Viral infection

Name: shelllady

In 2005, I contacted shingles. My physician sold me this and told me it would eliminate the pathogens in your body.  I tried it and was cured in the matter of a week.  I used tee tree oil on the scabs and tool my MMS.  Perfect cure.  My physician had documentation of her cancer victims healing with MMS.   She is a close and personal friend of mine since she also graduated in the same class as my daughter and son-in-law.  Unfortunately our FDA made her stop using it on her patients.    In 2018, my daughter a registered pharmacist, was helping a friend dying of cancer.  She contacted Epstein Barr the highest strain of mononucleosis.  She could not get out of bed.  She went to the emergency room and they told her there was no cure for Epstein Barr.  I suggested she try the MMS and a vitamin AHCC (which increases the immune system).  She was back to work within a month.  It was a miracle.  She has 2 kids and her husband passed away a number of years back.  She is their sole support and needed to work. After all of this she realizes there are other homeopathic cures than drugs.  She took it for a year every day and feels terrific today.  She still takes it when she feels she is getting exhausted but not too much anymore.    I thank God everyday that I was directed to MMS.  

Name: Robin OBrien
Location: Mexico

This testimony is rather simple. I live in a small village in Mexico where simple viral infections spread like wild fire. I started coming down with an upper respiratory infection and decided to try the protocol of one drop of activated MMS every hour. I did this religiously for 5 days and it worked! I had very mild head cold symptoms and then they were gone. My biggest frustration is finding a supplier in Puerto Vallarta so that other people can experience using MMS in their daily lives. It is truly amazing

Name: Laras
Location: America / United States

My husband and I had to attend a relative's wedding, and the previous night, we had both come down with a miserable summer cold. Our throats were sore, our noses dripped, and we were weak with fever. I took a twelve-drop dose of MMS, diluted in enough water so it didn't burn when swallowed. It took a while for me to finish this dose, but I did it. By the end of the day, the uncomfortable cold symptoms had not worsened. The infection did not seem to progress. I was better by the next day, and the infection simply vanished without the hideous congestion and cough I always experience with the common cold.

Since then, I have used strong doses of MMS to combat other colds, and I've always enjoyed the same results. I took a similar approach to food poisoning once, and didn't suffer beyond mild indigestion. MMS knocked out these illnesses before they had time to do much damage.

I have also successfully used strong concentrations of MMS to treat acne, and weaker ones to clean infected cuts and scrapes, or treat rashes caused by expired toiletries. In each instance, healing was quick and painless, and no scarring occurred.

I am deeply grateful to have access to this excellent medicine. MMS would be among the first things I would try in the event of a serious illness in myself or a loved one.

Name: Brent
Location: America / United States

It happened to me, so I can say cure. By FDA rules I cannot claim any cures for anyone else, but when a virus is gone and the body has recovered, like pneumonia, the term I will use for myself is CURED.
After 7 very expensive years trying to overcome weeks at a time of debillitaing joint and muscle pain (fibromyalgia) from a 'sick house' I remodelled, I am finally free of any symptoms of fybromialgia. Thank God for Jim Humble! We all are given opportunites to help each other, and this wa Jim's gift, shared with all.
Pray and work, God is always helping. And indeed He is.

Name: Pip martin
Location: New Zealand

My son had glandular fever at 16. Five years later at university he developed it again and rang me just before Easter. I didn't have anything on hand except MMS which I sent. A week later I hadn't heard from him and phoned - he was over on NZ's wild West Coast extreme kayaking!

Name: Rafael Hernandez
Location: America / United States

I took mms two yrs ago for a viral infection,

my leg had red and itching on most of my upper thigh

within 5min it was completely healed. Also y son was

bitten by some insect that caused his ear to swell up badly gave him just one drop of mms and within half hour his ear was back to normal. this stuf is very powerfully effective.

Name: Debra Lynn
Location: America / United States

Unexpected Holliday Gift.

After Christmas Dinner.. I came home with an unexpected - and un welcome gift.. 

A Head Cold.. 

I have a syringe nasal irrigator and use it when i'm out gardening and the dust is heavy.. and when i get congestion for other reasons..   Yesterday , I felt the sore throat and congestion  and thought i'd try the mms along with the saline solution i usually use.   

I was amazed.. that with in minutes the congestion and sore throat was 90% relieved.  the treatment lasted untill the evening when the symptioms returned in a mild form.   I use the irrigation again.. but didnt start with a fresh dose of mms..    I wish i had.. because the congestion came back during my sleep and woke me several times.

In the morning i started again with a fresh dilute (3 drops mms + activator in cup of saline)

it was able to clear the congestion for a few hours.. and I'm getting ready to flush again.. 

the Important thing is that the sore throat.. and congestion can almost disapear after the nasal wash and gargling.    I'm so pleased.. that i came to the internet to post the results.. 

I hope you'll try this ... and I may in the future do the nasal wash before and after family reunions..  just as a preventative.. 

Oh.. and it did not sting.. I wondered if it might sting when adding to the saline..  but it did not.

Name: Barney Five
Location: America / United States

My 38-yar-old daughter had Epstein-Barr virus with the accompanying fatigue and inability to come alive in the morning. I recommended MMS to her so she agreed try it when she came to visit on her way from collage to her first teaching job. Before she tried it she would sleep till 10 or 11 a.m. and then drag around for another couple hours before she could get woke up enough to function normally. An ordinary cold would drag out for two weeks or more.

The first night she had time for only one dose of one drop each of MMS, citric acid and DMSO properly mixed, with fruit juice (no added vitamin C). The next morning she came cheerily out of her room at 7 a.m. declaring, “Something happened! I NEVER wake up this early.” She continued taking the recommended escalating dosage through three weeks and then decided to really slay the dragon by going another three weeks, ending at six drops for the final week.

Shortly after ending the regimen she began her first year of university teaching, with its guaranteed rotating supply of germs and viruses. She gleefully reported that when some bug was going around, if she got it at all she would have it for only one to three days, like the other staff. “It’s so nice to just be normally sick,” she declared.

Name: Brigitte

Many thanks for blessing me with this healing product.

I suffered with an obscure viral condition after my bells palsey virus morphed into something all together different, including elector magnetic toxcity which caused my lips to blow up like innertubes every 3 weeks, lasting for two weeks. 

I was so sick with full viral symptoms each time and just as they would subside I would encounter the same thing all over again.  I couldn't sit in the heat and I couldn't endure wind or the cold.  Everything seemed to bring on the symptoms.

For a full year, I have been symptom free!  My lovely doctor in Denver put me on a good regime to clean up my system, I used a mat that involved magnetic resonant stimulation, but the real healing ingredient was the MMS. 

After 15 years of suffering and having health care professionals telling I would NEVER be able to rid my body of a virus and wanting to put me on steroids, which I could not endure, I finally took MMS and was fully healed within a few weeks. 

I followed the HIV Protocol and quite honestly, not as completely as it was stated, but here I am today, healthy, happy and blessed!

Bless you and all that you do,


Name: Andre Rogers

Hello Mr. Humble
I started MMS 5 days ago. I had contracted viral mennengites, not treatable by conventional medicine.
I had a little nausia the first day and a touch of diarrhea. By the third all of my symptoms were gone and haven't returned.
There does appear to be one additional side effect. I have suffered with psoriasis on knees and elbows for thirty years. There is still some redness but all scales have gone.
Thank you,

Name: Kim La Chance
Location: America / United States

I sent this to all people I know:

Hi everyone,

First off, this is not an advertisement and I am not selling you anything. This is my personal experience this week.

I want to tell you how I just conquered the nasty virus that hit me last week - and which for most people when contracted takes weeks to a month or more to get over. Last Friday, my energy began slowing down and I felt totally dehydrated. Jim fell to the virus about a week ahead of me . . . which then began to attack me. By Saturday night I was down. I battled it with essential oils, all kinds of dietary supplements and lots of bed rest. On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble. I then remembered that (my) Jim had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago - and the guy sent a bottle of MMS as a thank you. The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it.

With the advent of this viral attack, and seeing info on the net about MMS, I started reading about it - and the material I read thoroughly blew my mind. Jim Humble had CURED thousands of people of Malaria, hundreds who were plagued with AIDS and others with Lupus, Cancer, Herpes, Hepatitis, etc. - basically eradicating any anaerobic pathogen (micro organisms that don't use oxygen - the bad guys that makes us sick) including viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold, etc. BTW, Humble stated that at the center of cancer is a "bug" which I've heard before having read about a physician in Italy who said fungus was the culprit living inside tumors. MMS does not attack our cells or beneficial bacteria that help us digest our foods since those cells/organisms are aerobic (they use oxygen). He said our blood cells pick up the MMS Cl02 molecules which are comprised of two oxygen atoms and one chlorite atom and delivers it where oxygen is needed and releases it. If the released MMS molecules come across an anaerobic pathogen, Humble says it attacks it like a ferocious Tasmanian Devil and blows it up! I thought - wow - that's some interesting imagery!!!

Well, I thought, let me find out the protocol of using it and try it out. I then went to my kitchen and took the MMS out of the fridge and put the smallest dosage of one drop in a spoon. I added five drops of fresh lemon juice to activate it according to instructions, waited 3 minutes for the activation to complete, then added it to about 4 ounces of apple juice, per instruction. I drank it down. I offered to make a dose for Jim, but he declined. Within a few hours of taking it all coughing and sneezing stopped. The following day I took another dose. To bring it to Jim's attention again, I asked if he had heard me coughing at all - he said no. I told him that I had no doubt that the MMS was responsible - then again offered to make him a dose since he was still coughing and sneezing after being under siege for a week and a half. He acquiesced and took the dose. Within hours his coughing and sneezing stopped. I am still expectorating the aftermath of the junk left from the virus in my lungs - but I do not feel compelled to cough all the time due to a continuing viral infection.

I believe the Miracle Mineral Solution is indeed a miracle and am very grateful to Jim Humble for bringing this magic bullet to The People. His book even tells you how to make this solution in your own kitchen because he doesn't want Big Pharma to suppress the information such as they have with a multitude of natural remedies in the interest of protecting their profits. In an online interview (link below), this great humanitarian recounts a story of a friend of his who was in Africa curing people of malaria. While doing this good work, Jim's friend was approached by two Big Pharma reps who told him to stop what he was doing. Jim's friend basically told the reps to take a hike. When he got back to his hotel room - the door was rigged with explosives and blew his legs off. Jim's friend now sits in a wheelchair for the rest of his life here in California. Jim Humble has since moved to Mexico to avoid this type of terrorism potentially directed against him.

MMS sells for about $20 (by Jim's request to keep it affordable by all) for a 4 ounce bottle which he says will last a person about a year and a half if used regularly for maintenance of the immune system. He says 5 cents of the solution cures malaria in about 4 hours which is supposedly incurable according to the allopathic medical community (the longer people are on symptom relieving pharmaceuticals - the more $$$ for Big Pharma). My household will always have it on hand now that I know it's power. I've copied some links here with Jim Humble's interview, info and mixing instructions for MMS. I hope you'll check it out for yourselves. There are different protocols for different diseases which are clearly outlined online, i.e. cancer takes a month or more to kill off and has it's own instructions of use - as opposed to malaria which cures in a few hours after a dose or two. This stuff even strengthens your teeth & gums by brushing with it and also cures skin cancer when mixed with DMSO and applied to cancerous lesions! You can also treat animals with it. I gave a couple doses to my dog today. The benefits of MMS seem endless . . . here are a few links for your consideration:

Jim Humble interview on MMS:

Important MMS info:

How to use MMS:

There is a great deal more info and testimonials online . . . I encourage you to investigate.

To our good health,


P.S. FYI, the FDA & USDA are filled with former Big Pharma & Big Biotech employees & lawyers who are fully looking out for their vested interests in those Cartels. In my opinion, Big Pharma is the worst drug pushers on the planet killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people each year with their chemicals and Big Biotech is destroying nature's genetic code with GM Frankenfoods which will shortly have devastating effects on the world's food supply, deadened soils from their cavalier spraying of toxic chemicals and polluted water from the runoff of their toxic chemicals into our waterways. I have signed countless petitions online to make my voice heard. I hope you will join me in raising your voices with me.

Name: Cathy

I recently developed a very, very bad cold and cough with sinus involvement. Other friends and family were struggling with it for many weeks, and the residual cough can last for months. I began taking MMS early on, and within days, I was much better and able to function; it went away quickly. Everyone asked how I overcame this particularly persistent virus so quickly. My experience (though only intermittent and not daily use) was remarkable. I will not be without MMS.