Flu (Influenza)

Name: Shannon Colcord
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXb9KjyE3GU

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXb9KjyE3GU There are no documented cases of these side affects you talk about unless of course you're really talking about the big Pharma poison. I've been taking this for over a year now and I feel AMAZING. I literally just witnessed with my own eyes it cured the FLU in 2 DAYS. btw if it's so toxic as you say, why is it promoted as a water purifier? You're such a liar.

Name: Eve Zimmerman
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8sxfvsHvPY

I have been taking it for a month after almost two months of flu here in Mexico. I am immune compromised with Nutro Penia, Lyme disease and Hypothyroidism . Now the Corona Virus is coming. So far I am doing well starting to feel more energy would love to know more since J3 am high risk and lucky to be here. Thank you

Name: Mary Elizabeth
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H4DxZ6pQZ0

Cured the flu in a day. Used MMS with my mom when she has shingles. It was gone in 3 days.

Name: Joe Epps
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX1pWL9Dk4c

I have used MMS at least 6 times and have avoided the flu. If You read Jim Humbles Info , He never claimed that it cured everything. His claims are much more valid than Main Stream Media ever was! I will use it again. It works by raising the PH level in the blood for about 4 hours after taking it. Then it turns into body salt. I have had no side effects. The FDA is owned by "big Pharma". If they can't make money , then You can't have it or it is lied about. Like any meds, it could make You sick if overdosed.Why are there no mentioned deaths or even side affects? the pictures they show you are about 200 times stronger than recommended. I would use it with zythromyicn if I thought I had covid 19, Disclamer , I am NOT a Doctor, My evidence is from my own experience. Do Your Own Research.

Name: Brockt87
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9XJnpjMi88

My former doctor recommended MMS years ago. No joke it has quickly cured colds flu & just about any common illness for the dozens of friends and family who have used it. Including some extremely serious flu strains that were putting very young people in the hospital. I’m talking about I could barely even get up & make it to the bathroom Flu, then 2-3 hours after taking MMS I was up and actually did a heavy workout. That never happens w anything else I’ve used Rx or anything else

Had the same experience with two extremely severe strains of the flu, that put another family member who got it, but doesn’t use MMS, in the hospital.

She had a seizures trouble breathing muscles seizing up and the worsts headache of her life. I had most of those symptoms when finally taking MMS days later when it was at it’s absolute worse. It was SO BAD, I actually thought I had Covid 19, but was 90% better in 2-3 hours after using MMS and I felt good enough & started working from home. It continues to get better the following hours as I continued to use MMS

I know many people in the medical field who personally use it including doctors and nurse practitioners. Also have 2 very close friends who have traveled the world and told me they have used MMS on over 100 cases of serious acute illnesses, including malaria and said it worked every time wo any side effects or complications. That’s what inspired me to try it after my doctors advice. In every acute case myself and everyone I know who’s tried it, or even anyone I’ve heard of trying it, it’s worked quickly every time to knock out any acute viral or bacterial infection and symptoms have always quickly subsided. This wasn’t stuff that could have just gone away on its own either. It apparently works for some fungal and parasitic infections but not all,


The videos they show Explaining the diarrhea and stuff, were heavily spliced in this video. That same woman actually said MMS cured her extremely serious auto immune condition & the diarrhea was just the dead pathogens existing her system in the beginning. I believe she also had Lyme disease, but it’s been years since so not 100% she had lyme. In her videos a couple months later she looks so much healthier, which supports her claim

It’s illegal for the same doctors who use MMS for their families themselves & recommend it to patients, to use on their patient themselves in the U.S.

Why if it’s so effective?

Maybe bc it’s DIRT CHEAP...a lifetime supply is about $20! & it cant be patented ... wide use Clinically would seriously diminish the richest corporations in the world aka pharmaceutical companies profits.

Is anything else that would drastically help humanity but cost would cost one of the biggest corporations on the planet (in this case the biggest) like that ever accepted...ever ?

Remember what happened to the inventor who could drive 3,000 miles on a tank off water w his hydrogen engine? He died saying he had been poisoned...by the Big Oil people he had just met with!


Those calling it dangerous may want to ask themselves this- since It’s FDA approved to be safe enough to use in our public water supply, which is often used to make baby formula btw, and was consumed in larger amounts than taken medicinally in FDA clinical studies and found safe...so why is it being called dangerous?

MMS is not a cure all but in my experience it is very effective w acute bacterial & more importantly viral infections, which unfortunately mainstream medical in the U.S. has very few tools for viral infections, and this is costing so many deaths, many doctors and medical staff feel could be saved if we used what’s works, and not what’s profitable.

Anyways, if you completely disagree you probably haven’t worked w the medical field and kept up w medical research. According to the research, and many doctors who keep up w it or do their own studies, there are many other more effective treatments and preventative measures that aren’t being talked about or implemented in most cases, instead many other less effective but far profitable medications or treatments are often being promoted and used


Hope this helps

Name: Pier Jade
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcTnM2jsAUg

I've been using MMS for years and I never travel anywhere without it. I've told my family to get MMS, but they did not listen to me, and now Corona virus is upon us and economies are shut down. MMS is SIMPLE. It is oxidation treatment. It oxidizes the body. This will knock corona virus upside down its head because no virus or fungi can live in an oxidized body. PERIOD. I think it is even more effective than the Hydroxychloroquine drug that president Trump is taking and promoting. I've used MMS to prevent and treat flu, stomach aches, diarrhea, treatment of open wounds and as a water purification solution. BTW, due to FDA regulations, targeting and arresting people selling MMS, companies got smart and started marketing MMS as water purification solutions... same thing. So you won't find it under MMS. Jim Humble's web site list the names of distributors of MMS.

Name: Bray Bulahan
Website/Source: https://ru-tv.org/tv/church-pushes-miracle-cure-that-experts-say-is-dangerous-sham-part-1-IAxJ-Ca6_mQ.html

In 1985, my alma mater OSU in Columbus, OH - their medical school did months of clinical trials on sodium chlorite b/c the food & beverage industry wanted to use it to purify juices and other products, and wanted to insure its safety. It came out with flying colors! Keep 2 drops of activated MMS along with 6 oz of purified water in your system each hour and by the next morning, flu and colds are gone is my experience. Every time my family comes down with something, they use this and they're better that night or the next day. Catch it early is the trick! If you wait, it may take 2 days to get the germ out of your system. We've been using it for 4 years now, and I don't think we were "damaged" in any way. The medical big wigs don't want this cheap substance to be advertised, so it's getting around the world by word of mouth only. There's no money (profit) to be made on this as there is with anti-biotics, pain pills and other drugs, so they're fearing MMS will be a household word in the future. It also works on all the childhood diseases. Vaccines alone is a $4 billion a yr business. At first it started out as a malaria cure in Africa, but as people kept taking it, they found it cleared up so many other health conditions they had. Check out when cities quit putting chlorine in the water supply and used something else to purify it. You'll find that it was 1-2 yrs after MMS started gaining steam just from word-of-mouth. You can't talk-down something when you're putting a similar form of that substance in the water supply. With no more chlorine in the water, they can talk crap about MMS all day. This is so cheap compared to drugs (yes petro-based chemicals) that don't work. I bought 5 bottles of it and actually buried it beside a relative's gravesite b/c there will come a time when the FDA will bust down doors (as they did at Jim Humble's home) and confiscate this "poison" (for YOUR safety, of course) but the real reason will be because it's eating up Big Pharma's profits. -- We NEVER want to be without this miracle substance!!

Name: Randy Ob Me
Website/Source: https://ru-tv.org/tv/church-pushes-miracle-cure-that-experts-say-is-dangerous-sham-part-1-IAxJ-Ca6_mQ.html

RU-tv shut down JIm Humble and All the videos of people cured , THOSE people are the experts not mainstream LIARS of the left and the some on the right .this is BS. It works, I Had a flu 3 weeks ago who knows if it was the Hoax flu but it was gone in 4 days .. and I was very ill. IF you believe 20/20 and NOT KNOW the actual chemistry and how it works you have no say . We have it in toothpaste AND mouthwash.. yes its in there AND also for water treatment while camping and at the treatment plants. and at the meat processing AND the vegetables ..yes we do that to . and they say it will Kill you? ..!! they are LIARS and to top it off. YOUR BODY MAKES IT!!! so we are already dead!. liberalism is HATE of mankind. the FDA was made by progressive liberals its time to shut it down.. this stuff works..period. I have used it for years.

Name: Kenny H
Website/Source: https://ru-tv.org/tv/doctors-warn-against-consuming-mms-to-cure-diesease-O9XJnpjMi88.html

I am 64 yrs old and have used MMS1 & MMS2 (sodium Chlorite & Calcium hypochlorite) both to cure myself from serious full blown flu virus infections and serious walking pneumonia as well to where I could barely walk 100 feet without getting dizzy and disorientated, and one time my left lung was completely clogged with fluid and the other gurgling when I tried to breathe! Simply mixing the MMS1 or MMS2 with water and sipping it a little at a time over the course of the day, and each time within 3-days I was completely over my illness it has never failed me! I do not get flu shots nor have I been to a doctor to get antibiotics for a flu in longer than I can remember! I no-longer fear the flu or any serious infectious disease because I have this on hand to cure it! The other thing I have found that cures infections is colloidal silver, even staff and serious sinus infections gone in a few days! (I currently make my own colloidal silver) I had a tooth pulled in which the dentist broke a hole into my upper sinus allowing the bacteria in my mouth to enter my sinus cavity. I then had a raging infection throughout my entire sinus cavities and flushed my entire sinus with colloidal silver that killed the infection in only a few days! Never went to a doctor for that either!

Name: Penny
Website/Source: https://www.jahealthadvocate.com/mms-testimonials.html

I have been using MMS for about 6 years now, doing the Clara protocol every time I feel I am coming down with something, and bang it's gone!!

Name: Darrell
Website/Source: https://www.jahealthadvocate.com/mms-testimonials.html

It should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet and I am telling everyone I know about it. I’ve had no colds for over one year since I started taking it and my boy had a cold coming on a couple of weeks ago and one dose at night and he was right as rain the next morning!

Thank you so much sir.  I am disabled on disability and praying hard as telling people about MMS.  Soon after I got out of the hospital, Facebook friends (near 5000 patriots now multiplied 10, 20,30 times or more) rented me a motel for about 2 weeks, and then I came home with wheelchair and Walker to a house pouring in rain on the floor November 1st, 2018... And by 2019 early, I had been informed of MMS and apricot seeds (vitamin B17 which is illegal by DEEPSTATE CRIMINALS in the USA) and I finally got apricots, a coffee grinder to grind the seeds with, and MMS with DSMO. From that point I beat stage 4 terminal cancer, the traces of stage 4 cancer that had began to spread to my liver STOPPED and FROZE DORMANENT I believe from the MMS, and the B17 from the ground apricot seeds along with the MMS & DSMO together apparently stopped and killed the cancer.  THEN I got a case of the flu.  I kept eating an apricot seed every day, and increased the MMS to 3 drops each (MMS, Activator, & DSMO) every 30 minutes, all waking hours when I couldn't sleep.  I was ABSOLUTELY miserable.  Hard to breathe, in tremendous pain.  But the oncologist gave me oxycodone for all my pain so I was taking that too, but within 72 hours or so, my flu was GONE!! I KNOW the MMS killed that flu virus and yet again helped save my life.  I was so close to death so many times in a row 5 years of incarceration and year 6, and 7 the MMS with the apricot seed killed the cancer AND the MMS killed my flu.  I have 3 spots on my liver but they are just that... Scars... Nothing active.  And I had another cancer test in March and April I found that still no cancer has returned. I continue to take 3 dosages of MMS per day.  I take it in a 1oz shot glass then chase it with 4 or 5 ounces of water at least 3 times per day or more at times. I can say I know it has also helped my chronic asthma and also some with my severe arthritises.  I have been diagnosed with prolonged Reiters disease, ankylosing spondylitis, herniated disc low back, neck injury from the TYRANT cop that hurt me, fibromyalgia, just diagnosed diabetic, and I have kept all under control with MMS and diabetic meal planning to regulatr my glucose/sugar/carbohydrate intake.  I am now using the MMS continually as now reversing the diabetes. Please pray for me too.  I pray for the Genesis church every day, our military, our POTUS TRUMP and his cabinet... All the Patriots worldwide struggling against these evil TYRANTS and elite child sacrificing, child eating greedy TYRANT demons all around us foreign and domestic.  WE ARE WINNING! I am a Constitutionalist... Not a Democrat, not a Replublican, but a digital warrior, and God's warrior.  May God Bless America Again and this time also ALL THE struggling righteous WORLD citizens.  EVERYBODY must stand for freedom and life... Not profitable murder, wars, and deaths.  A lot is going on and we all have our battles against evil TYRANT demons in power.  But GOD ALMIGHTY is on our side.  WWG1WGA!!!  I am NOSE TO NOSE with the DOJ myself too! I am seeking Civil and Criminal attorneys to help as studying for paralegal license. Disabled or not, I still do my part even if mostly from a chair, and I know we are winning!!  May God Bless 🙏 🙏 🙏 Sincerely, thank you... Please don't hesitate to send friend requests Branded Soldier James Reynolds Facebook ( I'm usually in FB jail for telling truth) https://www.facebook.com/brandedsoldier.jamesreynolds.1 Me We Full BIO on MeWe, No Ads. No Spyware. No fb jail: https://mewe.com/i/brandedsoldier-jamesreynolds

I loooove this stuff. Literally cured my son of the flu in less than 2 days, NO other treatments/medicines. I never get sick, even when sickness is all around me. I have family members though who Still believe in the propaganda that it is bleach and that I'm going to die from it but I've been taking it for almost 2 years now and I'm still here. Godsgirl Heal

Thanks for your information and solutions which have been very helpful over the last couple of years. I had this flu virus a couple of months ago and was done with it in 2 (bad) days. Dan

Name: Suzanne

Yesterday-I just knocked out a virus or flu in one day with MMS. Today I'm without the fever! Tired but definitely better.You helped me extend my Father's life for another year----it did not die of a UTI. In the end His heart gave out, but not a UTI ! Medical system has nothing! I feel a combination of compassion and anger for the mind controlled healthcare folks. IGNORance is a choice. But it usually takes a beating to get people out of the trance. In Friendship, Suzanne  

Name: Ylli
Location: Kosovo

Hello people, here in my country a very bad flu is catching a lot of people and making people so worse, a lot of fever , body pains etc . My sister was having the first symptoms of this bad flu . So I did protocol 6 and 6 by giving her 6 drops of MMS and an hour later another 6 drops of Mms. After that she was fine , later she had some diarrhea and nausea but then it moved away and now she’s feeling more energetic . Thank you Jim Humble for this miracle and thank you too Mark Grenon together with Genesis2Church for helping people everywhere in the world .

Download video

Name: Nola

I was teaching a class and all of the sudden, I got a head cold. I had to wait til I was finished with class, with all the wet tissues I was throwing away. The "cold" was going around our house, so I kind of knew I was next, but after a few days, I let my guard down. This rushed on me like a freight train! I was miserable until evening, then I thought I would take a mega-dose of CDS that I had in the fridge. I just poared some in a glass, added some water to it, and down the hatch! I guess now, it was equal to a 6 drop dose of MMS. Within, say, 2 or 3 minutes, the "cold" left like the wind blowing a raincloud away. Clear as a bell!. That night, I was clear. However, it rushed me again as soon as I got up. Again, I took a "Mega-dose", and again, the head cleared in a minute or two. 4 hours later, it came on again, and again, another mega-dose. This time, it cleared up for good! A few weeks later, I started to get the flu. That achy feel, and diarreah. I used the megadose on it too. Same thing happened. It cleared up in no time at all. I tried to come back, and I kept it in check with my trusty CDS. Now I know what to do for the people in my house. CDS seems to be a lot more palatable than MMS for everyone here. I can tolorate more CDS, and I don't get that Herxy effect.

Name: Susie Randall

I started using MMS about 10 years ago, due to having previously suffered all my life from constant cold and flu infections leading on to chest infections, frequently serious. Ever since then I have been completely clear, even when tending others and have often been the last one standing at work when an infection is going round! With confidence I originally shared this with my family and some friends who likewise benefitted on the occasions they've picked up an infection. However since it became popular worldwide for similar reasons -, and for more life-saving reasons, bad press and internet intrusions from 'jealous pharmaceuticals' have made it impossible for me to share these amazing benefits further with anyone else!

I have meanwhile used it myself effectively for even more serious conditions, such as

1) I used it both internally and externally to recover fully from 'cat-scratch-fever', which is related to lime disease and can be fatal.

2) I used it internally to recover fully from sub-meningitis, when the doctors had wanted to give me medication and an ambulance to hospital. Afterwards they could not account for my complete and fast recovery at home - visible also in my blood tests.

3) I used it both internally and externally to eliminate tooth/gum infection

The side effects I used to experience from doctors' medication (if it even worked) always far outweighed any slight discomfort from using a large dose of effective MMS - and the worst of that would just be a bit of diarrhoea initially as the toxins were being rapidly expelled from my body . . . they've got to go somewhere - "Better Out Than In"! Whereas FROM MEDICATION, I WOULD ALWAYS GET DIARRHOEA ANYWAYS, but that was quite a different unnatural BUM-BURNING experience! Not a natural release of toxins, but a horrendous effect of the medication itself upsetting my body - along with a multitude of other awful side effects, and a compromised immune system. By NOT taking medication over the past 10 years I've also avoided the worst side effect - DEATH - which affects over a million people a year worldwide.

It's a no-brainer - I'll stick with MMS - until the 'jealous pharmaceuticals' make it impossible.

Thank you Jim Humble for access to changing my life.

Kind regards

Susie Randall

Name: Heddies

It started thursday noon when I felt weakness, cold all over the body. Few days before I started coughing and I had headache. That thursday I got fever and had all other flu symptoms. I immediately ordered CDS (0.3%) in the internet and mixed 1 Liter of tap watewr with 33ml of CDS. I drank that liter distributed over the day (8glasses 125ml each). Next morning almost all symptoms were gone. But did this 1 liter thing for the next 2 days. The next day all symptoms were gone and I had THE most powerful energetic Power Yoga class ever. I was full of energy. Amazing shit! I floated like Dylan Werner and also did a 30 sec. handstand. I love it!!!

Name: Kevin

Just a quick update since having MMS. I killed of a flu bug in the first 48 hrs I had it and then continued to dose for a week to deal to a virus that attacks me every time I get flu. It use to make a huge rash inside my thigh region and the only way to treat it was by anti fungal cream. That didn't happen this time. By the way that goes back to my early 20's when I was handling a lot of bugs in the meat industry as a meat inspector. Im 57 now.

Also I feel its dealt to a few long time pains in some areas of my body showing arthritic type pangs due to old sports injuries and too many good women (LOL).

Name: Sandra

After working long hours in the winter time (i was 67) I contracted a flu that metapmorphosed from a throat condition to various aches or low energies in the body and I couldn't get rid of this. After 2 months I bought CDS solution and took it every hour for 10 hrs for 3 days and the condition was gone, except for the diarrhoea. So i contnued at every 6-7 hrs for 4 more days and that went too. I now take it whenever i feel I'm getting a bug and it goes. Usually I take it for 1-2 hrs twice a day in thi case, away from antioxidants. I've bought the overnight kit and found it very good to use to make CDS. I don't necessarily take a maintenance dose every day as yet.

Name: Dr Mostafa Shaaban

i am apharmacist but i am iteresting with alternative medicine i prepare the chlorine dioxide by mixing 1ml of sodium chlorite and 1ml of 50% citric acid in 50 ml glucose 5% then i mix that to abottle of 500cc of glucose 5% and give this to my wife iv where she was very very sick due to cold and flu to my surprise next day all symptoms were gone i said may be a chance so i repeat the same procedure with 2 other patients and i have the same results and i swear on this 

Name: Paul

I catch flu easily. This makes me familiar with the onset of symtoms: light-headedness, muscle pain, weakness.

Since september 2009 I have been using 6 drops of MMS + citric acid at the onset of symtoms. This was 100% effective in preventing flu. Total number of preventions was 6 (estimated) in 4 years. No sick leave was taken during that time.

Last flu infection was in july 2013. In this case I was at work and could only do the prevention routine after 8 hours. I used 3 prevention doses about 6 hours apart. Flu did not go away. However, I did not get the symptoms of coughing and sneezing and a stuffed nose which may mean that secondary infections were prevented. I decided to observe myself for a while without further MMS support. Felt very tired and sleepy for 2 days, not getting better. On the 3rd day started MMS again in the morning: 3 drops + citric acid every 1 to 2 hours. Somewhat irregularly because of tiredness. I was getting better all the time and after 10 hours flu was gone. Remarkable.
Most (maybe all) of my colleagues got flu - possibly the same virus - and reported being very ill for 3 or more weeks. 


- To prevent disease use 6 drops MMS once.
- To cure established disease use 3 drops MMS every hour.
- The very ill will benefit from the support of a care giver to ensure that MMS is used in the right dose at the right time.

Name: Patti

I chose the flu category because that appears to be the most common ailment in my area.  My husband and I first heard about MMS1 in early 2008 from a friend.  We listened and my husband having a good understanding of chemistry and all elements was impressed, so we bought "the set" (he sold both the water purifier and citric acid together) We started taking it not because we were sick, but to give our bodies a 'cleansing'. My husband reported having strange bowel movements etc. and I myself shared that.  We didn't think much of it because we believed in the product without having to be convinced. We believed Jim's story from the beginning.  Every time we have has even an inkling of the onset of illness we got on board with the MMS1 and within the 24 hour period were free and clear of any symptoms. This continued until MMS2 and we now do both!  Love Jim Humble and everything he has done for his fellow man!

Name: Sunesis

One evening last winter my teenage son came home from school with the flu. He fell asleep in the recliner chair. He was delirious from the flu. I fixed him four drops of MMS in a cup activated with 20 drops of citric acid. I let it activate for three minutes in a tea cup then I put the cup under his nose and let him gently allow the gas to filter up into his sinuses for a few seconds. It is not good to breathe the gas deeply as it can cause tissue damage. I repeated the action one hour later making a fresh batch of MMS/ citric acid mixture. I let him just have one or two tiny whiffs of the gas and long story short, he was soon feeling better and he went to school the next morning. Pretty good how he went from delirious to going to school the next day! I also, treated someone else for a UTI infection. I put 6 drops of MMS in a teacup with 30 drops of citric acid, let it activate for three minutes, then added a half cup of room temperature water and had her drink it. I had her repeat this same dosage one hour later. The infection soon went away. We were so thrilled!

Name: Veselin

I had very high body temperature 40 degree celsius,pain in the muscles,hadeake,sinusis was totaly closed,what means tippical simptoms of influenca..I was drunk 10 drops of mms at the 11.00 pm and felt in sleep,and after 6 hours I woke up totaly healty,so I can not belive waths happning,coz tipical influenca,in my case, rid needs minimum one week to be rid...Same recawering hapened to my wife etc,, Veselin Serbia.

Name: Jaime Rambo

For 5 years now, I have taken MMS and given it to my children, friends and family to prevent the cyclical colds and flu's so prevalent in our society. I've also used MMS quite successfully to heal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, infected gums,sinus infections, stomach aches, inflammation of the gut, etc. Thank you for bringing this simple, yet profoundly effective healing formula to the world. I'm eternally grateful!!! Sincerely, Jaime Wisconsin, USA

Name: George Shackelford

My personal experiences with MMS Classic includes my wife's usage.  I could also say that it includes the experience of a number of friends who have obtained MMS.   On the whole, our experience is a blend of both excellent results all the way to rediculous frustrating disappointments.

A couple of years ago I bought five bottles of MMS based upon a desire to share better health with friends and family. My wife and I always grab for the Sodium Chlorite at the first signs of any illness.  We use MMS regularily for stuffed sinus, chills, headache or sore throat.  I've dissenfected any number of things from the shower, to water jugs. Also cleared up a case of atheltes foot in 10 minutes with a foot soaking.  There are many more mundane things we use it for that I won't bother to mention.  Success wise, MMS always delivers.

In 2009 I came down with that Swine Flu and suffered for months with upper respiratory problems.  This was a year before discovering MMS.  Last year I began to develop the exact same symptoms as I had with the Swine Flu.  Immediately started taking four or five drops of Sodium Chlorite activated with Citric Acid and symptoms disappeared in eight hours and that's pretty much the exact experience we've had with every bout of illness.  Last night my wife was suffering from a suddden bout of sever chills, headache and nausea.  Five drops activated before bed and this morning she is fine. She said that this was the sickest she's ever been but now she's fine.  Ok, all this is good including the experieces shared by a few friends who were given bottles of MMS. 

Where the rub comes, or should I say the frustration is from a number of friends whose relatives diagnosed with cancer were given bottles of MMS but refused to start any new "protocols" even if they hadn't started Chemo.  Along with the MMS, bound copies of the various protocols and articles were provided to the caregivers for their enlightenment.  Our experiences with these cancer victims has diminished our enthusiasm for getting involved in other's problems.  I know there are innumerable people with treatable illness that would benefit from MMS, but short of searching out those people who for what ever reason refuse to be treated at area hospitals, might begin an MMS protocol. There's also the personal liability issues.  I'm not giving away anymore MMS for now but will continue to use MMS myself.  Had my experience with others not been poor, I would have already taken the video course.....

Name: Lidia

Very Dear Mr. Humble, First would like to congratulate you on your recent article about Vegetarianism. It's absolutely brilliant. I was a vegetarian myself for several years and got a big boost immediately after resuming my previous diet. As for a testimonial regarding my experience with MMS, I'd like to say that I've been taking it for 3 ½ years now.

There is obviously an after and before this landmark event and I can say for sure that I'm still alive and healthy thanks to it. What is really hard is to summarize all the changes I noticed. I'll give it a try:

1. Although I had occasional cold and flu symptoms, MMS always stopped them on the tracks –same with sinus infections.

2. For several years and about once a month, my blood pressure would go up, not significantly but it was a very annoying situation because I felt so bad I had to lie in bed while it lasted. I saw several Chinese doctors and all of them told me that my problem wasn't hypertension but poor blood circulation. They helped me with herbs and acupuncture but they were unable to prevent the problem from returning. I didn't expect an improvement of this condition by taking MMS, but wow! The problem is gone!!!! My only explanation is this –and would love to get your opinion on it- If the problem is circulatory and all MMS is doing is clean, maybe the cleaning of my blood vessels allowed blood to flow more freely.

3. The irritation on my gums went away almost immediately. The spot that remained irritated was healed with a couple of drops of colloidal silver.

4. Unexpectedly and without changing my diet, I lost about 2 sizes of body weight.

5. I also noticed that 2/3rd of my varicose veins are gone.

6. My cellulites is gone.

7. My skin is a lot softer and I can breathe more freely.

8. As for being still "sane" and alive, here is what I mean. I have MANY of those horrible dental fillings and some are leaking. I was only able to get three of them removed. The dentist told me she had no idea what she was going to encounter underneath the ones she removed. I had had some pain and inflammation. Not a nice picture. Unbelievably, everything was ok underneath!

My eyelids are still badly swollen, etc., etc., but still can do "some" work and function. The most striking thing –I believe- is that I've been getting the benefits described from 1 to 7 in spite of my dramatic dental situation. The psychological support of MMS can't be, in any way, underestimated as I'm aware of the time bomb inside my mouth. To say "Thank You" now for what you're doing is nothing so I keep saying that each and every minute of my life. I really wanted to thank you personally when you were here but my health condition wouldn't allow.

One more reason to thank you: I just met the MMS distributors here in Buenos Aires. They are VERY nice and being able to purchase it right here is a huge bonus, as the police state is felt very strongly in these situations!!! My heartfelt thanks to you and to all your team!!!

Wish you all the very best!!!


Name: bo

Dear Mr. Humble, last December I cought that bad flu that was going around the south Florida area, I was surprised that I coldn't kick the flu since I rarely get sick and then only 2 or 3 days, but this flu was real bad, my wife also cought it from me.
 I had ordered some MMS2 a few weeks before to give to a friend who had cancer but her family refused to give it to her.
unfurtunately she died a few months later.
So, I decided to give the MMS2 a try and took 3 the first day, then 1 every two hours for a total of 6 and that was it, I was totally cured of the flu, however I continued to take it for 3 more days just in case..
My wife then did it for one day and her flu was gone too.then. 2 friends who got the flu also did it and got cured in 1 day each.

Name: Christine Carter

First time on the website, this is the first topic I clicked on as I was curious to see what a medical website will write about MMS. I am horrified by the approach, pictures, -tive testimonies and attack on MMS and Jim and the fact that you are using it on your fungus and claims it works,,, Very few Doctors will administer and suggest the use of MMS as their careers will suffer.

I have used MMS with positive results.

First time when my husband had some flu like symptoms, he was in bed for 3 straight days,, after the first day of taking MMS, he felt better and was back being healthy. All he took was 1 drop every hr for seven hrs,,that night he slept like a baby.

We as a family take it once a week and have not visited a Dr. in years.

MMS Rocks!

Name: Ab

Thank you so much Jim, I had caught a very strange strain of virus, with full on diarrhoea, flu symptoms, and a rash. You Saved my life. Most of my symptoms have gone within 24 hours - this is no joke. I was cynical, but hopeful. I was in tears most of yesterday because it seemed so hopeless. God bless you:) *hugs*

Name: Roy Martin

Hi Jim, just wanted to add how effective the mms has been in helping my families health relating to colds and flu. Two of my sons came down with a bad strain of the flu last year. It closed down several schools. I gave the 7 drops of mms 3 times that day and the next day all symptoms were completely gone.. Also on the cold front; The moment I feel a cold coming on,,,sniffling or scratchy throat, I take 7 drops of mms in the morning and 7 in the evening mixed with the activator and the next day all symptoms disappear. Such a shame that the pharmaceutical companies are more interested in promoting profits than true  health. And shame on the corruption that go on between the FDA and the CFO's of these large drug companies.
Keep the faith and the fight going Jim. Great thanks to all that you have done!