Toxic mold

Name: Walt Gaffert

Jim Humble and MMS saved my life! I contracted black mold poisoning, a blood born fungal infection of stachybotrys. The toxin utilized predominately is tricothecene a T2 mycotoxin. This powerful toxin kills healthy cells and was excruciatingly painful. I found a document written by the US army about an event in Laos in '82 utilizing this toxin. One line made the difference, "hypochlorite deactivates the toxin". MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite allowed me to function enough that I could fight for my life. Eventually I, through much prayer and contemplation, ingested 100 drops of MMS. I had been taking 30 drops every day for months but kept backsliding, I had to take drastic measures. After about 2-3 minutes after drinking 100 drops of MMS, I urgently had to use the toilet. A ball of candida about the size of a softball came out of me, then what looked like mold, lots of it. Then I vomited about 3-4 cups of what looked like coffee grounds, I found out later that was dead blood. The next morning I was able to eat my entire breakfast and keep it down, though it took me 1 1/2 hours to eat it. I have had people shut me down when I try to help the sick. It hurts to know I could spare so much suffering, but people run to their doctors like Lemmings to suffer their diseases, disorders, syndromes and infections. In the 10 years since my life was spared only two people have tried MMS under my guidance, both with good results.

Name: John

I have had black mold poisoning now for years, and have been taking 15 drops of CDS a day, five drops after each meal now for about 6 weeks. Feel much better now ... will continue to recommend your MMS to others.

Name: Stephan

The friend of a friend of mine lived in a subbasement apartment that was infested with toxic mold and it affected his health so much that he was unable to work. His doctor did not give him very much longer to live. He was unable to move out of his apartment, since nobody would give him a lease due to the fact that he was unemployed - he was stuck in a death trap! My friend asked me for a bottle of MMS and citric acid, since at that time I had bought 10 bottles each. I donated the bottles and this man took it over several months. After that he reported to my friend with tears in his eyes that his doctor had given him a clean bill of health. That was several years ago, he is still alive and well!

I just returned from a trip to Japan (May 2013) with my friend, his wife and baby. His father-in-law picked us up at the airport, he wore a mask (a lot of Japanese wear them, because of fear of infection and also because of the polluted air coming from China - really bad!!) but was also on oxygen. He had lung problems and high blood pressure. I asked my friend if the MMS would maybe help him, wondering if he had some mold in his lungs. We offered my MMS travel kit to him and he started with 3 activated drops. He coughed up a lot of phlegm. His blood pressure became normal and when I saw him again he was off the oxygen! That was within a few days.