Name: Jeffery Jack
Website/Source: This video is disinformation. At 2:20 you stated that even ingesting small amounts of these compounds can cause nausea, diarrhea, etc. are you aware that human safety studies were done with chlorine dioxide in the 1980s. Below is a quote and link. It is safe if used appropriately: Note section 4: HAZARD IDENTIFICATION
Oral Exposure
Chlorine Dioxide
The short-term toxicity of chlorine dioxide was assessed in two human studies conducted by Lubbers and associates (Lubbers et al., 1981, 1982, 1984a; Bianchine et al., 1981). In the first study (Lubbers et al., 1981; also published as Lubbers et al., 1982), a group of 10 healthy male adults drank 1,000 mL (divided into two 500 mL portions, separated by 4 hours) of a 0 or 24 mg/L chlorine dioxide solution (0.34 mg/kg, assuming a 70 kg reference body weight). In the second study (Lubbers et al., 1984a), groups of 10 adult males were given 500 mL distilled water containing 0 or 5 mg/L chlorine dioxide (0.04 mg/kg-day assuming a reference body weight of 70 kg) for 12 weeks. Neither study found any physiologically relevant alterations in general health (observations and physical examination), vital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, and body temperature), serum clinical chemistry parameters (including glucose, urea nitrogen, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, and aspartate and alanine aminotransferases), serum triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) levels, or hematologic parameters.

Chlorine dioxide is also being used in the treat of cancer with early success. Search French oncologist Laurent Schwartz

Chlorine dioxide is an amazing substance for the benefit of man if it is used properly.

My family and all my pets have been using this for the last 15 years. My elderly parents also use it and I have many friends who have had cancer and have used it to keep the cancer from spreading and they are still alive!! It is wrong that they are labelling a product incorrectly and the facts they are presenting are lies. Now they are putting suppliers in jail. In NZ they had 8 (4 medsafe and 4 police) storm our supplier why????? This is not democracy. He is selling the water purifier and why are they so concerned about it ???? No one has died in NZ, and hundreds of his customers are happy. Many more die of Pharmaceutical pills that FDA say are safe. Yet here is Medsafe which is owned by the drug companies hounding an innocent supplier. They must be afraid that a simply solution can help COVID and their vaccine plans go to waste. They have also stopped the hydroxchloroquine drug which has had success as well. Why don’t they ask the users of the database that they have stolen from our NZ supplier to see how many of the MMS or water purifier solution (WPS) are sick and dying of the product they have purchased. Its so cheap and so simple and so effective that goes against their plan. My arthritis in my knee and hips is kept under control when it flares up it is the only product that I can take that reduces the inflammation and pain for the last 3 years. Our dog never goes to the vet and has his water purified every day and so do our horses drink purified water. I could go on and on. How can we stop this they have squashed so many successful cacner cures in the past including the black ointment that my husband had on his basal carcinoma successfully removed a small spot on his ear that was as large as 20 cents underneath. Now the FDA have scared and threatened the suppliers that you cannot get it anymore.

Name: Michael Byrnee

I am an atheist, and was a recurring skin cancer patient since 1974 (4 to 6 dermatologist visits per year for treatment), but in early 2015 I took the MMS drops, and have since not required any "nitrogen burning" or surgeries. I got my first impetus to try MMS from Jim Humble.

Name: CoachSteve4u

It worked for me and for my son to get over skin cancer. I've been drinking it for about 10 years. You have to be smart and know how to take it in order to get it to work. You have to dilute it in water. Just as you can't take 10 aspirin at once, you can't drink MMS without diluting it.
Look at the great results in Uganda - MMS cured 154 people out of 154 people of malaria. This is one of those products that starts to work right away- so, for example, when you put it NON-DILUTED on atenikeratosis (pre-skin cancer cells) you can feel it kill the cancer cells, but the normal cells are not harmed.
I don't know why people aren't talking more about how great it works on skin cancer. My son had melanoma and MMS removed it right away. But also, if it is poison, why haven't I been harmed? I have taken a lot of MMS over the past 10 years... It works. What is really going on here is that our FDA is corrupt - it rakes in billions of dollars from drug companies for testing and approval. And so, guess who funds ABC??? LOL!!! You either watch car company ads, or ads pushing drugs on people.
How many drug company commercials do you see running on mainstream media??
The only ones to have been fooled are the American people who believe that drugs are the only solution to their medical problems.
Jim Humble is a great man who has been demonized by a corrupt media. He helped me FREE OF CHARGE to help my son get over melanoma. My son was 11 then - he's 19 now - so that was 8 years ago.
MMS costs about $20 for a year supply! But if you don't want to believe it or try it, go ahead. Just get ready to have to pay hundreds of dollars per month for drugs that usually don't work and that have bad side effects...

Name: Johnny B Good

Ive been taking it for over a yr and I feel great on it plus is got rid of my bladder cancer!! Dont believe em!!

Name: steve sweet

I used MMS to get rid of melanoma cancer on me and my grandmother I made a strong potion used to Q-tip dabbed it on the area then I put DMSO on top of that the damn thing fell off my face couldn't believe it same thing with my grandmother and she had a grapefruit-sized on top of her head melanoma cancer completely disappeared

Name: Leo Felix

I started with five drops each hours/8 hours a day. I felt so bad but I insisted on doing that and after 3 days all bad side effects are gone and I started my healing journey from cancer. The cancer was gone in 6 weeks!

Name: Claudia Silveira

I have known this substance for 10 years, through Jim Humble, when my father, an Economics PH D., ordered MMS from US due to an oncological disease. The doctors were amazed, because in just 1 month the PSA index went from 95 to 15 !! I have already been to a conference by PhD Andreas Kalcker in Lisbon and I have no doubts about the effectiveness of the MMS CDS. Fortunately I have a copy of his book Forbidden Health (autographed🙂)! The book is fantastic and there are lots of protocols for different pathologies. At the conference I could see that there were several doctors and nurses and people connected to the health area, I realized by the conversations that I inadvertently heard. There were also some parents of autistic children, among others who in the end asked some questions. I was accompanying a friend with cancer disease. We are actually talking about a public health issue that pharmaceutical lobbyists and dogmatism in medicine intend to stifle at all costs, with enormous damage to the population. Sorry for my english...A big hug from Portugal 🌞🌈

Name: helen may

I was given a two week fast track cancer appointment last year, the ultrasound found a lump which they said could by a cyst, however I immediately started taking cds, 3000 protocol and when I had the Camera to check this lump out, it was gone. I religiously took drops every fifteen minutes, this shows that this product is not industrial bleach as the sheep who follow or been dictated by the government have implied, if that was the case then I would not be messaging this, the Government have created a mass genocide, far worse than Hitler. Cancer is a multi billion business, we are just a statistic figure to them to decrease the population, they are prepared to let your children, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, Pets die of this terrible disease. Think about it Charities, pharmaceutical would stand do lose billions if this was perceived to be a cure, we should be dying of old age or horrific car accident, not of cancer. The body has to heal itself, it can take a long time for cancer to develop, so this is not an overnight solution but this will help your body to heal itself in time, and TIME is exactly what is given thanks to this product.

Name: Spring Manju

I am very grateful for this Solution. I was diagnosed w/ a very invasive melanoma cancer, and was given 6 months, 7 years ago. I was fortunate to find this cure on a you tube and purchased it off amazon to get started. 6 weeks later I was melanoma free. I am very disappointed w/ the AMA, CDC, and the WHO. for not letting people know about this amazing formula , out of pure greed.

Name: CoachSteve4u

Jim Humble IS A SAINT. In 2005, my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. I scoured the internet like any good father would do and found Jim. I emailed him. He emailed me back! He walked me through how to cure my son of cancer, and I followed through. HE DIDN'T CHARGE ME A DIME! It worked. MMS cured my son of cancer.
My son is 22 now and doing fantastic, thanks to this manifestation of God himself, Jim Humble.
And yes, he's right about the spiritual aspect too! "You are that which man calls God." - Abraham Hicks

Name: Yogi Bear

We've cured cancer with mms and so much more. Proof is in the pudding.

Name: Dianne

I’m also a cancer survivor. I only have respect for Jim Humble and MMS, and now CDS as well. I truly believe that nothing cannot be cured with MMS, and have tried it on several people, with great success-like i knew it would be! Strangely enough, i also don’t know of anybody who had adverse effects from it, or died. Hmmm-it makes you wonder, doesn't it? My belief is not to knock something before you’ve tried it, and once you have Cancer, you will drink horse urine if advised that it could help. MMS works, and gives people hope!

Name: Shannon Knight

Are you kidding me???? I have been using mms and I have stage 4 breast cancer in lungs bone and lymph nodes. My oncologist is freaked out because the tumors shrunk and he asked if he could bring my case to the cancer conference. I use 60 drops intravenously daily. Or now until it’s completely gone. My blood is 100% normal. I am going to post my lab results when I am finished and this is gone. This is absolutely crap!!! People die, they certainly do, we are not immortal, but not one soul that I know personally that was sick and took MMS died, not a single soul! They got healthy. Feel free to write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or google my name shannon jennifer knight. I’m the healthy looking brunette in all my photos’ that has relied only on alternative treatment because our drug companies rob us blind!

Name: Athena

I have seen this work on people with well advanced cancers. I have also seen people be foolish with it. It didn’t kill them it did make them throw up and poop. So Doc, do you prescribe chemo for people? I know someone who was on chemo pills and they said she will never get off of them (until it kills her). She went to using MMS along with improving her diet to organic and basically raw diet, stopped with the chemo medicine, kept her screening up to date and guess what…??? She has no more cancer. This would not of been the outcome staying on chemo. She was going downhill daily on that poison.

So if you are suggesting this is a dangerous substance to take, I sure wish you would move with the same fervor and end the chemo which is so much more dangerous. Aids patients are also given chemo pills as well. This is a very toxic and dangerous way to go. YOU KNOW THAT. This is a murderous way to practice medicine, and I am well informed enough to know that the medical system is about killing rather than real healing.

My next point is we wouldn’t get sick if it wasn’t for the toxic soup in the vaccines given like water to babies, the food is saturated with toxins, the pesticides everywhere, on and on I can go, and you are bitching about a few drops of MMS. Give me a break. Cities all over the country have Fluoride in them which is so toxic there is nowhere they can dump it (not in the ocean or land) so they dump it in the city water supply and get paid for the toxin… don’t you think that is dangerous to people’s health?

This is a slam article against Jim Humble… you people in the medical community seem to think it is OK for you to cut, burn and poison (against your Hippocratic oath, if you even take that anymore) and when someone comes up with something inexpensive and effective you people have to run it into the ground. You will sooner or later have to let go of your monopoly of murder and allow people to be responsible for their own health and teach them how to use things sensibly, which is more than I can say for the doctors who push their pharmaceutical poisons on everyone for profit and keeping people tethered to this sick deceptive trap.

Come on people, what is he giving you as an alternative? CHEMO THERAPY, aka KILL”EM THERAPY. So what if you vomit… you will vomit plenty with chemo. I also noticed ‘possible’ death… please tell people chemo is positive death.


Name: CoachSteve4u

Hundreds of people have tried it? Lol. More like thousands... I've been taking it for over a decade internally and externally for skin cancer. It cracks me up that all you naysayers will go on killotherapy (chemo), lose your hair, get weak and nearly die and not have a problem with taking a known poison created by the Nazi company Bayer in world war 2, but you will say MMS should he banned because it may give someone a little stomach ache... I have been taking it for 11 years with NO stomach ache ever. I just caught the flu recently, took MMS right away, and got over the flu in one third the normal time it would take. Big pharma and all news agencies who rely on big pharma money dont want you to know about mms because its super cheap and it works. They feel threatened. And rightfully, they should be. You don't take MMS straight. You dilute it in water. It's already used in your water! But if you drink it at a slightly higher concentration than one drop per gallon, it kills pathogens in the body... Now, I'm ready to debate the paid off government shills on here. Go ahead. Make your ignorant comments. I'm waiting...

Name: Barry Neilan

MMS works better than anything I’ve ever seen it totally saved my life when my body was able to reverse my cancers with the aid of MMS in weeks

Name: R.B.

Ovarian cancer: I Have been taking the chlorine dioxide – MMS1 and MMS2 to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer. It’s been wonderful. Recently my blood tests revealed that my tumor markers were now in the normal range so I went onto a maintenance dose of 8 drops a day. I also am eating a non-inflammation diet! – Vanessa

I don’t think a person can get better if they continue eating the standard American diet, so I changed my diet to include almost no grains, no slices of bread, no fast foods, no sugars of any kind, and minimal fruit. You must do this in order to recover. I had found a product called Syclovir that did a great job at holding the symptoms at bay, but there was no cure even after a year on the product. Then I read that MMS could help kill Candida, so I took 7 drops 4 times per day and began to see improvement. I think it’s been about 2 months of this approach and my energy is sky-high. I can tolerate more carbs now with no symptoms. I feel great and I know it’s because of the MMS. In addition, MMS has reversed arthritis I had in my toes and it must have cleaned out my veins because I can now exert myself and not become out of breath. What a miracle MMS has proved to be in my life! —Kathryn

Good for pets, too! We Cured three dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma, was hours away from death. One drop of MMS several times a day revived her (a miracle). Dogs do not need the sodium chlorite 28% activated because the dog’s digestive system has 600% more hydrochloric acid than humans. Their stomach acid will activate it. The second dog had lung cancer, cured her. The third dog has liver failure, cured her. Also recommended MMS to a friend who had fibromyalgia, he was disabled; but now no longer disabled…he is now better and healthy. Thank God for MMS.

Name: Cheryl

Wishing you all the very best in your endeavours to help keep this great product available and educating people . Have much faith in this product having used it as part of my protocol in overcoming breast cancer.

Name: Faye

I have been using MMS for 1 month now. I am taking Tamozifin a hormone drug, the doctors give to breast cancer patients who have HER 2 neg to keep them stable after treatment with chemo & radiation. This is me. I was on Tamozifin for 2 months before I had started MMS . I never felt it was helping me, so started MMS & now things are happening for the positive. I have lost weight again, so am trying to keep doses low.

I had a cat-scan last Wednesday. Got the results yesterday with my oncologist. She said my scan was amazing. As my tumours have all shrunk, a couple disappeared; what am I doing. I told her, she didn't really want to know, as she is giving me the Tamoxifen, and thinks this could be helping me. Anyway she has asked me to keep a diary & write what I do & how I feel. This is a huge task, but I will try. Anyway great news for me, I will carry on & in two months are having another scan. Will find out more then. Anyway I will continue, and let you know in two months time, when they are giving me another scan. Thanks for your support.

Name: Toni

My friend had advanced lung cancer, and had tried both chemo and radiotherapy. Neither worked, and they sent him home to die; his wife started to arrange his funeral. I told him about MMS, which he reluctantly used, and now he is 100% cured. He went back to his doctors who couldn't believe he was still alive. They wouldn’t acknowledge the MMS had something to do with his recovery, but said it was nothing other than a 'Miracle' !!!

Name: Eric

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in May 2015 with a tumour on my right lung that had spread to the bones of my rib cage on the left side. I started taking MMS protocol 1000, 1 drop MMS and 1 drop activator per hour after my 2nd week of radiation at the middle of August. In early October I had my follow up x-ray. Today 22/12/15, I had my first appointment with the Oncologist, who informed me that the tumour on my right lung had shrunken considerably, and also the spread to the bone on my left rib cage there was no sign. I cannot think of a better Xmas present.

Name: John

I am treating colon cancer; with stage four metastasis in my liver, lungs, prostate, bladder and pelvic bones. The surgeon cut it out four years ago but it came back with a vengeance. I turned down the chemo and radiation, and if I had made the studies I have since the operation I would have turned down the original surgery as well. I have tried many things on my journey, such that the only piece that seems to be growing is in my liver and pelvic bones. The MMS1 seems to have some effect so I am into trying protocol 2000 and 3000 to give it as big a rack up as I can. Thanks again.

Name: V.

Chemo and radiotherapy failed to cure my cervical cancer. A friend put me onto CDS, and the Doctors have now given me the all clear. Wish I had known about the CDS beforehand!!!

Name: Cyndi

I have been taking the CDS now for a little over two weeks and have noticed a change in my skin, teeth and energy levels. I originally began to use the CDS in an attempt to combat Hepatitis C which I have lived with for near on 20 years....bad decisions in my younger years. Anyway, I wrote to you a week or so ago and asked what length of time you recommended I use the CDS for to beat this ailment, to which you replied "Some serious diseases can take 4 to 8 weeks to combat.

If you haven't had success after this period, it would be a pretty good indication that the CDS alone is insufficient. Adding MMS2 as well could be worth considering if you don't see any results by about 4 weeks." Now I am not usually one for rushing into new things such as this product CDS, however, after witnessing a dear friend recover from cancer after being advised he was dying I thought to myself...what harm could it do.

So, here I am now, ordering yet another round of CDS along with a bottle of the MMS2. Now I have my fingers crossed this works. Anyway, thank you for bringing to light your discovery of this product. I wait in anticipation for the end of the next four weeks so I can then go and get some blood tests hope of a negative result back.

Name: Patrick

I am using MMS since July 2014. I don't have any health problem but I observed by myself that it is very helpful to activate the crystal in my energetic system. As I am a therapist, I begun using the protocol 1000 and used 8 eight drops, eight times per day for 3 months. I wanted to know how my body reacted before telling my clients about MMS. As I felt myself very comfortable, since December 2014, I have been recommending it to many clients with cancer and other diseases with success.

Name: Ken

I am a kiwi who was cured of cancer using MMS many years ago under the guidance via Skype of a doctor who was working with Jim humble. I have distributed quite a lot of it to needy people over the last years and used it myself to keep healthy.

Name: John

I write to complain about the 20/20 programme. I am classified by the medical system as a terminal cancer patient and offered chemical castration and chemotherapy (which destroys the body's immunity system and doesn't work). I enjoy ruddy good health and have been taking MMS for some months at a cost of $38 incl. postage. I also took some homeopathic remedies. Your journalism (20/20) was inaccurate and unfortunately deceitful. MMS is chlorine dioxide and selectively kills pathogens and is a recognized water purifier safe for human consumption in appropriate amounts.

Hello. My name is Katherine, today is a special day for me, I've been suffering from cancer 3 years, it all started with left breast cancer, I had my surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy was given as well. At 6 months, the cancer had metastasized into the neck and right axilla. Again, I did chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did not help. Three months later the doctor tells me that I still have cancer cells. This time he said that he could only can give a mild chemo and that I would live only about three years. I know from the start all the doctors were wrong, but I will not go into this topic., began my search with the help of my mother, with a firm commitment to get MMS in my life. I have been taking mms, a little over six weeks, and today I hear from the nurse whom I have known for so long going to the hospital told me that do not appear to have malignant cells in the ganglia of the neck or armpit, I have even in the mediastinum, but on a scale of 1 to 10 is a good news 4. This and intuitive as my body has experienced, inflammation, plurito, redness, and blemishes. I'M HEALING, thank God, MMS, go ahead, I still have some way to go, but GOD ACCOMPANYING ME. Katherine Note: This is how the letter was written.

We had another woman from Macedonia that had her tumor reduced significantly in 3 weeks and was diagnosed as having “no cancer” cells left in her breast tumor! We are just waiting for the tumor to dissolve completely. Note: She is also diabetic and injecting insulin 4 times daily. Now, she is down to 2 doses a day and her blood sugar is fine! We are backing her off slowly and expect to have her off all insulin in a month!!

These pictures just came in! This woman is coughing up pieces of tumors in her lungs or the tumors are coming apart after 2 weeks of using our G2Sacraments correctly! She had been taken MMS for a month and was getting worse. The person that was guiding her called me and asked me why isn’t are the G2Sacraments working. The first thing I do when I get information like this is ask the person what they are eating, are they taking meds, Antioxidants, juicing etc. to see if they are neutralizing the Sacraments i.e. in this case the Chlorine Dioxide! We asked her those questions to which she responded that she wasn’t taking or eating anything that would neutralize the Sacraments. THEN she tells us that she is only taking the Kangen Alkalizing water to bring up the pH in her blood! She was following someone that told her to do that because a man named Young was teaching that and having great success! Well, that was the thing that was NOT allowing Chlorine Dioxide to work, and I told her I would prove it to her if she would listen. I told her to stop drinking that alkaline water and forget that theory that is totally contrary to how the body was ‘designed to function’. She agreed to do whateve I suggested to see if I was right do to the FACT that we are having many testimonies coming in weekly that she is reading also! Ok, Great I told the person helping her. Now, you get some distilled water which is pH neutral 7.0 and activate the MMS in that with 4% HCL and NOT citric acid. I told her don’t take meds, antioxidants, vitamins. during the day if she ‘had to’ take them then wait until 6 PM at night 1 hour after she finished the daily Sacramental protocols. She agreed. I told her to also eat as many RAW or poached eggs as possible during the day. Raw better but she said she could only do poached. Ok, I told her. I also told her that she would probably start coughing up blood and maybe pieces of tissue, or tumors that she had in her lungs. Well, HERE IS THE RESULTS OF AFTER TWO WEEKS OF DOING THE G2SACRAMENTS CORRECTLY! LOOK AT WAHAT IS COMING OUT OF HER LUNGS AND SHE IS FEELING MUCH,MUCH BETTER AND REALLY HAPPY! See what happening when people do it right! We have been helping 1000’s these past 13 years and have the experience that is why we KNOW, NOT because we are so smart! Lord help all be DIS-EASE free and pray that she is completely healed VERY soon! Thank the LORD for His NATURAL CURES! 

Dear Rev. Mark,  It has been a long time since I have contacted you, l believe you may have a brother I used to contact too.  I have been using MMS for about 10 years, diagnosed with 6 months to live from cancer, MMS and I am still her 8 years later. Barbara

Hello guys,I have been using the sacraments for almost a year. I don't have any major issues just wanted to do a general cleanse. I turned my cousin onto it since he did have some major issues. Never went to doctor but had a tumor on his tongue that looked like cancer. He has been on protocol 1000+ for about 6 months now and tumor has almost disappeared. He also had herpes and has not had an outbreak for months. I tried to order another bulk sacrament since I have a huge family but can only get single sacrament. I have turned quite a few people onto the sacraments and am down to my last set of bottles. I am a bible believer and am a brother in Christ as well as a member of the g2church and love to help people with their health. Thank you for all you do, and we know the outcome of this world and know God will protect his people. Keep up the good work.

One of my family friends has bone marrow cancer and before Thanksgiving he was told he would not see Christmas. He started MMS [around] Thanksgiving and he has gained his strength back to go out and do things with his sons. He has told me his blood work is improving rapidly—he isn't telling the doctors what he is taking but he is not gray anymore!" - Kim

"I was told 4 weeks ago my mother had months to live with stage 4 uterine cancer… Four doctors told me that my Mom was a goner and it was just a matter of time. After taking MMS1 and MMS2 for almost a month… the cancer is almost gone from my mom's body! The doctors and surgeons said it was a miracle and did not know how to respond. They were amazed!" —Sara

MMS has stopped the growth of the metastatic renal cancer that is stage 4 and has shrunk the size of the tumors in my lungs and liver. Therefore they want to know if it works on the Corona virus and he thinks this product is the answer.

Bladder cancer completely gone after 2 months (the docs had been ready to remove the bladder).

Mark, I would like to inform you that the lab results showed I have no cancer anymore in my bladder.

Cheers, Bert

My family and I use MMS everyday ,even my 16 year old dog gets it in her water daily... it is the all time best medicine that anyone could ever need. (I take it for cancer ) ❤️thanks Mark and God bless you and your family.  Pat Couch Davis 

Name: Robert

Good morning, Thank you for all your efforts to help humanity. I live in the USA in Chicago and I am considering signing on as a health minister. I have been telling people about MMS for years especially, after a loved one was cured of cancer from using it three years ago.   

Name: davis

MMS is the best medicine I have ever used......I take it for cancer ....we saved our cats life with it and my dog has taken it everyday for the last 2 years ,she is 16 years old ...... I only take MMS no other medications or chemo or radiation or surgery. I feel great everyday . That nasa guy was absolutely lying about MMS , follow the directions and try to eat healthy and you will not have any problems .thanks Mark ,Joe and Jim ....God Bless for helping so many people . I have viewed hundreds of testimonies of people that have cured many diseases With MMS and I will never go without it ❤️

Name: Jessica

Sacraments - I have 4 people trying it. so far very good. They have been on it for a week, 2 men had ringing in the ears. It is subsiding noticeably. One woman has stage 4 cancer with 6 months to live. She is improving back to no pain & doing her normal things again. She refused chemo & radiation. She has an aggressive rare cancer, that does not respond to chemo, but the doc told her if she does not take chemo she will die. Does not make sense. She is improving. We will keep you updated. 

Name: Dominika Waloszková

MMS is miracle drug. My father recovered from the fourth stage of cancer. 

Name: Mel Smythe

I began the protocol during the last week of October and made it all the way to the 15 drops twice per day, and now I have settled back on a dose of 6 drops once each day. At 4 drops I was so nauseous that I brought up everything in my tummy and also had one day of diarrhea – but after this I felt much, much better.I am a woman of 74 years of age who has had colon cancer and a severe Candida problem for many years. I had tried to get rid of this for many years. Well, the MMS solution got rid of it and now I feel better than I have for at least 20 years! My circulation in my legs and feet have returned – I think that may have been from all the fungus within my body. I am very happy to say that this MMS product seems safe and if you do what the protocol says, results will come. I will try to help others where I live in Canada as I bought six bottles – the biggest problem is getting people to believe it works. I will just keep on trying! Blessings…Mel  

Thank you Jim! My family still makes and takes your 28%. We will not change. So far 3 of my family members went to the doctors and their machines said the cancers are completely gone. What a blessing you have given.

Cancer behind my mom’s eyes—Gone.

Lymphnode cancer under the armpits of my mom—Gone.

Lung cancer of my ex-wife—Gone.

My cousin’s father-in-law was bed ridden and doctor gave him a month to live. He took MMS and now is hiking trails and up small mountains.

We administered it according to Jim’s protocols. We used the doctors in that we went through the process of the doctors all along waiting for the scans to tell us what we knew, but needed clinical proof that it was gone. Doctor's don't understand what happened. We just say, "We changed their diet."  --DM

Name: Tommy

I saw my heart Dr. Today and great news. He said normal test for my age is 50 and I'm a 70. I asked if I would live for another 20 years and he said yes, heart is great no more murder no more heart disease . It got better with u, thanks. I did cancer blood test and my PSA was over 900 now a 140. 4.0 is normal. And the bone cancer went down about 200 points. This is a great start. I still have no pain . NO PAIN. Thanks again. Tommy

Name: Lucia Barfield

• My name is Lucia Barfield. My sister's husband was diagnosed with Colon Cancer last year,and thanks to God and MMS he is fine right now. And he is so grateful that he wants to be part of this blessing and pass it to many more. How can they do it? They are in Cali, Colombia ,South America.Thank you for your attention.

Name: Rhoda and Ron Foust

Sept. 2012 I sat waiting for my husband, Ronnie, to come out of the doctor’s private examining room where he was getting a prostate cancer biopsy. When he came out he was shaking, in a lot of pain. “I couldn't go through with it, I’ll have to go to the hospital”, he said. “The tests show I definitely do have prostate cancer. The Gleason test showed from one to ten, I am a seven, which means the cancer is ready to get aggressive.” After the biopsy, done in the hospital, it agreed with the doctor’s verdict; there was no doubt, Ronnie had a very serious cancer problem. This is his story; I won't go into how that made me feel. We had already suffered through the loss of son, both our Mothers, and a daughter,who had died from breast cancer, all within the span of three years. During which time I had spent fourteen days in the hospital with massive blood clouts on both lungs, and later a frozen shoulder, which led to surgery. During the same period our Indiana home was broken into, taking a lot of valuable tools, and other valuable items. We were still fighting depression. Now there was to be a new problem, Ronnie had to make a decision. Since Ronnie insisted on no chemo, the doctor gave us three choices: surgery, radiation, or a six month hormone therapy shot. We settled for the shot which was supposed to keep the cancer from spreading for six months. It could only be taken two more times, at which time the body would become immune to it. Without any other treatment he may have at least five years of life after that. We grieved for a couple weeks and then started planning to go back to Florida for the winter. First we attended our yearly religious festival, “The Feast of Tabernacles” and requested the prayers of the many brethren there. Prayers were also offered up to God in our own Home Bible study group. When we got to Florida our friends there begin praying for us, too. Needless to say we also did a lot of praying. Ronnie continued struggling with vomiting, frequent painful urination, and discomfort. Added to his other problems he started having severe hot flashes, from the shot, that was a constant irritation. In the meantime we started searching the internet for alternate solutions. Nothing seemed reliable until daughter, Tammy, introduced the web site of Jim Humble to us. We had studied several others but this one really got our attention. We felt like God was answering so many of our prayers. We sent for the book and the minerals Jim introduced. Ronnie mixed the inexpensive liquid combinations himself, and drank it as instructed every day. Gradually he begin to feel better. The symptoms left. We all rejoiced. Before we left Florida, five months later for Indiana, he went for a last check up there in Feb. 2013. The doctor seemed surprised that his prostate was so small, and questioned as to whether Ronnie had ever had prostate cancer. But the records from the first doctor were there! When Ronnie told him he had been taking a mineral called Miracle Mineral Solution that enhanced the immune system, the doctor commented, “Oh? That will never work”. Can you believe that? When the results of his blood test came back his P.S.A. test had dropped from 7.6 to 1.2, and is still about 3.5. He had one more test by the same office that had given him the six month shot. The doctor was so impressed with the result of the P.S.A. test that he asked to see the book, and made the comment, “I'll have to look into that!” He scheduled Ronnie for another appointment in three months, and didn't even examine him. I think he just wanted to see for himself if it was really going to last. But we know Ronnie is cancer free! Some may want more information on this mineral, if so, you need to go to the website “WWW.Jim Humble - MMS. You can get a news letter from them every month by e-mail. He is doing amazing things in Africa where he is freed to work. This mixture of minerals strengthens the immune system so strongly that it will kill many germ related diseases, not just cancer. There is a long list of diseases that it will get rid of if done right. The only thing I can think of that it won't heal is something like broken bones, damaged nerves, dementia, weakness, etc. If you or someone you know that is debilitated with a serious disease spread the word, you may save a life. Also request newsletters from Jim. He was God's answer to Cancer for us. It will give you an idea what this man is doing for people. Visit "List of Studies" on our web site "" for over 100 bible studies.Oh, and by the way, Ronnie was really surprised when the pain, he had suffered in his fingers for months, also disappeared. Thank you Jim for your dedication for serving suffering peoples all over the world.  Rhoda and Ron Foust Williamsburg ,Indiana

Name: Roger & Diana

Dear Bishop Mark,Last night we met our dear mother Rosemary at Zurich airport, returning from 3 weeks treatment from you at your clinic. It is impossible to put into words how much we appreciate all you have done for her. It goes much further now, as we are about to have Rosemary’s 7th grandchild. Through Jim's & your work of constantly "swimming against the tide" in this mad, mad world ruled by greed instead of need, you are creating a legacy of hope & love as opposed to misery & fear. One month ago there was pressure from family & friends to go & have her breast removed, followed by Chemo & Radio therapy, after which I watched my own mother die horribly 32 years ago. This morning Rosemary shoveled snow from the paths around her house completely healthy, happy & whole. We want to express to you from the deepest recesses of our hearts...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Wishing you Love & Light. Roger, Diana & our unborn child.

We had a local Bulgaria woman come about 5 weeks ago with 6 tumors in her breast. One of the left side and 5 on the right side. After 4 weeks, she has only one left and it is very small!

Name: Anonymous

Dear Mr. Humble,
I thought you would like to know that I have cured myself of uterine and ovarian cancer with MMS. One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma (Skin Cancer spread to my lymph hodes).  I had an ultrasound in June of this year. the Dr. said I had a tumor on my right ovary and my uterus showed signs of cancer/precancer. The Dr. said I would have to have a hysterectomy. We decided to repeat the ultrasound in 1 month and do a biopsy and schedule the surgery after the results of the second ultrasound.  In July I did a course of MMS lasting about 3 weeks. The MMS treatment was unpleasant. Every time I took a dose I felt ill. I had diarhea and nausea and vomitting. I also experienced excruciating pain in my right side (the affected ovary).  I stuck with it dropping down a few drops then ramping back up until I reached 15 drops a day 2 times a day. I also found I would get less nauseus if I ate a half hour before taking MMS.  I just got the results of the repeat ultrasound.  The ovarian tumor is gone completely and my uterus is normal and healthy, The Dr. said he doesn't know why but I no longer need surgery or a biopsy.  Everthing is normal and healthy!
anonymous MMS patient( scared of the FDA)

Name: Bukola

I want to testify to the fact that I treated my mum who had colon cancer stage 3 with mms and she's now totally free of it in just 3 months. Also, my son has been suffering from asthma since when he was about 3 months old and now after doing the nebuliser therapy, he's free from it. For about 2 years now, he has not had any attack

Name: Helena

I was souffering about Breast cancer and i conctated mr Jim humble who advice me about mms1 . After taking protocol 1000 during 21 days then i went to the hospital for check up whooooooooooo Doctor told me good New i am free from breast cancer. i would like to said thank you to Mr Jim humble to save our life thank you so much.

Name: Joel

Hi Grenon family,

Let me tell you how much I appreciate all your information about MMS or CDS. Thank you so much. I think you do a great job trying to make people aware of the benefits of MMS.
I, myself, learned how to prepare my own CDS at home from scratch through your videos. I use it, my wife uses it, my mother in law uses it and even my six year old daughter also gets it in her water she takes to school.

I first heard about MMS from a close friend that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, phase four. We thought that he was not going to make it but thanks to the MMS protocol 3000 he is back enjoying god health, so far the doctors can not figure out how he is cancer free today. Amazing!

Now, I have another friend that has lupus to whom I am trying to help, making him aware of the benefits of MMS but I have the following question for you: What protocol should he be taking? Please, help me out with this.

Until now I told him to start with protocol 1000, I have given him a lot of places in the internet for him to get informed as well as some videos to watch.
He is very exited about MMS and I am also glad to be able to hand this information out to any person that has health problems.
Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to participate in your youtube broadcasts.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Joel.

Name: Gerald D. McClellan


    My name is Gerald McClellan and am 72 years old of Monroe, NC.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Nov 2011 and my doctor said that my prostate had a PSA reading of 5.89 and was over 80% infected with cancer and he suggessed that I have it removed or I would not live more than 5 years. Well believing in my doctor I aggreed to have it removed and they did remove it in Jan of 2012.  I had been scheduled to have a PSA reading done every 3 months to see if my cancer was gone and it wasn't so they scheduled me for 37 treatments of radiation, which was completed in July of 2012.  From that point on my PSA readings, which were low but not gone, were doubling every 3 months until I learned about MMS in Jan. 2014. My son ordered it and I started on Jim Humble's protocol 1000+ and when I had my April PSA reading my cancer had reversed for the first time in two years and now is gone. My reading have always been pretty low but not the 0.00 reading I should have had being I don't have a prostate.  Well I have documented reading which prove that the MMS did in fact reverse my cancer and got rid of it.  I also was using Vitamine B17 between my April reading and June reading to find out if it also worked and it did and my cancer keep going down.  So between my June reading and Oct reading I was just taking the MMS2, pill form, and found out that the hyprocloric acid thickened my blood, even though I was on cumiden because of having AFib. And I suffered with a mini-stroke that affected my right eye making me cross eyed to over 18 degree off center.  I could see out of the eye OK but not both at the same time.  I went to an eye doctor and had some medical test done.  My eye doctor said that I might possibly have to have an operation on the eye but wanted me to wait and see if it got better on it's own. If no changes were seen by 6 months then the operation would have to be scheduled.  Well I knew that my MMS worked for my cancer so I thought that it might work as well for my stroke also.  I made up a activated 10 drop solution and put it with distilled water in a sprey bottle and made up a 70/30% solution of DMSO and spreyed it on my hole right side of my head and around my eyes two to three times a day.  I told my eye doctor what I did and I notice improvement after the 3 days and my eye site returned to normal within 10 days.  My eye doctor couldn't believe of my rapid recovery and wanted to know what actually it was that I did so I told her about MMS and how I used it to recover.  I had her make notes of my use of MMS and had her put them in my medical record and gave her a CD with all of the imformation about MMS. I also had my urologist put my taking MMS in my medical records he has. Neither doctor would admit that this use of MMS would really work.  But the records of recovery speak for themselves.

Signed Gerald D. McClellan
Name: Francis

My cancer was contained in the uterus and did not spread and your product also got rid of all the pain I felt in that spot.

Name: Vanessa

I'm very pleased to say that having started my regime of using MMS/MMS2/CDS on October 20th to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer, I am now practically in the clear. My visit to doctor tomorrow will hopefully determine that I can start on the maintenance program.

Update: Have been taking MMS1 & 2 to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer. It's been wonderful. Recently my blood tests revealed that my tumour markers were now in the normal range so I went onto a maintenance dose.

On Wednesday I went to my GP for results of a CT scan that was taken on Monday. This showed that although the cancer is gone, I do still have a sizable cyst on my right ovary. I would like to deal with this.

I looked on Jim Humble's website & have found the updated Protocol 1000. This also requires using DMSO; as per the following YouTube video:

Name: Tadeusz

A friend of mine went to the emergency room because he was urinating blood. After that, doctors found out that he had a bladder cancer. He was sent home. Then doctors wanted to start chemotherapy, but he did not have insurance, so it took time to go back to the doctor. I gave him MMS and he started to take it every hour ending with 10 drops every hour. He took MMs for 2 weeks. Then he stopped because he stared to have a diarea and vomiting and he had enough of it. Duirng that time he was qualified for insurance. He went back to the doctor to get chemotherapy, but before the chemotherapy doctor went inside his bladder to check the size of the cancer . They were very supprised when they find out that there was no cancer. My friend can not belive it that the cancer disappeared.

Name: Tobias Laube

"All medication has some form of side effect, as does MMS, but the benefits of MMS are amazing. I was told that I had prostate cancer and that my P.S.A. reading was 16 where the normal reading is between zero and four, after just 6 weeks of MMS my P.S.A. reading had gone down and my doctor was amazed at the improvement.

Other benefits of MMS are Hair and Nail growth, also my little injuries seemed to heal much quicker than normal.

I would recommend you give MMS a try."

Tobias Laube writting for Kenneth. G. Webster from Denia/Spain (25.Jan..2010)

Name: Tobias Laube

Diagnose and Treatment from a Dermatologist:

Quiste milium, seborrhoic Eczema, actinic Keratoderma.
Light Keratoderma in Face and back of the hand
Light scaling bump / squamous cell carcinoma (pre-stage skin cancer)

"After ive been in treatment with my longtime family doctor and internist after summer 2007 due to the strong itching Stains-appearances on my left upper-cheek of my face, i have consulted a local Dermatologist who made the diagnosis of Seborrhoic Eczema (actinic Keratoderma). The dermatologist started to treat me with “Diprogenta” which after approximatly four weeks did not show any effect. Furthermore he prescribed a so called “Aldara crema 5% env. Con 12 sobres”. The Effect was slightly helpful as the itching decreased, but the area of the eczema / actinic Keratoderma was getting bigger and in Spring 2008 had a area of a 10 cent Euro Coin with a elevation of about 1.5 millimeters.

The Dermatologist explained that in the case of a unefficient Help through the prescribed Medications, a operation must be carried through unconditionally as it would be about Pre-stage skin cancer.

In summer 2008 i got to know about MMS from Jim Humble. In autumn 2008 I have been studying the application all about this Mineral substance so far, that I started with the following treatment myself on that area of skin. 50 drops Citric Acid with 10% Concentration plus 10 drops Sodium Clorite with 25% concentration, 3 minutes waiting time, swirl slightly, every morning prepared after breakfast without additional dilution and about 5 to 7 times out of the plain bowl, strongly rubbed on with the finger on the area of skin. Daily Repeat, over four to six weeks.
The seborrhoic Eczema got smaller and more plain and has since than untill today October 2011 disapeared!"

Tobias Laube writting for H.J. Laube

Name: Rhoda Foust


I thought maybe some of you readers might be wondering about how
Ronnie is doing with his prostate problem by now.

I will start by laying a little groundwork: As you can read in the first articles "Ronnie's Cancer Ordeal" it has been almost two years since he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After about two years of moderate pain, urinating often, vomiting, pain and weight loss, etc he finally consented to see a doctor.

The doctor told him he could help him live for five years with treatment. He listed several methods of treatment including radiation, chemo, seeding, etc which Ronnie refused at that time. He wanted more time to see what other options were available. The doctor then explained the only thing he had left to offer was "hormone therapy" to keep the cells from growing. We could take the one month, three month or six month shot, which would not cure cancer but would put it in remission for that period of time. Since we were two months from going back to FL for five months we decided the six month shot would be better and would give us time to decide what else we could be doing.

Much later we found that there is a prescription used by women to help with their sex problems called "Premarin" and it's made from "natural ingredients" which is nothing but mare's pee. That is also what these shots are made of that the doctor gave to Ronnie.
The doctor told Ronnie that he would experience some hot flashes something like women do during menopause, for a few weeks, and that they would gradually fade away. Well, it's been almost two years (20 months) and he still has them every day, and especially during the night.
In spite of all that he is still (age 74) going strong, thank you God, he no longer has prostate pain, constant urination, vomiting, or weight loss. He is back up from 135 lb to 150 lbs. Since we have been back here in IN he has been working hard every day on problem rentals and our own place. The only health problems he has now is working too hard. Along with the hot flashes, he has muscle spasms and leg cramps at night (from working into the night).
Some have asked how or what Ronnie did when he was taking MMS prior to his healing. The answer to that is: First we ordered the book by Jim Humble and we both read it through to see what part we would need to use for our individual problems. There are so many different needs and diseases and different more effective ways to treat each one. That's why it is so important to order the book before you try using MMS.
Once we determined what we needed to do, we got on the internet and ordered a bottle of MMS1, and a bottle of 50% citric acid solution. We also ordered a supply of MMS2 in caps. He started out mixing one drop of each, waited 20 seconds and add water, according to the book's direction. You can also add a little juice or sprite for taste. Every day, every hour, eight times a day, for two months. He increased the equal amount of drops until he settled on eight drops each time. He also took MMS2 between times, 3 times a day. Once he discovered it was working he kept at it very aggressively until he was sure he was healed. It's hard to believe but he was healed for under $100. And that included the cost of the book. Just think how much it would have cost if he had gone the other way, and even then may never got completely well!
Anyone who starts on this regiment needs to make up their mind to be consistent and stick with it till you get results. We, both, take it a couple times a day just for maintenance. We think every one over 50 should take it for the same reason.
We keep spreading the good news to anyone interested in this Master Mineral Solution that heals cancers, and so many other health problems. Almost everyone knows someone who knows someone that would benefit from using MMS. Help us spread the news; you may save a life. We strongly believe that if we knew then what we know now our daughter, Sheila, who died with breast cancer, would still be alive today. She tried every thing she knew, even to going to the cancer center in California. She wound up suffering through radiation and chemo, which did her more harm than good. That is one reason Ronnie said no to all those options offered to him. Thank God he did!
by Rhoda Foust
For more information visit our web page at: to read the whole story, and much, much more. We have nothing to sell, nor ask for any donations.

Name: eartheart

Hi anna, a few years ago, my girlfriend started taking mms. She has various problems. In the meantime,(after being on protocol for a week or two) she had intercourse and it was very painful...that was after a few years of no sex. She had had a hysterectomy about ten years before that. So...she went to the obgyn and had a pap smear. It came back with advanced cancer in her vagina. they had done a biopsy also. the HPV virus! Doctor wanted her to have a vaginectomy!!! never heard of that...they were going to cut out her vagina and sew it up! Of course she didn't want to do that...they scared her plenty...said the cancer was almost through the wall of her vagina and she would die if not done right away. Anyway, she started douching with the mms and also taking her oral drops. after a week or two of that, Plus some teas and other herbal stuff, she asked to have another pap test...dr said no...she still needed the procedure. My friend hiked all over town to find a dr who would do another pap.(since she was in the system, they would say 'you need to do what dr. so-and-so had told her to do') She finally found one to do it, and the test came back with a mild case. She asked her dr. to give her another biopsy...she said no! Finally she agreed to do the biopsy again. well, my friend got a phone call from the receptionist at dr office...saying the biopsy came back and she was cancer free!!! Dr. didn't have the guts to call her herself. I suspect that when she started the mms, the virus was in remission and after the week or two of drops, it started coming out in full force at the time of her pap test. It needed to come out before it went away. So I hope this info helps in your journey to health. Many blessings, Suzanne

Name: Christie Peterson

Edema-Burn-Diabetes-Throat Cancer [Posted : 10-22-2013]

I brought my friend with Diabetes over and treated him every hour for 5 or 6 hours because his blood sugar was close to 500. Treating him brought his blood sugar down to 91 in those short hours. FACT!

I had a bad case of Edema on my legs and thought I had a blood clot. I treated myself with Protocol 1000 and within a few days - my legs were back to normal. No pitting, swelling, etc.

I treated another person with 3rd degree burns on his leg from a dirt bike burn on top of another burn. Within a few days, it was completely scabbed over and healed a month ahead of time.

Treating a guy with throat cancer. His blood count is back up, gained a little weight, and his doctor said whatever he is doing to keep doing it because it is working.

Thanks Jim Humble! You ROCK!!!

UPDATE: The guy with throat cancer contacted me today in the office and he has been completely cured of his throat cancer. I'm so excited for him and the fact that it just makes people better. It is unbelievable what this simple solution has done to so many people that has been treated. If I could give you the world Jim, I certainly would. It makes a person feel very good to do something amazing like this for someone else.

PS. Jim, I'm also emailing you an important topic you may be interested in hearing if you haven't heard it by now. Talk to you soon!

Name: RB

started using MMS this year personally (health maintenance, etc)

Have cured 3 dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma was hours away from death, 1 drop of MMS revived her ( a miracle), second dog had lung cancer, cured her.... third dog had liver failure.... cured her...

also recommended MMS to a friend with fibromyalgia, he was disabled, no longer... he is now better and healthy

Thank God for MMS

Name: Truman McKillip

Hello, I am a 72 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Aug,1012 by biopsy in Costa Rica. Dr there wanted to remove the prostate, I declined. When I returned to home in USA Dr. here wanted to start radiation treatment which I again declined, planning to do herbal treatment and to spend winter in another part of USA. Dr said okay we can wait and see ( watchful waiting). My Psa leve was 10.2 in Aug, I had it rechecked in Oct. it was 9.8 It seemed to be going in the right direction with herbs. Dr in Costa Rick prescribed Proscar and Dr in USA prescribed Flomax which I took until January 2013.

I contacted a Dr in Springfiled Mo. who wanted the slides from Costa Rica. When I got them and took them to him he said they were not good enough to determine if i in fact had Prostate Cancer. I submitted to another biopsy,(not fun) results came back still cancer there altho on the Gerson scale it had dropped from total of 6 to 5. He wanted to remove prostate I again said not yet I want to do some herbal things to try and defeat the cancer.  He said okay it is your life but it won't help, but he agreed to watchful waiting again.

I was informed about MMS in January and had some difficulty finding a source of supply. I first ordered from Canada and after more than two weeks I had not recieved order.  It seems it was held up in customs.  I searched further and found a USA source and ordered MMS from them, ln less than a week I received both orders.  I began the MMS1 on the old protocol of one drop activated first hour then upped it one drop per hour until at eventime I was up to 9 drops, I had not experienced any problem. Next morning I took 10 drops, waited 30 min. to eat breakfast, then 30 min. later took 11 drops.  In very short time I could not get to bathroom fast enough, I upchucked everything I had eaten and had diahrea. I had to drop back to 4 drops to keep from having diahrea.

After the first week I added the MMS2 every other hour for the 10 hrs., starting with 1/4 capsule for one day then 1/2 for next day then third day one full 00 capsule.  I was able to ramp up the MMS1 to 8 drops per hour for 10 hours/day. I continued the treatment for full 6 weeks, after returning home from Missouri I had blood drawn and sent to lab for analysis and it came back normal ( cancer free). I have had PSA test done in July 2013 and it was 8.4 which is going in right direction.  I have much better urine flow than before and less nighttime trips to bathroom. After I had been on MMS for two weeks I dropped off the Flomax and have not had a return of difficulty in urinating. 

I had also been of HBP medication for about 16 years to control blood pressure.  I have been off this medication for over two month and pressure is normal ( 120/62 pulse 64. I am currently on no prescription medication and feel as long as I have MMS I will no longer be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.
I cannot thank my son, God and Jim Humble ehough for making me aware of the availability of MMS in its different forms, I am in process of making the CDS solution, I understand it has a better tast and is as effective if not moreso than MMS1.
If you have health issues you owe it to yourself to try MMS in its different forms according to recommended protocols.
Name: Glenda

Hi.  Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer which had infiltrated the muscle of my uterus. The infiltration was the scariest part because once the cancer does this, is when and how it spreads. I hit the internet to do my own research because I definitely didn't believe in the medical model regarding cancer.  I found some very interesting information about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and viruses and about Oxygen.  And then I found MMS.  The science behind MMS seemed sound, and so I ordered some.  About a month later I had surgery where there removed my uterus, and other reproductive structures.

I don't have a crystal ball about what happened in my body after I took MMS for two weeks, but I'm still here today.  One thing that was visibly apparent was that for about fifteen years I'd had a wart on the palm of my right hand.  And after the MMS, it had disappeared.  Do I credit MMS for curing me of cancer?  The jury is still out, but now I have a wart on my foot, and I'm ordering more MMS because I think this wart is a warning.  And I feel way better about trying MMS than chemotherapy in my future.  

Name: Bozidar Tezak

I have my own testimony for the treatment of lung cancer. I have my own medical diagnosis "Inter DiaCor". Having problems with sweating, dry cough, fatigue, nervousness, severe pain in the middle of the back, hard to sleep and pain when lying on the left side. I decided to do a complete analysis of the organism. I found a great contamination of bacteria and viruses in each lung, but really on the left. Also was weak and small alveolar gas exchange. Urgent I started using MMS protocol 1000. Kontrol analysis I have worked for 15 days and the result was 50% less microorganism, still I spent MMS. I've done the analysis for 30 days and the result was 100% clean lungs. I continued to drink MMS for 20 days due to parasites in the cerebral cortex, the brain, and by the end I was able to repair all the problems in 52 days. Initially, the viral load was 86.1%, and finally 4.6%. I have all the images of such evidence for other people or seminars. Health resort I have other patients with bone cancer, severe toxemia, depression and the like. The success was great for 30 days. This is truly amazing!

Name: Rhoda & Ron Foust

UPDATE ON RONNIE’S LATEST VISIT TO DOCTORS (8/1/2013) Ronnie’s last checkup to the doctor who had given him the biopsy for prostate cancer in Oct. of 2012 which showed he did have prostate cancer, and that his Gleason test showed he was seven in the growing stage of from 1 to 10. The only way to find out what the numbers are for this test would be another biopsy. Even the doctor admitted that could be very damaging and unnecessary. After discovering the web site of Jim Humble and taking the mineral MMS (Master Mineral Substance) within two months Ronnie was totally healed of any previous symptoms of cancer. He has visited two cancer treating doctors, twice in Florida and twice in Indiana; neither can find any trace of prostate cancer. Ronnie’s first P.S.A. test was ten point six, now it is down to one point eight. However, he has not gone through this without suffering, at the hands of his practicing physicians. For the sake of time and space; there is a full article on our web page ( telling how Ronnie’s doctor’s reaction to the latest test results and their advise. To go to the web page, after entering in your search engine, click on “List of Studies” and look for any article title with Ronnie’s name in it. You may also want to browse around in some of the other studies and/or the 18 chapters of “Novel” about the life of Yeshua (Jesus).

Name: Keith Pace

To Whom it may concern,

I have been using MMS for the last 5 years with great success including watching skin cancers disapear within 6 days of spraying 6 times a day.

Thank you Jim Humble,

   Keith Pace

Name: Linda Davies

My friend had a mole on her leg that kept scabing,the doctor thought it might be cancer so cut a huge chunk off her leg out to remove it, which was painful and unsightly. I realised I had a similar mole so thought I would try mms. I also had a 'suspicious' tiny raised lump on my cheek which m doctor was ' keeping and eye on'. Hving taken mms for various complaints for about 5 years, and never having an illness because of it, I thought I would use the 20 activated drops method. I mixed it up, kept the mms covered, and applied it about once and hour.  I also put it on a sunspot I was about to get lasered off. To my surprise within a day the sunspot had faded,the tiny lump on my cheek had scabed and I picked it off, and the mole on my leg has faded. There is no scar.! Have I got the root of these out aswell? I do not know. I will mix up a second mms, 20 drops again, and use that for a few more days and see what happens.I will give an update in a couple of weeks. I get so frustrated telingl people how wonderful it is, but they would still rathr go the doctors way!!!

Name: Rhoda & Ron Foust

To Jim Humble's group:

About ten months ago Ronnie was diagnosed with Gleason scale 7 Prostate Cancer. This is a fast growing number. His PSA number was 11.6. He was told if he didn't take drastic action he had, at the most, five years to live. He decided not to make a decision at that time but did take a 6 month harmon therapy shot. We found Jim on the internet a month later. What has happened next is on our web site "", along with Jim's News Letter "Malaria Overcome". We have been telling everyone about the results of  MMs. We also put info on my

"Face Foust".  Ronny is now cancer free and his PSA is down to 1.2 Our family and friends are so impressed some are buying your book and even buying some for friends. One doctor told him, after it had already worked, that it would never work. Another Dr. wanted to see the book and even wrote down where to send for it. To read the results of how MMs aided in Ronnie's cure go to "" and click on "List of Studies" and select "Ronnie's Prostate Cancer Ordeal". To read Jim's news Letter select "God's Answer to Ronnie -Cancer Free" I have invited everyone on face book to go there and read it. Many have.

We thank God He sent us to Jim!!  Thank you all, and Jim, for dedicating your life and talent for healing so many dying people.

Rhoda and Ronald Foust

Name: Colin Nutton

Terminal Liver cancer HCC.

I was diagnosed with the above and told I had 6 months to live and go home and die. I am male 77yrs old look well, feel well, and am well thanks mainly to MMS1. the diagognoses was in 2010!!!!!

I recently had an Xray only to be told I now have Lung Cancer, no panic because it is from the same people who told me I had on ly 6  months to live, nearly 3 yrs ago.

So I am now starting a new protocol to resolve the lung cancer challenge I am now seeking advice for the best protocol to use?


Name: Bishop Royce Hamer

These following E mails are from a 65 year old gentleman  that was sent home to get his arrairs in order as he did not have much time left. I started him on MMS #1 & # 2 as well as other protocols, On his own he went to a natrualpath for some additional protocols that included mistletoe, Vit. C IV and another for a while. He did not ;mis the MMS with the Vit C but waited several hrs before going back on MMS. These reports are after 7 months. On my protocols he has lost 50 lbs, now walks 5 km per day, exercises at a gym 3 days for up to 2 hrs. Goes to work three days a week and claims life is great. 

PS: My Naturopath had me retest my blood using a German procedure "Circulating Tumor Cells" (laser scanning-microfluorimetry of the epithelial cell antigen); I ship the blood there. The results read "over a period of 6 months we can see stable cell numbers at a low cell level". GOOD NEWS.

March 26/13 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/13 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/12. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/12 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.
Name: Katherine

Hi Everyone,this is my first writing. I am 34 with a  young family loving husband. I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon metastasized 2 days before christmas. this  year. wow... what a surprise... we have been using MMS to help native tribes in Asia for over ten years so we were familiar with the benefits but when the cancer comes to your front door it is definitely a surprise. So we began with mms 1 6 drops every hr and then added mms2 the 3rd week every two hours. since my lungs and liver has been affected im breathing 1 drop three times a day. i am also doing the enemas each evening. i am trying to add all the protocols as i am able. I have been able to take up to 50 drops of mms 1 each day and mms 2 5 times a day. I was given a few  months to live and no cure. as soon as i took the mms i started feeling better.  I opted against taking chemo and radiation although they did operate and take out my female organs. which i wish i had not done but cant look back. my one problem is with losing too much weight. if anyone out there has a suggestion for weight gain aside from sugar (which feeds cancer) let me know!  I am alive and kicking and would like any encouragment from anyone out there that has survived what i am going thru. thanks Bless you all with all your health issues as mms is our my daily miracle... so far so good  will keep  you posted... katherine

Name: Bishop Royce Hamer

Bishop Royce Hamer reporting on latest cancer case: Grampa I will call him came to me via recomendation when he was diagnosed with melanoa through out his body, it was found after a tumor was removed from behind one of his eyes and found to be cancer. After a lengthy consultarion I started him on MMS #1 and MMS #2 as well as some other protocols. Besides my teachings he also used the services of a natural path. Here is his last report after about 6 months. My total cost to him was $350.00 mostly in supplies including 2 batches of MMS and the Natural Path that performed vit C IV and Mistletoe IV plus another IV protocol was in excess of $ 30,000.00

March 5/12 head MRI schedule by the eye surgeon showed no issues.   
March 26/13 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/13 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/12. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/12 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.  
This is all good news as far as I am concerned.  
I am still doing great and looking forward to the long weekend.  
Have a Good Easter.
Name: Linn Garden

MMS is an amazing find in positive health with so many additives bieng added to foods nowadays we live in worrying times and in a world filled with disease

I decided to try MMS initially as a way of killoing pathogens that were present in my throat I had been dogged with pain and was finding it difficult to swallow I was not prepared however for the speed at which this would occur I took only three drops initially and within seconds of swallowing it could actually feel it working at the back of my gullet My sore throat vanished within seconds and i was totally left thunderstruck at how well i felt 

A few weeks later we were dealt devasting news about a family member She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told it was terminal and had only months left to live. I mentioned to her about how my experience with MMS had cured the pathogens in my throat and she asked me to get her some 

We started her off with a few drops hourly gradually increasing her to 8 every hr 

She continued to do this protocal for the ongoing weeks till her next scan at the oncology department which she went for in the middle of December.  Expecting to be told the worst the oncologist was surprised to inform her that not only had it shrunk by 3 cm but the area that was damaged was healing

Flabbergasted at this news she contunes to take MMS daily and is making a speddy recovery MMS is wonderful and i can only speak highly of it There have never been any adverse side affects since beginning it and i continue to keep in good health with it as does my family member 

She looks and feels amazing and is convinced that MMS has been a major factor in keeping her body alkaline enough to remain healthy Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the knowledge and insight into MMS The whole planet needs to be taking this and i sincerly hope this occurs 

Thank you for your wonderful cure 

Linn Garden

Name: Maria del Pliar

(English translation from Google Translate below)

Mi esposa (ABOGADA) MARÍA del PILAR Velez Cortes diagnosticada con cáncer de pulmón… LOBECTOMÍA SUPERIOR IZQUIERDA ( le sacaron el lóbulo superior izquierdo)…los oncologos propusieron quimioterapia (les pregunte sobre la garantía y eficacia de la quimio… la respuesta fue: NO HAY GARANTÍA… LA MEDICINA ES UNA CIENCIA INEXACTA…. LAS PROBABILIDADES SON DE 5%… sobre los efectos secundarios les pregunte y respondieron… TODOS LOS EFECTOS SECUNDARIOS… basándose ella en la relación eficacia vs efectos secundarios… decidió no quimio ni radioterapia… 1 año después… le diagnostican Metástasis a columna t10 y l1… le dieron los especialistas en oncologia de 12 a 24 meses de vida si se hacia la quimioterapia… ella decidió iniciar con la quimioterapia… le hicieron examen biopsia de marcadores biológicos… mutación en gen 19 y 21… quimioterapia vía oral enviada IRESA (laboratorio ASTRAZENECA) o TARSEVA (Laboratorio ROCHE).. efectos secundarios severos.. alta probabilidad de morir, aun así ella acepto iniciar… pasados unos meses al ver ella el deterioro tan terrible (efectos secundarios) y sin sensación de mejoría(aunque los médicos no prometían Nada) ella le pregunto al director del instituto de oncologia que que % de eficacia tenia IRESA a lo que el respondió: 3% a 5% y de 12 a 24 meses de vida..!!!!!?????!!!!????… escuche de MMS en Cali Colombia… y vi las conferencias de YOUTUBE de Andreas… lo contacte… y EN LA NOCHE OSCURA INFINITA QUE MI ESPOSA Y YO ESTÁBAMOS VIVIENDO:: SOLO EL… ANDREAS…NOS ESCUCHO:: NOS ATENDIÓ… NO NOS COBRO NI UN PESO.. Y NOS ANIMO A CONTINUAR.. YO CESAR AUGUSTO VALENCIA ALZATE desde COLOMBIA numero de teléfono celular móvil 3148860619, dirijo esta Petición al Ministerio de Sanidad y Conselleria de Salut de Catalunya: Les SOLICITO Retirar los cargos contra Andreas Kalcker… POR QUE Hemos aprendido las formas de aplicar el MMS sin riesgo y HOY mi esposa esta y se siente MUCHO MEJOR… aprendimos de ANDREAS la importancia de la desparasitacion…y así es .. en los coprologicos enviados a los laboratorios NO SALIA NADA.. pero perseveramos e insistimos y así fue… tal como decía ANDREAS… le encontraron AMIBAS en cantidades INCREÍBLES… pero fue porque Andreas nos decía que era importante perseverar con las muestras de laboratorio… HOY mi esposa VIVE… ya llevamos tomando el MMS, SDC.. varios meses… mi esposa siente cura y mejoría (espiritual y física) de esta enfermedad grave, que la ciencia médica no PUEDE resolver… REITERO que la RESPONSABILIDAD DEL USO DEL MMS, SDC, o de cualquier quimioterapia, ES SOLO DE MI ESPOSA Y YO LA APOYO.. agradezco a TODOS los impulsores del conocimiento sobre usos medicinales del MMS (Dióxido de Cloro). Agradezco el divulgar las formas de aplicar el MMS sin riesgo y poder curar o mejorar enfermedades graves…El cáncer NO DEBE SEGUIR SIENDO MUY RENTABLE para algunos… Esta FIRMA mía es para pedir EN ARMONÍA PARA TODOS LOS SERES, BAJO LA GRACIA DIVINA, DE MANERA PERFECTA y DE ACUERDO A LA VOLUNTAD DIVINA, que la Administración retire los cargos contra Andreas Kalcker y legalice y estudie a fondo las aplicaciones medicinales del Dióxido de Cloro (MMS)… BENDICIONES A TODOS LOS SERES… y a ANDREAS… INFINITAS GRACIAS.. POR LAS HORAS QUE DEDICO A MI ESPOSA ( ella en medio de la desesperanza, tristeza, incapacidad e impotencia) AUN CUANDO TODA LA CIENCIA MEDICA DIJO QUE YA NO HABÍA NADA POR HACER… ANDREAS NOS APOYO… DESDE COLOMBIA… ARMENIA.. AQUÍ … AHORA..y SIEMPRE.. TE APOYAMOS.. ATT.. Mi esposa MARÍA del PILAR y CESAR AUGUSTO…. PD: EN CASO DE QUE DECIDAN ALGO EN CONTRA DE ANDREAS… ME OFREZCO para que recaiga sobre mi y no sobre el cualquier castigo HUMANO… con esto les conFIRMO hasta donde ha llegado el apoyo de SALUD y VIDA y la oportunidad de LIBERTAD de la enfermedad.. gracias a DIOS por que ha llegado a la vida de mi esposa y mía ese SER llamado ANDREAS KALCKER……………… BENDICIÓN INFINITA para el y su familia….. GRACIAS


 My wife (LAWYER) MARIA del PILAR Velez Cortes diagnosed with lung cancer ... TOP LEFT LOBECTOMY (the left upper lobe was removed) ... the oncologists proposed chemotherapy (ask about the guarantee and efficacy of the chemo ... the answer was: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE ... MEDICINE IS AN UNEXPECTED SCIENCE ... THE PROBABILITIES ARE 5% ... about the side effects I asked them and they answered ... ALL THE SECONDARY EFFECTS ... based on the relationship between effectiveness and side effects ... decided not to chemo or radiotherapy ... 1 year later ... she was diagnosed with metastasis to column t10 and l1 ... she was given oncology specialists from 12 to 24 months of age if chemotherapy was done ... she decided to start chemotherapy ... biopsy of biological markers was done ... mutation in gene 19 and 21 ... oral chemotherapy sent IRESA (laboratory ASTRAZENECA) or TARSEVA (Laboratory ROCHE) .. severe side effects .. a The probability of dying, even though she agreed to start ... after a few months when she saw the terrible deterioration (side effects) and without feeling any improvement (although the doctors did not promise anything) she asked the director of the oncology institute what% of effectiveness had IRESA to which he responded: 3% to 5% and 12 to 24 months of life .. !!!!! ????? !!!! ???? ... listen to MMS in Cali Colombia ... and I saw the YOUTUBE lectures by Andreas ... I contacted him ... and IN THE EVENING DARK INFINITE THAT MY WIFE AND I WERE LIVING: ONLY THE ... ANDREAS ... HE LISTENED TO US :: HAVE HELPED US ... WE DO NOT CHARGE US OR A WEIGHT ... AND WE ANIMO A CONTINUAR .. I CESAR AUGUSTO VALENCIA ALZATE from COLOMBIA mobile phone number 3148860619, I address this petition to the Ministry of Health and Regional Ministry of Health of Catalonia: I ASK You to withdraw the charges against Andreas Kalcker ... WHY We have learned the ways to apply the MMS without risk and TODAY my wife is and feels MUCH BETTER ... a We got the ANDREAS the importance of deworming ... and so it is .. in the coprologicos sent to the laboratories NOT SALIA ANYTHING ... but we persevered and insisted and that's how ... ANDREAS said ... they found AMIBAS in INCREDIBLE amounts ... but it was because Andreas he told us that it was important to persevere with the laboratory samples ... TODAY my wife LIVE ... we have already taken the MMS, SDC .. several months ... my wife feels healing and improvement (spiritual and physical) of this serious illness, that medical science does not YOU CAN RESOLVE ... REITER THAT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USE OF THE MMS, SDC, or any chemotherapy, IS ONLY OF MY WIFE AND I SUPPORT .. I thank ALL the promoters of the knowledge on medicinal uses of the MMS (Chlorine Dioxide). I am grateful to disclose the ways to apply MMS without risk and to cure or improve serious diseases ... Cancer should NOT continue to be very profitable for some ... This SIGNATURE of mine is to ask IN HARMONY FOR ALL BEINGS, UNDER DIVINE GRACE, IN A WAY PERFECT AND ACCORDING TO THE DIVINE WILL, that the Administration withdraw the charges against Andreas Kalcker and legalize and thoroughly study the medicinal applications of Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) ... BLESSINGS TO ALL BEINGS ... AND ANDREAS ... INFINITES THANK YOU .. FOR THE HOURS THAT I DEDICATE TO MY WIFE (she in the midst of despair, sadness, incapacity and impotence) EVEN WHEN ALL THE MEDICAL SCIENCE SAID THAT THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO ... ANDREAS WE SUPPORT ... FROM COLOMBIA ... ARMENIA .. HERE ... NOW .. and ALWAYS .. WE SUPPORT YOU ... ATT .. My wife MARÍA del PILAR and CESAR AUGUSTO .... PD: IF THEY DECIDE SOMETHING AGAINST ANDREAS ... I OFFER myself so that it falls on me and not on any HUMAN punishment ... with this I conFIRM them as far as the support of HEALTH and LIFE and the opportunity of FREEDOM of the disease has arrived .. thanks to GOD that has come to the life of my wife and mine that BEING called ANDREAS KALCKER .................. INFINITE BLESSING for him and his family ... .. THANK YOU


Name: Idaly Giraldo

Dear Mr. Jim Humble,

My name is Idaly Giraldo, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in november/2011, the oncologist said that I needed to be operated as soon as posible because the cancer was very advanced (stage 3). The surgery took place in december 15/2011, I had ascites (presence of fluid in the peritoneal cavity) and pleural effussion, because of that I couldn`t breathe and I was conneted to a breathing machine.

I was in and out of the hospital several times but my health did not improve at all, I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t eat, I couldn`t sleep, I couldn`t walk, I couldn`t talk  and I was losing weight  so dramatically,  I was deteriorating so quickly before the eyes of my entire family that did not know what else they could do for me and of course they were already expecting the worse, the doctors said, I had only 3 months to live.

The last time I went out the hospital was in february 13/2012, the doctors sent me home with a prescription of 8 medicaments including morphine, my  weight  was already 35 kilos and I was so weak that I couldn`t hold myself even for one second.

Some day my sister came home with the MMS and she said that it was a miracle mineral supplement , that we should try everything possible to save my life  and she said please take it, my first reation was a denial because I was in the middle of a weakness so terrible that I thought I would not be able to withstand  the possible side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea of which she had told me and  I began  to cry; my family kept insisting that it was our last chance and That I must try it.

I finally summoned up the courage and faith that I needed and I started to take the MMS to my  surprise I did`n have any of the side effects, therefore I felt I should continue take it even more determined  , I must confess that I started to feel  the benefits of  MMS from day number one because not only it did not produce any adverse reaction but  I started to feel an incredible appetite, after the first day I was already asking for food, since then everything has been a wonderful process, the following week I was taking my first steps, then I got rid of the oxigen tank.

When I felt my body was renewed every day more and more I said to myself : now, I must get rid of these medicaments because I did not longer  have any pain and I wanted to dedicate to take this wonderful supplement that I felt  brought so many benefits to my life. I started gaining weight and 20 days later I went out and wanted to do things by myself.

Nowadays my life is back to normal, I have my normal  weight  which is 57 kilos, my last appointment with the oncologist was in november 20/2012 and all my test came out perfectly normal.

All those that saw me totally consumed by the disease are surprised when they see me and they say : that I am a living miracle !!!

I should clarify that my treatment with MMS was complement by a cycle of 6 chemotherapies, but as the doctor said I don't need more.

I am very grateful to God for this wonderful miracle and  allowing me to get back to life, he is the one who puts  these resources in our way to be used with great discipline and great faith.

I hope that this testimony will be helpful to many people around the world suffering from these terrible diseases that scourge mankind, I read a lot about this product and I have been   participating in many internet forumst with people from  around the world that already know the benefits of this supplement.

Thank you very much Mr. Jim Humble for this wonderfil gift you has given to humankind!!!!

thanks for reading this testimony

kind regards,

Idaly Giraldo

Name: Forest Sprague

Thank you! Geoffrey enjoyed talking with you, even with us living in Rio de Janeiro is is kind of rare the opportunity to talk with some body in good English. The MMS is not for us, It is for my brother, he is taking MMS already and he is getting better. The doctor said he will leave the hospital next Friday. Two weeks ago, before he start with the MMS, the doctor made very clear that my brother was going to die. He got a virus in the medulla and it was paralyzing his body, starting in the legs. I asked my sister to start to give him MMS without telling to the doctor. In that point my brother was not walking and he was not able to talk much. He was in fever every day. In a couple days drinking MMS, 3 drops every 2 hours, 8 times a day. The fever was gone, he start to eat, I was able to talk with him on the phone and his voice was sound very good. Last week the Doctor got some results of exams witch shows the virus got paralyzed. My mother had breast cancer 4 years ago and she got one breast removed. Geoffrey told me about the MMS. And I told mom about it. And she decided do not to do the quimeotherapy and just to use the MMS. Every year she do exams and it comes all ok. She is very well. thank you, Silvia

Name: Mark Grenon

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Name: GP

Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her  liver was in bad shape also.

Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd  2007 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said  they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not.  She had 2 – 3 week to live.  In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot

She started on the MMS and 10 days later the cancer  markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st  2007 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked.  She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications.
Delwyn and her family acknowledge God’s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago.

Delwyn has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**.  There is no doubt that the MMS in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.

**         She practices the 8 natural health laws:  Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God

Helen (Delwyn's Mum) Warrigal Victoria

Delwn’s Protocol: 
Day 1               2 drops every 1 hours 6 or 7 times a day
Day 2               3 drops every hour      “
Day 3               4 drops every hour      “
Day 4               5 drops every hour      “
Day 5               6 drops every hour      “
Day 6               7 drops every hour      “
Still 5 weeks later 7 drops every 1hour 6-7 times a day.

Initially she could not keep anything down, just kept throwing up, juice the drops everything for about 3 days.
When she got nausea she would eat a dry biscuit or banana

She has been having fever baths every 2 days raising her temp to 38 deg (bath 41 deg) with half a cup of Bicarb of soda
That is basically it.  She is now off all medications and doing very well

The diarrhea and vomiting are good signs that the body is simply eliminating what it does not need.

Name: Theodore R. Moore

December 6, 2007, my brother-in-law, in his fifties, who never took MMS, was strickern with pancreatic cancer.  He was taken taken to a hospital where the doctores found a mass the size of a grapefruit, and they told him he would not make it to Christmas.  During those days, he los 22 pounds and was put on a liquid diet.  My wife [her twin brother, by the way] and I told the doctors we wanted to take him home for Christmas, full knowing we would not return him to the hospital, for I knew MMS would work miracles--and it did.  I started my brother-in-law on several drops a day and by March, his mass had shrunk to the size of a walnut!  The surgeon still calls his family docotr asking whatever happened to that man!  Five years later, my brother-in-law takes MMS daily and has not symptoms.  MMS has been the catalyst for health!  Bless us all!  I continue to inform people about the health benefits of MMS.

Name: Royce Hamer

I have used MMS as well as my students as directed with no negative results and lots of positive results.

I personally cleared up a Squamous Carcinoma in two weeks using one of the protocols. Properly mixed concentration is .00004% which appears to be insignificant but that is what it takes. Original protocols were too strong for most people including myself but PC 1000 is very gentle and effective.

I am 67 yrs of age with energy of a 25 year old. I am complimented on my skin condition any time someone knows my age, according to statistics a person of my age should be on 8-12 medications but I am on nothing but thyroid hormone for past 45 years.

To be blunt I have never seen a failure in the use of MMS in man or animal and I have been using it for 5 years also I have taken the training which I rated as very good at the mission. Any thing including water can be hazardous or deadly including clean water.

Name: Ron

Originally diagnosed with a lung tumor a couple of centimeters in size.
I was in Colorado at the time:1997.

Doctor was pretty sure it was cancerous, after valuating my history of smoking for 50 years, 7 members of my immediate family died from cancer. I opted out of the biopsy,and he warned me that I wouldn't last 3 months!

I went to Fla to visit my daughter for the "last" time!
I've been taking MMS for 5 years.  6 drops a day x 5 days a week.
No cancer!

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer three years ago.  Doubled up on my MMS for 6 weeks.  Now, no more bladder cancer!

I don't get vaccinated, yet I haven't had a cold, flu, ear ache, of virus in 5 years!
It has also eradicated my foot fungus!

I owe my life to MMS.  Take it daily with no side effects.  I add three ounces of Raw unfiltered Apple Cidder to the activated formula.  No problem!

I will be 74 November 16.  Born in 1938.  Smoked for 51 years and quit 10 years ago.

Haven't had a drink of alcohol in 22 years!

Most sincerely,

Name: John Bastian

Dear Jim,

In 1997 I was diagnosed with a Gleason 7 prostate cancer having a 1.5cm tumour. My healing modalities at the time did not include mainstream medicine but was expensive. For the last 6 years my AMAS tests were negative. July this year my AMAS test had a Net Tag of 158 which was elevated cancer; on Aug. 2 the Net Tag was 181 and finally on Sept. 21, 2011 my Net Tag was reduced to 81 which is very low and well in the normal range.
I used MMS1 and MMS2 protocols with MMS enemas. What cost me last time over $50,000 I did this time for $50.-. I am ever so grateful for your work, Jim, facing challenges with tenacity and bringing a better and better understanding to how MMS works. On your old program I got rid of a stubborn case of candida [yes, us men have that too] where for 10 years I tried everything and nothing worked until I took MMS for 3 weeks and the follow-up tests had me clear. I had a hard time taking the MMS the old way and was delighted to be able to take it in capsules now.
I encourage anyone with a serious disease to study MMS; it helped me two times so far. I will now stay on a maintenance protocol. The above mentioned tests and my daily MMS consumption protocol are available on request.

Many thanks again
John Bastian

Name: Hercio Verdugo Jara

(English translation from Google Translate below)

Testimonio del Señor:  Hercio Verdugo Jara
Pais- Chile
cel: 799-084-15

63 años - Chileno - Casado 3 hijos
 Pensionado de Carabineros Domiciliado en Santiago.

El dia 10/12/2010 Le diagnosticaron cancer a la Prostata. adjunto carta de el y todos sus examenes que demuestran que en tan solo 15 dias su cancer casi a desaparecido tomando el MMS.

Se adjuntan examenes

Su carta

El dia 10/12/2010 me realice un antigeno Prostatico con un resultado de 37,76 Ng.ML, por lo que el medico cabecera ordeno una biopsia donde el examen arrojo Adenocarcinoma Prostatico 6 (3+3), osea un tumor de 6 cm, que se encontraba capsulado dentro de la Prostata de origen cancerigeno por lo que se me practico una Prostatectomia radical por Linfadenectomia extendido, con un resultado operatorio satisfactorio, se retiro todo el interior ( al vacio) ademas de ganglios y prostata  + vesicula seminales.

Lo satisfactorio es la palabra del medico que preparo el procedimiento pero el resultado del antigeno prostatico total posterior a la operacion fue de 0,656 , pero si dijo que habia que irradiar porque esto indicaba indicios cancerigenos en el sector.

Posteriormente fui enviado al Instituto de Radiomedicina ( IRAM) donde se constató que la operacion realizada se trataba de un cancer de prostata de alto riesgo por lo que el antigeno resulto ser muy alto lo que indicaba que existian particulas cancerigenas, M recomendaron iniciar de inmediato aurílogos LH - RA y luego RT, dejandome con reposo por 30 dias.

Comence con el MMS y a los 4 dias me di cuenta que algo estaba pasando en mi cuerpo, me podia levantar de la cama , tome el protocolo 2000 como me indicaron , mas los Enemas, a los 13 dias me realicé un examen prostatico con un resultado FANTASTICO , segun el medico porque este indicaba un antigeno de 09.Ng / ML. Se me indica irradiación mes de octubre, sigo tomando el MMS y se que en Octubre ya no tendre nada. pueden contactarse conmigo al cel: 799-084-15

63 years old - Chilean - Married 3 children
Carabineros pensioner Domiciled in Santiago.

The day 10/12/2010 You were diagnosed with cancer to the Prostate. I enclose a letter from him and all his exams that show that in only 15 days his cancer almost disappeared by taking the MMS.

Examinations are attached

Your letter

On 10/12/2010 I performed a Prostatic antigen with a result of 37.76 Ng.ML, so the head physician ordered a biopsy where the test showed Adenocarcinoma Prostatic 6 (3 + 3), that is, a tumor of 6 cm, which was capped within the prostate of cancerigenic origin so I practiced a radical prostatectomy for extended lymphadenectomy, with a satisfactory operative result, the entire interior was removed (in vacuo) in addition to seminal ganglia and prostate + vesicle.

The satisfactory thing is the word of the doctor who prepared the procedure but the result of the total prostatic antigen after the operation was 0.656, but he said that it had to be irradiated because this indicated carcinogenic signs in the sector.

Later I was sent to the Institute of Radiomedicine (IRAM) where it was found that the operation was a high risk prostate cancer so the antigen turned out to be very high which indicated that there were carcinogenic particles, M recommended to immediately start auri LH - RA and then RT, leaving me with rest for 30 days.

I started with the MMS and after 4 days I realized that something was happening in my body, I could get out of bed, take the 2000 protocol as indicated, plus the Enemas, after 13 days I had a prostatic test with a result FANTASTIC, according to the doctor because it indicated an antigen of 09.Ng / ML. Irradiation is indicated to me in October, I continue taking the MMS and I know that in October I will not have anything. you can contact me at cel: 799-084-15

Name: Dominika Waloszkova

Dear and beloved reader of Nova Regena,
I would like to share with you the story of my father and his fight with cancer. Therefore, I have decided, with his consent, to write everything what could help people suffering from this serious illness.

I am a 33-year-old mother of a 3-year-old little girl. I am also a wife and am perhaps living as every woman taking care of a small child and household. Obviously, I am also a classic prototype of the daughter loving her father completely blindly and for the whole life. He was whole my childhood and nearly all my memories are connected with my dad. As a completely little girl I called him "tatty". It was always great fun with him, he always fulfilled everything he had promised, he always showed me the correct way, he had the patience of a saint with me and I am sure that he has brought me up well.

First of all, I would like to inform you of my dad's health.
When he was 33 years old, he had a serious stroke after which the left half of his body became partially paralysed. I was born a couple of months afterwards. He was with me all the time and we also learnt to walk together. Approximately in six years he started working again. In xxxx he started getting the full disability pension and a year afterwards he had again a stroke, even if a weaker one, but it tormented him a little. However, he has been living with his partial paralysis since 1977 up to now.

For the last time (before I learnt that he suffers from cancer) I saw him in August 2010. He did not seem to me all right. When we were leaving him, I said to my husband that I did not like my father, that he seemed to me yellowish and swollen, that - in brief - he was at death's door. I do not exaggerate, I really saw and felt it in this way.

On 3 November 2010 in the afternoon, my aunt - my father's sister living with him in one house - called me and told me that he was in a very bad condition. She told me that he did not want to tell me anything in order not to worry me, but now he is already frightened. She told me that he suffered from the large intestine cancer, that it looked very bad. On the following day, I called immediately the Lužická hospital in Rumburk town in order to find out more. His attending doctor was Ms Dr. Kulhava. She told me everything she could. The most important information was that my dad's large intestine was closing due to a tumour and there was a danger of his quick and painful dying due to vomiting his stool and subsequently also total poisoning. Then I called my dad immediately who was psychically down and out. He put a brave face on it and told me that he resigned himself to everything, but yet I know him and could tell that he was afraid like a little boy, that he did not want to die yet. I promised him to take care of him, that I would not leave him in it, that I would help him, that yet there was a chance of some treatment that can be effective.
On the following day, I arranged the hospitalization in the Central Military Hospital Stresovice, (Prague) for him. Hereby I would also like to thank very much to my sister-in-law, Michaela, who helped and advised me whom to contact. I would also like to thank very much to Colonel Prof. Dr. Miroslav Ryska, CSc. who found a very early date for my dad's surgery that was finally performed excellently and my father recovered quickly after it.

When we took my dad home before his surgery, he was skinny, without life. I saw a broken man about whom I thought as a child that he is immortal, that he will be here for ever, that he has the biggest strength in the world. Yet I could have already known at my age that it is not true, so why I was so surprised? However, I had to be strong, strong for him, so that he could cope with everything better and get the support from me. Nobody knew that I had spent the whole nights crying and could not sleep. I feared so much for him!
At that time I still knew very little about MMS. I knew it nearly only from hearsay. Otherwise I was convincing my father to undergo chemotherapy, that I would arrange everything for him, that I would help him, that I would be with him all the time. However, the surgery has changed everything.......

On 18 November 2010, I arrived to the hospital in the late afternoon. My dad was in the high-dependency unit, he did not wake up from anaesthesia yet. I was looking at him, tears were trickling down my face, he looked like a baby. He was covered up to his neck, he looked so tiny on that bed... His mouth was opened, all these hoses of various sizes in him...... he was sleeping like an innocent baby. The world has turned round. I am already for him here, now I will take care, I say to myself... I stroked him and left to see his doctor. He did not know anything. He told me what a garden-gnome would also understand. So I left for home. At 6:00 p.m. my dad called me that he had woken up. I told him that I had seen him, that I had been there, that we had only missed each other. He was very glad that he had survived it and he thought perhaps that he had to call me and say it to me, that I did not perhaps call the whole day to the hospital, every ten minutes ?. When I came to visit him on the following day, he looked as if somebody had tortured him. He was in great pain, but unfortunately it could be expected after such a surgery. Fortunately, I caught the doctor assisting during his surgery (Dr. Pantoflicek), for which I was glad very much. However, what he told me was not optimistic at all. The tumour was too big, they removed as much as possible of it, one could make perhaps even a ball from that. He had multiple liver metastases. The reply to my question how long my dad would live was crushing - from 6 weeks to 2 months, with chemotherapy circa a half of year.

A half of year with chemotherapy? To suffer, vomit, not to live in any respect at least little worthwhile life and a half of year???? So this is not the correct way, that I understood immediately. However, I have never given up, and that characteristic I have inherited just from my father. So I told him in the hospital that I knew about a certain preparation that could be perhaps efficient also against his illness. Meantime, I had found out more information about MMS, and before my dad was discharged from the hospital I had MMS prepared at home.

On 28 November 2010, my father took MMS for the first time. He started with one drop every two hours. It lasted for the whole week. The following week he took one drop every hour. The following week he took by one drop more, then again by one drop more, until he reached the protocol 2000 (10 hours per day 3 drops of MMS1 and 4 times per day one capsule of MMS2). He stayed there for the whole week, however, it was not possible for a longer time. He had nausea, his whole body was burning, he stayed in bed and my aunt called me that it was perhaps his end. So I went there with my husband. My dad looked really terrible. He was still skinny, tired, dead beat. However, I noticed a certain change. He had a peachy complexion. Yes, exactly such. In this respect he looked "healthy". I wanted to please him, so I said it to him. We discussed how to continue further. The way with MMS was not easy at all, my dad often hesitated. Preparing it every hour sometimes oppressed him psychically. Therefore, we started to prepare a daily dose in a bottle and divide it into ten portions. I also gave him good pineapple juice with which he diluted the solution, and it became easier immediately. It was very important that I suggested him the feeling that MMS is his ally, that they are fighting together against a big monster. And as my dad is a very upright man and is sometimes very outspoken, I knew that also in this case it would be necessary to choose really fitting shouts before taking MMS. I cannot perhaps specify it, it was really vulgar very much, but why, how it helped!!! Therefore, I would recommend to everybody strongly not to "caress" cancer. Swear at it very rudely, if you can, it has an unbelievably beneficial effect on the mind!

The time passed and my dad found his way and dosing that suited him. For a long time he was taking one drop of MMS1 every hour, ten times per day, plus a quarter of capsule of MMS2 four times per day. He tried to eat as healthy as possible and reduced smoking as much as his habit allowed him.
At the end of March, we were both already curious whether MMS helped him and in what manner. Therefore, I agreed with his general practitioner, the doctor Dr. Lacinova to whom I also have to thank very much for her willingness and care of my dad, upon the blood tests with focus on the oncomarker level. I called her in order to find out the results on 1 April 2011 and nearly had haemorrhage ?

His liver was negative, oncomarkers proving the large intestine cancer were negative. The doctor was silent for a while, she did not perheps believe it herself. Then she repeated again and again that it looked good, very good, that it looked really perfect.

Then I made a lot of phone calls quickly, the first person who learnt it was just my friend who had introduced MMS to us and helped us so much. Thank you, Pavel, very much! Then I called my dad immediately and he was afraid as it was the All Fools' Day. But yet it is no joking matter. My surprised aunt called me back if it was true, I assured her that yes, that they can celebrate. I wanted very much to shout it from the rooftops how powerful medicine exists here, what it can do. I called perhaps all people from my address book that my dad had overcome cancer without chemotherapy and any other available methods and medicines.
However, in a couple of days another apprehension appeared. What was actually my father's blood count before? We found out that we maybe rejoiced prematurely, as the level of oncomarkers from which the large intestine cancer can be determined was within standards also before his surgery, even if higher than after MMS, but the difference was very small. I immersed myself in all various information on the Internet, I called to the hospitals where my dad was hospitalized to receive various information. We needed the test for another type of oncomarker that must be conducted together with the test for the large intestine. During the following week they conducted some sampling for my dad. And now we already know the result.
In order you can understand it better, here is a small explanation. I do not provide any units, they are not important in this respect. I am describing it as a layman so that every person could imagine it.

The oncomarker proving the large intestinge cancer has the name C 19-9. Before his surgery, my dad had the level of 22.6. A healthy person can have the level up to 37. After the surgery and taking MMS, the level decreased to 22.34. As you can conclude yourselves, nothing what would predicate of his recovery.
The other onkomarker that should be measured at the same time with C19-9 has the name CA125. My dad had an increased level of it, the value was 49.6. The normal values are up to 35. And today? My dad's current value is 14!!!

In addition, bilirubin that had the value of 4444 and often predicates of a bad function of the liver, in my dad's case of multiple liver metastases (as I wrote that he was yellow everywhere - an increased bilirubin causes yellow skin), now he has the level of 8.4. The normal values are up to 24.
The whole blood count is negative, my dad is only missing a little of potassium, nothing that could not be resolved with a glass of fruit juice every day. We have already bought a juicer ?.

I am happy that I have my dad back, that he feels good and that it is again fun with him. We call to each other every day, we both already know that we must not lose a single day when we can exchange a few words.
I love you, "tatty", and I am proud of you that you have beaten that monster. I already think again that you are the strongest man in the world!

Finally, we have prepared a short interview for you, it will perhaps help you in many decisions and believing in MMS. Not only me, Dominika Waloszkova, but also my brave dad, Oldrich Kaspar, wish you good luck and especially health.

Was it a difficult decision for you to take MMS?

It was not a difficult decision for me. Anyway, I would not undergo chemotherapy as due to chemotherapy all my friends are dead and buried.

How did you endure it at the beginning?

At the beginning I endured MMS well. However, as I started increasing my doses, it became worse. At the moment when I reached the protocol 2000 and stayed there for the whole week, I was really feeling bad. I decreased my doses so that they would suit me. I have got used to it over time.

How did your food look like?

I ate really modestly. Vegetable, fruit, yoghurts, cheese, breads and rolls. Nearly any meat. I tried to eat as healthily and possible. At the beginning I had the appetite, for example, for streaky bacon and sausages. Gradually I have broken away from this habit and today I do not even miss it.

Did you feel any physical change after a certain time of the MMS treatment?

For me, MMS is a really miracle, I am not afraid of calling it like this. Every day I go walking, which did not crossed my mind before. I feel very well. If the weather permits, I spend the whole day outside.

Is it demanding to keep discipline and take MMS every hour?

I would say not. But I have to admit that at a certain moment it started upsetting me little, but a person can really get used to everything. I said to myself all the time: "MMS is my friend and we together will destroy that monster - cancer". At Christmas I also received from you, Dominica, a small angel that I have hung in the window and never taken it from there. I chatted with him several times per day.

How did you cope with nausea and did anything help you against it?

It was often very unpleasant, but I am sure that it cannot be compared with nausea and undesirable effects after chemotherapy. It encouraged me and knowing that I could bear nausea better. I have never left out any dose, I only perhaps decreased it. I had always black coffee prepared. A couple of sips were enough and nausea was over. It helped especially after the MMS2 tablets.

How do you feel now?

Today I feel as a healthy person. I do all works, I only avoid great stress. I view everything from a completely different perspective as before. I have a much greater regard for life. I have three grandchildren and it also makes me happy.

What did the information mean for you that your blood count is all right?

It was a shock for me. I learnt it on the All Fools' Day, so I hesitated a little bit (laughing). Than I only thanked to God for beeing lucky to take MMS. Of course, I have to thank to Jim Humble very much, and also to my daughter and son-in-law. And to my sister who took care of me with love, my niece and also Mr Pavel who always met with my daughter willingly and advised and helped us with MMS.

Will you continue with taking MMS?

I will certainly continue with taking it! I am convinced very much that it is a great medicine. Recently many people have asked me what I was taking and many of them would also try it. Only doctors talk them out of doing that. But I say that everybody can dispose of his health as he wants. Therefore, I took advantage of this free choice and do not regret anything.


MMS is Miracle. Send this text for more, more peoples, please!

Name: Robert F.


In March 2010 a 80 year old man was diagnosed with cancer stage 4.
I witnessed the medical consult and the man was told he has only two/three months to live.
I told the man I could help him and started the MMS1 protocol for cancer stage 4.

After 2 weeks taking MMS1 he felt much better and begin to gain weight again.He also started taking MMS2 four times a day.

Today April 30th. he feels better then ever before and gained over 10 pounds weight!! He should be dead by now..but no way thanks to MMS1 and MMS2.

I have mu own website for the dutch people.
You can read about Jim and MMS


Name: John W.

Dear Jim,

You remember the case of my dad, which I write to you a while ago. In his surgery for colon obstruction, the doctors found massive tumor grown through surrounding organs. They removed it but most his liver badly damaged. The surgeon not give him a good prognosis. He said if my dad took chemotherapy, he might live 6 months and with no chemotherapy, just six, eight weeks.

In December 2010, my dad decided to taking MMS and no chemotherapy. He started Protocol 2000. One drop of MMS1 every hour 10 hours a day and MMS2 capsule 4 times a day. The capsules just two thirds full. If he felt nauseous after third capsule, he didn’t take number four.
Now he is still with us two months later and managing very well. Full of energy, planning his life, going for walks nearly most days.

Today my daughter phoned me crying, she is so happy. She took my dad for tests when she found doctor to order them. My dad’s doctors refused to treat him when he refused chemotherapy.

Tumor markers – zero
Liver – completely clean, without any damage

He does not have cancer any more! I cried on the phone with my daughter and now I’m sending you a really, really big thank you! You saved her granddaddy and my dad!

We have all documentation and have it translated in English and send it.

Jim, thank you!

John W,
Czech Republic

Name: TY

Hi Jim & All...Please to send us the maintinance protocal using MMS1-MMS2..I personaly cured my wife's lymph-node cancer with MMS-1&2.. Doctors wanted to do Chemo & Rad,i did not take her. I followed your advice..cured in about 3 mons. God Bless you & all you do.. TY

Name: Andrew Hunter

Jim, I know of one person now who, thanks to my chiropractor, is now free of pancreatic cancer that was given 6 months to live.  He did it in four weeks on a basic protocol of MMS.   
I also wanted to mention a new way I take MMS.   I just got rid of big flu symptoms over night last night.   I mix up MMS in a shot glass.  Then I use an eyedropper to put it into veggie caps I buy. If you put MMS into empty caps, you will not experience discomfort.