Name: Tobias Laube

“Having recently decided to get back into fitness training, specifically martial arts. Having not trained for a while and gotten out of condition, it was no surprise I ended up getting some injuries. One shoulder injury was so painful it was waking me up in the night. I was going for massages and rubbing Ibuprofen gel into it to ease the pain, but those things only helped a little. Several people had been suggesting DMSO to me. After taking a look at what it was, I decided to try it out. Within minutes of applying it to my shoulder I forgot I even had any pain there. I have used DMSO on some bumps, bruises and general hurties, and found it to be very effective, and even seeming to help in the process of healing. I am a big fan of natural products and will continue to use and recommend DMSO to anyone. I also used a little on my parents’ dog who was limping with arthritis, and a while later she was walking normally again. Miraculous stuff.“

Tobias Laube about John Alexander Ball
09.April 2014

Name: Allison Maupin

Interstitial Cystiis/Chronic Pain cured

Dear Mr. Humble.
I met Janet through a wonderful Lymph Node Drainage Massage Therepsit who also has really helped me heal.  Rosalie took me in to see Janet and within the first hour or two I started to relax and feel good again.  I had no idea how toxic I was and I actually thought I was doing pretty well after getting my thyroid medicine.  I wasn't within 2 hours I could feel the toxicity from years and years of meds and experimental treatmetns start to leave me.  I feel so good and my pain is totally gone.  I had some stining during the flush of toxins out of my bladder, but it was nothing compared to the pain I suffered for 20 years.  I look great and my skin recovered.  I look like myself againa nd you saved my life.  Thank you sooo much now I think I can finally fulfill my dream of having a healthy baby.  I could never repay you and Janet thank you sooo much (A.J)  I look forward to meeting you someday soon.  I want to take some biochem classes and I find this cure incredibly appropriate for a water scientist like myself.  Sincerely and with love AJ