Name: N Kuester

I have been fortunate to have had use of MMS on livestock. Years ago, I got a dog given to me, that had Parvo. I just became familiar with MMS at that time, and didn't know how I should go about administering it. After the death of that dog, I rushed to tell the former owner to check her own pup. She had two, a seemingly dead teacup Chihuahua (that a neighbor showed up at her door with), and her medium sized breed hound. She said they both have Parvo. We rushed to administer MMS to them, putting it in their milk. Within a day, they were both up and about. A few days to full recovery.
A few months ago, a neighbor told my son that his Pit Bull had Parvo, with the stinky, bloody stool, and listlessness. By now, I use CDS instead of straight MMS. I gave directions and a couple days worth of a very weak solution of CDS to the young man. (Maybe 50-100 PPM is all I had on hand at the time) The first dose by oral syringe was all he gave. He didn't give any more as I had instructed. Even my 17 year old son was amazed, which means a lot!