Mole growth

I had a mole growing on my right ring finger for several years. It was a very slow growth but started to become pretty big and noticeable. Not a protruding outward kind of big but just spreading down my finger.  The bottom half of it over the past 6-12 months seemed to always stay scabbed up as I couldn’t stop picking at it. I started taking MMS off and on in April 22’ and started spraying it directly onto the mole in July 22’ a couple of times a day when I would remember. I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been but regardless, the mole was gone in about a month. MMS completely got rid of it!

Name: Misty

I have been an avid user of MMS for several years now. We NEVER go to the Medical Health Practitioner for medicine. Since MMS, taken internally,  was helping our bodies to heal from various maladies: Flu, Ear Infections, Colds, etc., I decided to use it ON my skin when I noticed a growth appearing on the left side of my nose. I didn't pay too much attention to it in the early stages, as it was hidden by my glasses, until one day my daughter exclaimed, "Mom, that is really BIG! You need to do something about it!" By the time I got to it, it was the size of a pencil eraser! So I mixed up a dose of 20 drops activated in 4 ozs. water and began misting the little sucker three times a day! 10 days later.....GONE! The skin was smooth and pretty! It's been a year since that incident and there has been no recurrence. Thanks Jim Humble for bringing this wonderful science to light. I couldn't live without it! FATHER I pray you protect this man and his ministry, AMEN!

Name: Evelia A Sanchez

Hello, Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about how wonderfully MMS worked for me. I had a small dark spot growing on my forehead. It was small a flat dark mole that grew from a pinky finger size to a 1 inche diameter (within 2 weeks). It grew fast and got thicker as it grew. I knew I should have it checked out immediately but I do not have health insurance and money was scarce. So, I started applying the MMS drops 2 times a day. I am happy to report that the skin growth dissappeared within a week and a half. Gone, poof, nothing. I'm still in shock over how quickly it worked. Thanks for the work you do, sincerely, EAS

Name: Eva

My husband had developed a brown mole on his cheek which was increasing in size. He also had a recurring growth on his nose. He tried MMS on both problems using mainly the skin application. Within a week or so the mole on his cheek disappeared. Within two to three weeks the problem on his nose decreased in size and then one day it just fell off. We were very encouraged by and thankful for these developments.

Name: Tomstyn

mms did all the usual things you read about for me as well and i am now on some maintanance drops and it has made some small moles in the V of my neck lighten and then disapear. also it must have gotten rid of a bug in my gut that that was sucking the moisture out of what was going thru my intestines. previously no matter how much i drank there was always that dryness on its way out, now all is well. also less urge for sugars and carbs"