversation and it was very hard to understand most of what she said.

She told me she had been unable to work for a month and was often unable to go from one room to the next without passing out, so little was her strength and breathing. She had been told by her Dr. that the lower portion of her lungs was dead and the disease would only progress.

I sent her some MMS2 and she took 1 each hour for 3 doses. She quit because of a sever pain in her upper abdomin which began 45 minutes after the first dose. She continued anyway with 2 more doses before quiting. The next day when I spoke to her she was 50% better. By the 2nd day she was breathing better and walking about.

Her doctor then took her off the high doses of Steroids she had been on and she is now, (5 days later) back to work and feeling better than she has in years! When she attempted to tell her Dr. (she is part of a COPD study) what she had done to make the sudden change he only said "I don't want to hear about that!"  What will he say when she continues to be well and the others in the study get worse? Praise God for the MMS and thank you Jim for bringing this to our awareness!