Tooth Problem

Name: Yanira Hernandez

I have a tooth cavity in my mouth I've been doing this for several months now with MMS and my cavity has stopped growing. When I brush my teeth I rinse my mouth out with this solution applying two drops in a glass of 3 oz... I definitely recommend it.

Name: broandrew

Glad to see more people using MMS RIght on Jim Humble! I made my own years ago and still hand out bottles to friends. Thanks for the video! I use MMS for tooth brushing, way cheaper than what the dentist charges!!!

Name: Volker

In Peru I stopped a very bad toothache by swooshing mms around my mouth for a few minutes.
An acquaintance of mine was healed from recurring malaria that he had contracted in West Africa. After a few years of being laid flat by malaria for several weeks annually, he found out about mms, used it and the malaria has never returned.

Name: Mr Dynamic

MMS is used to purification of water and is for human consumption I have it in my survivalist pack. I had a infected tooth and brushed my teeth the swollen bump was gone over night. No antibiotics needed. It also caused my blood platelets not to stick together when I tested it under a microscope by a blood doctor he couldn't believe it. MMS works indeed it works.

Name: CodeRed

9 years ago I first tried MMS you mix the sodium chloride with a citric acid and becomes something different. For me it helped with a really bad toothache, killed all bacteria and infection, I don't know what I would have done without it. Yes it is a bleach but that's what they put in our drinking water. Our bodies is 60 to 70% water, so if it can purify drinking water it can purify our bodies. I think rather than them being skeptic they should do more research and try to find better ways of curing people.

Name: Joey Ma

I do have amalgam filling, and MMS worked from day 1. I do not think amalgam would be oxidized as it is claimed to be inert. However, the more important thing is - from day one of using MMS, it gave marked improvement for my case. Signifying the benefit likely outweighed the concern you mentioned

Name: Diana Jamerson

I use it every day to brush my teeth and keep my gums and mouth clean. I also gargle with it and have not had a sore throat in a VERY long time. I love how it keeps my teeth clean.

It's been amazing, every time I use it, heals me. From a fly when I returned from standing rock because they were spraying pesticides on all the camps and I returned with 103 fever broke within 24 hours! I use it for tooth infection and onset of a cold and it works every time... Blessed  

I was watching a podcast After a few minutes got an X Saying blocked. I been taking am taking and will take. They can kiss my ass It's actually illegal to sell it in UK And they have a special unit to enforce. I had a Ballance problem took MMS it went away. The tooth infection then went away as well. God bless Z.

Well let's start here. I have been taking MMS successfully since 2009 the issue was taste well i ordered the tablets from South Africa MMS TAB and im finding it doesn't work as well as the liquid . Liquid got rid off my apses tooth in less than 48 hrs. What do you suggest Thanks Marcel

My most spectacular success with MMS is with a very infected tooth many years ago. I woke at 4.30am with a lower back tooth highly infected, extremely painful when touched by the upper tooth. The gum was also very swollen. I broke with protocol suggested at that time and made a 12 drop mixture to make sure it worked. After about 45 minutes I dared to touch the tooth with the one above, expecting to get pain. But to my amazement there was almost no pain and the swollen gum had reduced to what felt like loose skin. I should have taken another dose but I fell asleep. At 8.30 I awakened to find the tooth painful again and the gum swollen. So I repeated the same dose of MMS again, but this time I recorded the time. 40 minutes later the pain was virtually gone and so had the gum swelling. I continued the same dosage every hour for another 8 hours at which time there was no sign of the infection. And the tooth remains pain free ever since. I also have not had a cold for almost 9 years. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I take MMS/ CDS and it never develops. The interview with Dr Keyes was very informative. Doses for 800 people cost only about 1$. No wonder the drug companies want to shut you up! Keep up the good work. Derek Mitchell, UK

Name: PJ
Location: Netherlands

I had a rising pain on the outside of my wisdom tooth. I started with 3 drops of MMS activated with 3 drops of HCL, waited 30 seconds than added 150 ml of water. I drank this mixture once every hour for 5 hours. That gave some relief, but did not take the topical pain away. When the pain got really bad I put 2 drops of MMS + 2 drops of HCl together, waited 30 seconds, then diluted with 10 drops of water. After that I added 6 drops of DMSO. From this mixture I put a few drops (3 or 4) on a small cotton pad (of about 1 cm in diameter) and pressed it shortly against the painful spot on my gums/tooth. I repeated this 2 times and the pain miraculously got less and less. Finally, just before bed I put another cotton pad with 4 drops of the mixture against the painful spot. I kept it there for about 2 minutes. I sensed my gums were a bit irritated from the mixture, but the leftover pain completely got away and I slept like a baby. The next morning and the whole day after I had no pain. Only my gums were a bit irritated, but they are recovering fast. If the topical mixture is too strong for your gums maybe you can try adding 20 or 15 drops of water to the mixture instead of 10. I'm very thankful for this great invention.

Name: anonymous

Thank you for your response Jordan I bought the roll on dmso and I am using it all over my hip and knee. While waiting for my mms2 powder to come in, while taking 3 Mms drops 3 times per day, I also started putting a couple of drops of dmso on the end of a Q tip and cleaning my ear canal with it, it stopped my vertigo and now I can move my head without any more spinning. Also having my husband do this he started today maybe it will restore his hearing. One other thing Is I put a couple of drops of dmso my finger and run it all over my teeth and gums, seeing all the plaque disappear and cavities starting to go, I am believing my teeth will fill back in where the cavities were and I will not have to have my teeth pulled, Ptl, I also have had a 30 yr old toenail fungus which I put the dmso drop directly under and over the nail and my nail is starting to grow out clear, so I am having lots of different results, Eve though our daughter asks us how the snake oil is working for us Lol!  

Name: Pat Palmer

Whenever I have a toothache I put a few drops of activated "topical MMS" (1 drop mms + 1 drop HCl, wait 30 seconds, then dilute with 10 drops of water) on a small wad of cotton, then add a couple of drops of DMSO and place the cotton wad down at the root of the affected tooth. The infection is cleared in one or two days and the pain disappears for good. Enjoy

Name: Bonnie

Hi Yes I watched the videos and the herpes part of the healing was 2 years about. And I figured I’ve had it for so long 3 Yrs . It’s going to probably be the last thing to go from me. Just the fact it’s healing the infections in my teeth is amazing! No root canal!! Yeah Thank you Bonnie

Name: Bonnie

Thank you overall I’m a new person. And I increase when I can great idea. It’s cleared up a lump in my throat and tooth where I was almost going to have root canal. I’ve had the EBV for so long. Over 40 or more years. So it’s slow and steady for sure! Thank you again

I always had good teeth, but recently I needed a crown for one tooth. Insurance paid for the crown but not for the root canal. Crown was installed and some infection by the root of that tooth bothered me. Antibiotics did not help and sometimes pain would get intense. However I did discover MMS and was reading Jim’s book about it. The crown fell off and had to be recemented back and the dentist told me again that I have some infection by the root and advised me to get the root canal done, but it is an expensive procedure out of pocket for an average person and I still did not understand how that procedure would remove bacteria around the root. So I started doing the MMS protocols and it took just a couple days and I forgot about that tooth problem and only a few weeks later I realized that that tooth does not hurt anymore at all and other teeth felt better and gums got healthy. Now I use MMS maintenance dose and sometimes flush my teeth with MMS + DMSO solution. 

My name is Dee Dee. I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I have a sister who lives in California.  I’m going to start by stating that my sister is a loving and caring person.  That being said, my sister knows the family’s health deficiency.  She had results and offered it to me.  I was skeptical and said I wasn’t going to use the MMS and activator because of the ingredients that I observed as Hydrochloric acid.  I was sending it back to her.  She said that she understood and said to me… just gargle with it.  I gargle using 3 drops of the MMS and 3 drops of the activator, added 4 oz of water.  Instantly my mouth felt so clean, my painful teeth felt stronger.  Years ago, about 35 years ago, I was washing dishes and a small shot glass fell onto the running water.  The shot glass splattered, shattering on to the air.  My immediate reaction was to inhale, and a shattered piece flew into my throat.  I had been to many hospitals complaining about this particle in my throat, but no x-rays showed anything in my throat saying its all in my mind. Now, after gargling, this shattered piece of glass, disappeared.  I can swallow without feeling anything stuck in my mind or throat.   I’m not crazy.  This experience convinced me to try MMS & Activator for my pain on my legs.  I couldn’t walk without limping.  I took it for two days and every hour for 8 hours and I no longer limp. I am so sorry I want to apologize to my sister, who was only trying to help me. I doubted.  I’m still speechless. 

Name: Gareth

Hi, my name isn't Gareth from.the UK. ..I went to the dentist with a serious tooth ache, told me.I needed an urgent root canal..had abcess in tooth and gum.

I went away immediately started the teeth protocol with dmso ..

6 days later totally gone.

3 months on...nothing wrong here

Thanks Jordan mark and the gang.


Name: Lyn

I bought MMS on a whim. I buy a lot of products that all seem to work pretty well, such as, clays, parasite cleanses, etc. But MMS seems to cure anything. I had this sitting on my shelf when a terrible abcess/tooth pain occured. I tried many things. Cloves, tea packets, iodine, pain killers - but I couldn't shake it. I was completely couch ridden and in horrible pain. My husband said that I needed a root canal because the infection was obviously deep. I told him I'd rather get my tooth pulled and I have to say that I love my teeth. I really take great care of them.

Anyway, I remembered reading a testimonial from someone who had taken MMS for an abcess. I quickly looked up the protocol and did several drops with DMSO on a toothbrush. The pain started to subside almost immediately. I did another dose at night and just one more the next morning. Pain gone. I have gone to the dentist several times since and begrudgingly had him do an xray to look for infection and it's was all clear.

The week of the tooth ache after the pain subsided I decided to take a little internally as well as a precaution. Only 3 drops 3 times a day. A pain that I had been experiencing in my kidney increased then stopped completely after several days. I have since taken MMS periodically when I have a cold or strange pain. I don't take it on going as directed but keep it very handy.

I did experience a relapse about a year later so realized that maybe I had needed to stay on the internal usage longer. So I went for two weeks and so far so good. There must have been lingering bacteria deep in the tissues. So my only suggestion would be to continue usage for several days or weeks after your cure or pain subsidence insure that the problem is completely healed.

Recently as I was reading Andreas Moritz book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I was so pleasantly surprised to see that he had recommended it and actually sold it for some time. Between him and Andreas Kalcker, it's hard not to believe in this solution. The science behind it seems so reasonable. I watched Kerri Rivera's Autism One video and she goes into the chemistry behind MMS. It seems very plausible and I am one to trust how I feel. It makes me feel well. The same reason I take anything because I base the results and usage on how I feel.

Oxidation does worry me a little and I take MMS in the day and antioxidants in the evening when I do take it. I have a love of Curcumin, green tea, COQ10, iodine, Vitamin D, fish oils and magnesium. I usually use Life Extension products because I trust their research. I hope this helps someone. I have never given this to my children but I wouldn't hesitate to do so. I can get them to take Collodial Silver so we stick with that for their minor colds.

I am awed by the amazing people who have given their lives to find natural and alternative cures.

Name: Sonja Laing

One of my central incisors was going dark, as the nerve is dead and since I've been taking 7:35 MMS every second day, my tooth has become much whiter.

Name: Jordan Sparks

Went to a Dentist for an abscessed tooth, he sent me to a dental surgeon who wanted $1000.00 just to pull it, thanks but no thanks. Told the original dentist I would take care of it myself. How you going to do that, he asks, told him about MMS, I could see I was getting nowhere and got out of there as fast as possible.

Put myself on MMS, 20 drops of each in 16 oz water, drank 1 ounce an hour for about a week.

He called three or four days after my appointment to see how I was doing, told him almost perfect, pain was gone in a day, even then, he still did not want to hear about MMS, well Tim, it's been nice knowing you.

I feel I just beat him out of a payment on his Porsche.

Name: Marie Child

At sixty-six, I feel my whole life has been a big fight to stay alive. At age two I started wearing coke-bottle thick lenses over my crossed eyes and discovered things like numbers on the clock for the first time. My parents decided that since I was so miserable to live with, maybe ripping my tonsils out would help so I lost those that year too! By my early teens the psoriasis lesions (fungal infection) I've been plagued with ever since started up. Eventually I learned that I could not eat sugar, refined grains, or animal products, I've gone for long periods with NO grains. I've done raw and totally organic programs for years at a time. I was basically a fruititarian for a year hoping that would help. Finally I got diagnosed with Crohn's and have been much more strict about living gluten-free since then. Two doctors have told me my absorbtion of nutrients was worse than they've seen in people who were extremely mentally ill. I am grateful for the quality of life I've experienced despite these weaknesses. My parents are in their mid-eighties and their good health for their age inspires me. I am grateful to them for the Seventh-day Adventist legacy that I am certain has spared me worse trials.

In recent years, keeping teeth in my head has become very challenging as well. About five years ago I was given a gift of $3,000 of dental work including removing my numerous lead amalgams. A year later I could have spent the same amount again and by now, things had gotten really bad. To the point that even my FRONT teeth are in very active degeneration. Finally the enamel on the top of my upper left front tooth totally collapsed exposing "the dread black hole from hell"!. This is NOT OKAY! Even if I HAD the money to have dentists repair this I wouldn't want to do it because every time they drill, it weakens the tooth even more until it finally dies. I've lost too many teeth already to gum disease and cavities! I CANNOT lose more!

Recently a grandson complained about a painful cavity he planned to have extracted soon. Horrified, I told him, "Why don't you use MMS?" I had some I had used for short periods but hadn't continued with it. I prepared it for him and he used it on his tooth and said it helped but he still had the tooth removed later. I don't think he realized he might have been able to save his tooth if he had seriously used it. He just believed that if your tooth aches, you have to pull it out! His need renewed my interest in MMS and I checked out other people's experience. I decided enough was enough and I'd better do what I was telling my grandson to do!

First I mixed up a about 15 drops of sodium chlorite into a two ounce bottle with a little DMSO and swished some of it around in my mouth about five times a day and swallowed it, consuming all by the end of the day I did that for about a week but felt it was pretty hard on the mucous membranes even though it seemed to help my teeth. Next I used MMS2 and DMSO in my oral irrigator several times a day. That also seemed to help. The next week I got more courageous andI decided to take MMS2 with DMSO as in Protocol 4 which is what people do for Aids or Cancer..

While I'm doing this, my husband has started taking pictures of me weekly. In them you can see the stress coming off FAST, plus by now I can tell by the DAY that my pure white hair is getting color back which is a huge surprise! I'm taking about 3/4 tsp. each of MMS2 (yes, real genuine POOL SHOCK!) and DMSO, aiming for six times a day (I weigh 122 pounds). One day I took 1 1/4 tsp. six times a day but that was pretty intense. I never got nauseated but it was very gaggy to say the least! Backing up to just 3/4 tsp. at a time makes it to where I don't dread the next shot so badly! I tell my family I'm drinking "battery acid". This stuff is nasty for sure but if there's a ghost of a chance it could POSSIBLY heal even ONE of these situations with my teeth, skin, hair, and digestion, I don't care how nasty it is--I WANT IT! This is my fourth week of playing with this and I'm noticing the brown spots on my hands going away. I've had a few days when I felt a little zapped which I attripbute to detox reactions but mostly I feel I have more energy and more mental focus. I've also had a few "crabby" moments as well, I'll have to admit. But again, I think there's a lot going on....My skin is better but still has a long way to go to be clear of psoriasis.

I would encourage anyone with autoimmune challenges to TRY this very economical protocol. There is a lot of suffering that goes on in this world that is unnecessary. I am sorry for how long I've known about this but was too ignorant or stubborn or who knows what to give it a fair shot. Thank you, Jim Humble for your faithful work. Also for all the people who have gone before me to help me feel safe to use these products.

Name: Yvonne Cook

Tooth abcess

I recently ended up with a throbbing tooth abcess preventing any hope of sleeping! I took a 25 drop CDS / 10 drop DMSO dose and swished it around my mouth for a few minutes and then swallowing.; I also rubbed a little DMSO on my aching jaw. I repeated this hourly and by the third dose the pain had completely disappeared. Within three days of continuing the dost about three times a day, the abcess was cleared and history! Thanks Jim for your good stuff :)

Name: Stella

I have two pairs of crowns on my upper jaw (one on the left one on the right side)and about four months ago they became sensitive, having difficulty to chew or touch. My gums were swollen and red. Having used MMS before, I started taking the basic 1MMS to 5CA for the first week and increased gradually to 15 etc in the next five weeks. Well, by the second week I felt such a relieve,... and praised Jim for his generocity to human kind. The redness disappeared, my gums are strong and I feel great!

Name: Win

In January 2013 I had a piece of tooth fall out. I went in to see what happened and was told a filling fell out. Upon checking what else was going on, they told me I had to have deep root plaining done due to periodontal disease. I hadn't been to the dentist for several years so I figured it was pretty bad.

I started using MMS once a day when I cleaned my teeth in the morning. I used 8 drops of each solution with a bit of water. When I went back in this week, I was told I only needed a normal cleaning and that my gums were nicely pink and clinging properly to my teeth. No inflamation was found.

When I was in in January they took millimeter readings of the space between my teeth and the gums and they got readings up to 5mm. When she took the readings this week the readings were 3mm with one 4mm spot.

Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Name: P. Fischer

I had a painfull crown and it began to move.  My Dentist give an appointment a week in advance. 

So I took 10 drops of MMS and 50 drops of activator in a half a glass of water 3 times a day.

The second day all the pain were gone.  The 5th day The Dentist removed the broken crown and did a Roth-canal.

Told me that no inflamation, no bacteria and all is in good shape.

Name: Witold Pawlowski (Vtech)


Ihave been making and using MMS, CDS, DMSO, Colloidal Silver, Dr Beck devices for some time. From which MMS has been tried and tested longest and in broad range of issues. I can confirm being very potent anti bacterial and viral compound.

It has been used to treat abscess tooth on several occasions and comletely cleared inflammation within 48hrs. No other medicatios has been used.

It has been effectively used agains blood poisoning.

It has been effectively used against flu and common cold.

It has been used as general antiseptic, mouthwash and air cleaner with excellent results.

No side effects have been observed from prolonged use over 3 years period.

In comparison to Colloidal Silver, MMS appears to be more potent and acting faster, even in weak solution.

There is clear advantage of using low but frequent doses vs stronger and irregular - as per Jim reccomendations.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Jim.

Best Regards

Name: Brad

I use MMS frequently as a mouth wash and infection fighter. I also use the MMS because it eliminates the plaque on your teeth. I don't mean some of the plaque! I mean all of the plack! It's like goning to the Dental office every day.

Your teeth will never be so clean. This also defers the taste. I will do this at night before bedtime and then do a six six protocol to help detoxify. Believe me you will be amazed at how this dilutes the MMS after taste.

Name: Patrick Palmer

Toothache resulting from a broken 4-face filling which fell out of my upper, left bicusped. In addition, two walls of the tooth broke and I can't re-fill the tooth. Either pull it or get root canal and crown. Cannot afford that.

The first time my broken bicusped started to ache, I had a dentist xray it to locate problem. Found inflammation in root. Prescribed 10 day antibiotic dose, which killed my digestion. Two weeks after finishing that, the toothache returned. Now I resort to MMS because it was an infection. I didn't drink MMS, I only applied it topically to the root of the tooth. I mixed up 10 drops of MMS with 10 drops of 10% citric acid, waited 10 minutes and added to one ounce of water. This was my topical mix. I put 2 drops of this on a bit of cotton, added 2 drops of pure liquid DMSO (for increased penetration) and placed the cotton between cheek and gum at the root of my broken tooth. I also put a bit of the cotton inside the hollow tooth, because I could. The pain disappeared for 2 weeks before returning. I reapplied the MMS/DMSO and the pain again disappeared for 2 weeks. I have repeated this for 6 months. Sometimes, if the pain doesn't dissipate after one application, just do it again every 6-12 hours until the pain is gone. When I didn't have any MMS, I substituted Molecula Silver and it worked as well; but it is relatively expensive, but you don't use much.

Name: Stephen

Thank God I've been blessed with good health in general, but I've had a occasion to use this solution to deal with a few different issues to include abscess tooth, food poisoning, various stomach issues... fortunately I've had no serious issues thus far to address....