Sinus problem

Name: Anonymous

I wanted let you know that I did three weeks of MMS 2.5 drops per hour for eight hours a day for three weeks.  I must say that it worked.  My sinus were bad.  I sinus surgery 12 years ago and the Dr. said I would need it again in about 10 years...well he was right.  I had to sleep on three pillows before surgery and it had gotten bad once again over the past three years.  I have been sleeping on three pillows until about the second week into sinus are totally healed. 

I had an enlarged prostate and I think that is much better...I was taken medicine Flowmax, and didn't stop because of my trip....but the Flowmax wasn't doing a good job..(still had to go to bathroom lots) but now everything is perfect...when I get home, I will quite the Flowmax and see what happens.

Well, thats my MMS experience, thank you for telling me about it.  Thank the Lord that He used it to heal my sinuses.

Name: Annie

I'd like to share my experience with mms.

I came across mms on the web in 2008 and decided to give it a try. I bought one bottle and follow the instructions. I TOOK IT FOR A sinuses and asthma i had for 10 years. I started one drop then worked up to 10 drops 3 times aday in 4 days.

Alas these two problems cleared since plus the constipation i had since i was 11 yrs old but am now 44 yrs old. I gave 4 doses of 6 drops to my father and he told he bowel movement is normal after 15 yrs.

Annie Rob

Name: Iwona

I’ve been taking MMS for over two years now, and in higher than average doses. I observe nothing but positive side effects. Did not have to take any major medication for close to two years now. Chronic sinus infection cleared. No amount of chem-spraying and office sickness is able to bring me down.

I’ve just started MMS2 a while ago, and I find it is calming immune system so it reacts less histerically to external irritants. My family members take MMS1 on regular basis as well. Beyond the initial period of rapid body detox, nothing dramatic. Nothin but positive side effects.

So, from my perspective, it looks like the outspoken critics of MMS must have a very high stake in disappearing the MMS from the face of the Earth for their own less than altruistic reasons, and their twisted arguments are motivated, if not financed, by the forces not exactly friendly to humanity. As of today, the most common cause of death in the U.S. is medical misdiagnosis and medical tratment. Whoever wants to walk this path, let them. But, please let me, and many others like me, have a choice of personal responsibility for what happens to me, choose the diarhea first and remain healthy thereafter.

We don’t need this brand of your “protection”, doctors.