Spider bite

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A few days ago my husband was bitten by a spider. It created a red whelt about 1/2 inch across with a white blister in the center and a black dot in the middle of that. We lanced and drained it and applied neosporin.

The next day it had almost doubled in size and the blister reformed larger than before. We applied topical MMS and after 2 applications 12 hours apart the bite was fully healed..

But the MMS did make the surrounding skin red, which has faded now.

About two years ago my son had a similar wound on his backside that was extremely painful. To me it looked like a MRSA boil but he was condident that it was a spider bite. This wound was a full inch across in the form of a red welt and a large blister in the center. MMS cured it fully in about 2 days. I don't know how many times he put it on.

Website/Source: https://www.natmedtalk.com/threads/mms-testimonials-only.2115/

A friend of mine to whom I had introduced to MMS over a year ago told me that another friend had a brown recluse spider bite infection that was over 5 inches in diameter when MMS was given to him. Following the protocol of increasing dosages, the infected area had shrunk to less than an inch in about a week and was about faded away. Also, a large patch of red, dry, itchy skin on his back also cleared up.

Not much talk about MMS these days, but I'm glad I have a supply in my refrigerator for emergencies like this one.

MMS quickly stopped my Brown Recluse bites. We’re not supposed to have Brown Recluse spiders here so I thought the two bites on my leg were something else. At first they were like chigger bites but I know we don’t have those. The bites started out small and grew daily. Very itchy. On about the 2d day, I tried MMS on one of them and the next day it had stopped itching and had scabbed over. I waited a couple more days on the second bite. It got progressively worse and grew bigger daily until the affected area was about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and it was looking especially bloody and nasty so I put MMS on it and—same thing, next day it no longer itched and it was scabbed over. In about a week, it was all healed up but after about a month there was still a large red mark like you have for some time after a serious injury. The first bite has a red mark too but much smaller. I looked for spiders. They come out at night to hunt so first thing in the morning and before turning on the lights, I went around with a flashlight. I found one right away. They are different than spiders I’m used to and much smaller and delicate than I thought they would be. They don’t have 8 eyes in front of their heads, only 4 and two way back on the sides of their “head”, but their head is fused with their thorax or chest so you might say these two eyes are on the sides of their chest or thorax. Although just tiny bumps, these two eyes are quite easy to see if you get up close and from what I’ve read they positively identify the spider as a Brown Recluse. I used 3 drops of 25% MMS mixed in with 3 drops of a citric acid solution along with 3 drops of DMSO which is supposed to carry the MMS into the tissue. I added about 6 drops of water then I dipped in a finger and applied it to the bite. MMS this strong will burn if left too long so I wiped it off with a wet cloth in about a minute. It stung a little at first but not that bad. Next day I made a similar application although it didn't seem to be necessary. Apparently the MMS neutralized the venom. According to Humble’s MMS book it also neutralizes rattle snake venom.

Name: Asher

I got bit by a Brown Recluse spider, my leg was getting so bad I couldnt walk. The doctors would not help other than anti-biotics and a friend suggested MMS, so I put some on the bite which was rotting from the spiders toxins. The next day all the dead flesh from the spider bite just fell right out of my leg when I rinsed it with water and the wound healed immediately after. Thanks Jim!