Throat Problems

Name: Alex Zecos
Location: America / United States

I felt overall unwell and could also feel swelling around my throat so I sought the help of professional healthcare providers at my local hospital in 2018. There a healthcare professional checked me out and relayed her diagnosis to her coworker who informed me that I had an internal throat infection and the best course of action to take was to rest and let my body fight the infection because according to him “…it’s a viral infection so there’s not much that can be done.” They offered to give me some Ibuprofen for the inflammation and they might have also offered me some Tylenol. I took one of the 800 mg Ibuprofen pills they gave me and that’s all of their medication I consumed. That infection would get out of hand to say the least because it escalated uncontrollably for next 33 days straight. As it started to spread from my throat to my ears & nose I decided to try MMS for the first time in my life. I formulated it myself and self-administered it. 6 hours after my first dose of MMS my body successfully removed the infection. What I did was I took one dose according to MMS1 Protocol 1000 and then I took one more dose one hour thereafter. Two hours after consuming my first dose I fell asleep and when I woke up four hours later my infection was completely cured so I stopped the protocol. There were no side effects besides a little diarrhea the following day.

Name: Marya Romero

I SUPPORT  Jim humbles I drink it and it curez my soar troat, and my digestive system, my nephew expelled some grose big fat parasite.🤮 and he says he feels really good. if it was fake or badd for us why are they deleting, testimonials and videos from utube. B.S

Excellent! I use it for my throat infection. Eczema or unknown type of skin infection, and my eye infection. Works like magic, two days the skin almost normal, the eye infection two sprays in my eye, that's it. Throat infection, throat wash and then swallow it. I'm all classes I use one drop of each. JB

Name: Larry

Interesting article. However, I used the protocol suggested for sodium chlorite (6 drops a day) to treat throat infection and sinus buildup. It has worked exceptionally well. And a friend of mine tried the same thing, with the same result. So it has been positive for me.

There is a yahoo group that discusses MMS and some people on the list have had success with disease elimination and others not. Like any health issue some results may depend on the user and their nutrition, in my case, my nutrition is almost always vegetarian and low in refined sugar and no milk products. However, until MMS, every winter I got strep in my throat as well as sinus infections. Since taking MMS, these issues have completely disappeared. Regards.