Name: Amanda Smith

I’m taking MMS for a long time is the best I’m not in pain anymore. Cure my hips. My allergies. My eyes and headaches. Thank you JIM HUMBLE.

Name: Amanda Smith

I’m taking MMS for along time is the best i’m not in pain anymore. Cure my hips. My alergies. My eyes and headaches. Thank you JIM HUMBLE.


An MMS testimony that says it better than I can (although he doesn’t mention nutrition which I firmly believe in as a form of prevention from the start): It's interesting, but before I found MMS, I had to use a walker or crutches to get around the house. I got a medical marijuana card and experimented with different types of MJ. I rapidly increased my ability to be mobile once I realized that my pain inhibitors were all neurologic. MJ helped with this tremendously. However, it wasn't curing the problem, just the symptom. That's when, by the Grace of God, I found MMS.


This year the University of Sonora of Mexico invited us to a statewide exposition of scientific things that were to be shown by college students. One of the college chemistry teachers was especially helpful in getting us noticed. He used MMS to cure a case of very bad TB at the local prison. We setup a booth like most of the other students, and in addition to the booth we were on the curriculum to do several lectures as well. The President of the University showed up to listen to the MMS lectures and it was a successful couple of days.

However, something that the rest of the University didn’t get to see was the most interesting part of the show. The lady of the house where I was renting several rooms had become pretty well versed on how MMS works so she was running the booth most of the time. On the second day in the morning an older Mexican gentleman drop by the booth asking what it was all about. He was walking with a cane and he was leaning pretty heavily on the cane. Being both older people they struck up a good conversation which resulted in the old guy being invited over to the house for a dose of MMS at lunch time.

He was given the address and he did show up at lunch time. He was given the standard Clara’s protocol that we call 6 and 6. That was 6 drops of MMS with the activator and then one hour wait and a second 6 drops at the end of the hour. Well, he really didn’t need the second dose. After about 1/2 hour he stated that the pain was leaving.

By the time the hour was over he was walking around the room without his cane. He stated all the pain was gone and the weakness associated with the pain was gone. He didn’t need the cane at all. He wanted to throw it away. He never wanted to see that cane again. Chances are, if he continued to take the MMS he will never need the cane again as those things done seem to return if one is sure to do the protocol.

Great improvement with my friend's foot and literally less than two days. He’s 72 and has had foot problems for 40 years. Nothing surprises you anymore I’m sure but praising God nevertheless. We appreciate your brother! Patrick Janisch, After 3 soaks, the sore that Wouldn’t heal is on the mend. After one day of MMS half a drop for the day, pain in foot subsided. He hasn’t been able to walk on it for several days.

I was doing hard physical work most of my life and plenty of sports. My spine bothered me a bit in my late 20s. However, a few years later I had been taking some medication and went snowboarding. Not fast but fell down a number of times. I believe that the spine got stretched a bit more than necessary and was already weak in those points. A year later I realized that my spine shifts a bit in two places and does chronically hurt. I later found MMS and started doing the protocols and would also use DMSO. It took about a year and a half and my spine is much better and does not bother me anymore. Doing normal physical activity is a bliss now. 

Name: anonymous

"It Really Works - I use this as I'm working out in the gym. I wasn't going to the gym until I bought this. Just ordered Dmso today (sidetrack) Anyway my energy has increased. My muscle aches have stopped. If I don't put this in my water the water tastes nasty to me. I'm used to it so I put from 3-8 drops regularly. "

Name: Alex Radke and Daisy Yang

My wife's grandma is 95 years old.  She has good energy for a 95 year old, although her doctor has told her lately that she's like a withering tree without any branches any more which has her a bit depressed.  Her largest pain is in her feet which is making mobility and even standing a problem.  I did not know the extent of the pain as I cannot speak her language, however I was told it was very sharp and severe.  Without hesitation I took over MMS, HCL activator and DMSO to do a foot soak and topical application from the knees down.  10 activated drops of MMS and 15 drops DMSO in a tub of water about 2 inches deep.  Soaked for a little over 20 minutes.  [I didn't want to start right away with ingestion because at 95 I wouldn't want her having any herxheimer reaction, bad dehydration, etc, although I suggested to mom that maybe 1/4 drop 2x a day would be ok to start gently IF they wanted to try later].  30 MINS AFTER the soak, grandma is walking around and cheering because she can FEEL THE FLOOR.  I didn't know she couldn't even feel the floor before, but apparently her pain was so bad she had lost all sensation through the soles of her feet.  Applying more of the bath around her torso soon after enabled easier breathing as well.  She was so happy and thankful.  We reminded her to hydrate plenty and that she could continue doing the foot soaks 1-2 times a day [morning and nite] while avoiding anti-oxidants/vitamins around those times. Since, Mom as also done this for her feet and torso and arthritis in right hand, also feeling loser and less pain with just 1 application and within 1 hour.  Both plan to continue. Gentlemen, I've got my own testimonial as has my wife which we plan to share, but we continue to see evolution in our health for the better and we've been ingesting chlorine dioxide since last May.  I'm looking forward to writing that for you at some point. 

Thank you for your reply.   Jordan, I have been taking  4-5 drops of MMS, on the hour for 5 consecutive hours on an empty stomach and 2 more doses at night before I go to sleep...all if this  for the past 2 months...the granules have decreased, painful, burning on face and back have decreased also.  Crawling is less but still feel popping here and there.  After 5 years of this torture, I feel now such a relief, I totally feel that this is a miracle.  Although far from this nightmare to be over, I feel hopeful and grateful.   

Name: Tobias Laube

“Having recently decided to get back into fitness training, specifically martial arts. Having not trained for a while and gotten out of condition, it was no surprise I ended up getting some injuries. One shoulder injury was so painful it was waking me up in the night. I was going for massages and rubbing Ibuprofen gel into it to ease the pain, but those things only helped a little. Several people had been suggesting DMSO to me. After taking a look at what it was, I decided to try it out. Within minutes of applying it to my shoulder I forgot I even had any pain there. I have used DMSO on some bumps, bruises and general hurties, and found it to be very effective, and even seeming to help in the process of healing. I am a big fan of natural products and will continue to use and recommend DMSO to anyone. I also used a little on my parents’ dog who was limping with arthritis, and a while later she was walking normally again. Miraculous stuff.“

Tobias Laube about John Alexander Ball
09.April 2014

Name: Allison Maupin

Interstitial Cystiis/Chronic Pain cured

Dear Mr. Humble.
I met Janet through a wonderful Lymph Node Drainage Massage Therepsit who also has really helped me heal.  Rosalie took me in to see Janet and within the first hour or two I started to relax and feel good again.  I had no idea how toxic I was and I actually thought I was doing pretty well after getting my thyroid medicine.  I wasn't within 2 hours I could feel the toxicity from years and years of meds and experimental treatmetns start to leave me.  I feel so good and my pain is totally gone.  I had some stining during the flush of toxins out of my bladder, but it was nothing compared to the pain I suffered for 20 years.  I look great and my skin recovered.  I look like myself againa nd you saved my life.  Thank you sooo much now I think I can finally fulfill my dream of having a healthy baby.  I could never repay you and Janet thank you sooo much (A.J)  I look forward to meeting you someday soon.  I want to take some biochem classes and I find this cure incredibly appropriate for a water scientist like myself.  Sincerely and with love AJ