I started using this Mineral from Heaven 10 months ago. I Was suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in my ears). Which left every nerve in my being  (entered the spinal column ) ravaged and wracked with chronic pain. Physical tremors and shaking. Terrible Anxiety. Depression. And  the virus kept coming back every 3 weeks  for 5 years (while using antiviral). GONE It has taken a good 6 months to work it out of my system. Bonus!: warts, gone. Skin pre cancer sun damage, dried up and fell off. Major fungal infection of sinus and skin Tinea Versicolor, gone. Dark spots and overall weird skin thingies, gone. Body odor, gone. Teeth And gums, awesome. Pink eye, gone. Bronchitis, gone. Sprained ankle wrist, no bruising and healed in a week. Chronic heartburn, gas from any foods. No more.

Name: LIM
Location: America / United States

Shingles cure a week I introduce the experience of curing shingles five years ago. I was 59 years old at the time. One day, let me introduce the experience of curing the shingles before the left. I was 59 years old at the time. One day I felt severe pain in the back of my left upper arm. It was the worst pain I ever experienced. When I checked it in the mirror, the spots formed a band. She was convinced that she had shingles by the shape of the affected area and the degree of pain.I have already experienced the effects of MMS several times and immediately started eating and applying MMS. MMS ate 4-5 drops once every 2 hours. The affected area was slightly diluted with MMS. After two days of running MMS, the pain started to go away. After work, the pain stopped completely. But I took two more days. One week after the start of MMS, I was completely free from shingles. So far, five years later, he has never suffered from shingles.If you or your neighbor suffer from shingles, don't hesitate to use MMS.PS: The concentration of MMS diluent was slightly thicker and the skin was slightly damaged, but it soon healed into new skin.  

Name: Jenny O
Location: America / United States

My husband kept getting shingles on the top of his head. He’s a business owner with lots of stress. Several out breaks over the course of about 3 years, after the first out break they just kept returning! I learned about MMS and keep some on hand now. Last time he got them I gave him approx 5 activated drops in a glass of water, he chugged it and they went away and have not returned. That’s been about 1.5 years ago now. We have since gone through a huge home renovation project with a huge amount of stress over the past year with NO shingles! Now that is AMAZING!!! Made a believer out of him for sure!