Name: fukngeoo

I have this product bought it years ago.. and its not dangerous at all.. you can get the runs if you drink too much thats it. It cured my niece of an infection she had in her elbow. Doctors said they didn't know what kind of infection it was because no antibiotics were working.. and I gave her that and she drank it for a week and the infection just went away. This is misinformation on MMS. I SUGGEST PEOPLE TRY IT, IT CAN'T BE WORSE THAN WHAT BIG PHARMA GIVES US.

Name: Martin Guido

It cured me a severe infection inside my mouth some time ago. Search this video :Andreas Kalcker talks on IAMTV about chlorine dioxide use for covid 19

Name: One Republic

I took MMS for 6 months straight, closely following a treatment plan. After many years of meds, I became symptom-free after a week and stopped all meds. MMS cured my infection and a few other minor ailments I was dealing with. Yes, you should be cautious, making the solution requires some prep but generally very easy to do. You should test it in little doses first. So I do keep certain types of over the counter meds and some antibiotics, I do not believe one should just give it to someone, each adult should research this and make a choice.

Name: Cecilia Dresser

all i know it cured my flu twice. one day 8 hours. then i had a rash infection on leg for 20 years. 3 months with doctors. 3 different antibiotics. doctors even talked about amputation. 3 weeks with mms cream. all good now.
personal fact.

Long story short, my dog accidentally bit my finger while play biting the hose water shooting out during a bath on a Thursday. Sat comes along, finger pain is worse and swelling/redness not subsiding. I believe it was somewhat infected.  Soaked finger in a shot glass that had 4 activated MMS drops for 30 min... Put a bandage on Took bandage off after 10 min and infection/swelling went down. It had been swollen for days, and after 30 mins...gone..    

Name: Sky Family Connector

MMS works. Been studying and using it periodically for about 10 years. VERY IMPORTANT: Drink purified water between doses (and generally, STAY HYDRATED!! Proper hydration alone can add about 10 years to your life!!) NEVER NEVER mix it with purified water that has been OZONATED. There is something else VERY special and important about it concerning our DNA and the HeLa cell (This is a lengthy subject, but CRITICALLY IMPORTANT as well). Also note that some of the detractors (the honest ones, not the paid trolls) of mms don't realize that that there are different ways to make Chlorine Dioxide. MMS is NOT CLO2. It CREATES CLO2- (notice the minus symbol, this is a CRUCIAL distinction!). Also, please purchase from a reputable dealer; there is some fake mms out there. The one most impressive thing I personally experienced was healing a mouth infection which 2 dentists informed me was going to require a root canal. In three days my problem was completely healed. Price of root canal surgery would have been $1700 Price of mms doses used to heal my mouth was probably around 10-20 cents


I started taking MMS because I felt really bad with what I though was some sort of infection in my lower abdomen and I couldn’t get a straight answer or fast enough attention from my doctor. The doctor story is ridiculous, but another time…

A friend had sent me a cryptic email mentioning that MMS, which had been recommended by her naturopathic doctor, actually worked. I looked it up, it seemed too good to be true, but I got a bottle anyway and forgot all about it… MMS scared me.
When I got in trouble with the infection and the doctors where doing their usual “I’m-too-busy-to-see-you-too-bad-you-are-sick-can-you-come-back-in-fifteen days-for-some-tests” routine… I reached for the bottle of MMS.
I started with the regular protocol and reached six drops in a couple of days (his was maybe too fast, but I had a pressing issue, my infection. A post about my experiences with dosages is here.)

The awful pressure in my belly, of whatever infection I had, went away almost immediately when I started taking MMS, but after the first days of taking it, I was weak and fatigued so I reduced the dose to two drops a day for a few months. This was a suggestion of a naturopathic doctor (who uses MMS to clean out of heavy metals along with other methods.) For me, MMS worked in small doses as well, albeit slowly.

I progressively started feeling better and better. I was only taking the two or three drops at night, colloidal silver three times a day, and black cumin seed oil. Nothing else.

Then I got what the ex-army doctor at the regional clinic said was a nasty looking staph infection on my face (chin.) To me it seemed my body was just expelling toxins. The doctor was alarmed, wanted to inject me with antibiotics and put me under two more antibiotics at home and have me go next day for check up. This told me he wasn’t confident at all that the antibiotics would work on the staph infection. When I inquired he defensively said that infections were becoming resistant these days.

He even mentioned hospitalization.

He saw in my report that I was taking colloidal silver, MMS, and black cumin seed oil and became irritated, he said that this was no time to mess around that this was serious, and all the usual scare tactics.

This kind of doctor makes me lose my temper, usually, but this time I just requested that he didn’t use the injected antibiotics because I was “afraid or needles” (yeah right, but that went smoothly with him!) and that I’d purchase the prescriptions.

I went home, I did purchase the prescription antibiotics, but I never took them. I soaked my chin in a 10 drop MMS solution (plus 50 citric acid drops, wait three minutes, add water) instead and increased my intake dose to 10 drops.
In only two days my infection produced a “head” and in 4 days it was, undoubtedly, on its way out. In 6 days it was practically gone. Just a little red area remained. For the dreaded staph infection, not bad huh? The skin took a while to be completely normal but it did in the end.

This was no mild infection. I tried hard not to hear about the chunks cut off my neighbor’s shoulder, and the months of antibiotics, and all the other horror stories… Once I upped the MMS dose to 10 drops the staph infection was history and it took me only two days to be sure of that.

I’m still thinking about going back there and have a little discussion with the doctors especially if they are having problems eradicating these kind of infections… but will they listen?

Many months later, I’m still taking MMS, on and off, but still detoxing! I haven’t quite reached the 15 drop level but I’m fine with no nausea at the 10-12 drop… I’m in no hurry. I have more energy that I’ve had in years and I’m elated to have found MMS. I had given in to the idea that loss of energy was to be expected with aging and I realize now that that’s a myth. If you stay away from dead food and get help in fighting pathogens and parasites, you are full of energy! With the macrobiotic diet and MMS I feel very much empowered! People ask me and my husband what are we doing (he lost 22 lbs in three months without even trying, I lost about 13 lbs and we are both pretty close to the weight we had in our 20’s and 30’s.) We tell them, some of our friends are not a little skeptical about MMS, of course. And they think the diet is hard to mantain, but it hasn’t been. I feel confident that they have now tools within their reach. I hope they’ll use if/when they are ready. If they are in serious trouble and it comes from a microbe, a virus, or a parasite, MMS will work. I have zero doubts about that. The diet is just life giving. I now need to eat live foods! I’m not even attracted to the other stuff. It’s only hard for a couple or three months, after is just unthinkable to go back to the other food.

As of other “side effects” I dropped thirteen pounds, as I mentioned, I have no arthritic pain whatsoever, I stopped smoking, MMS made me feel super aware of the toxins I was inhaling, I enlisted the help of this book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, by Allen Carr; I’ve also stopped eating meat, gluten and dairy… My gums are miraculously healed, I never did need the surgery the doctor was anticipating, they actually have grown back down (meaning there’s bone growth???) I know it sounds crazy, but that the pockets in my teeth are pretty much gone is very well documented. It’s really fun to go to the dentist now and see them scratch their heads…
Herpes? Never even breaks out! I followed the skin protocol by Jim Humble and take MMS internally (at 10 drop level now.) I think it’ll be gone forever when I reach the darned 15 drops… I’ll report back.

As an aside, I’ve been in touch with Jim Humble via email. The guy exists, he’s for real and we OWE him BIG. I’ve read his book and pretty much everything else online. Here’s a good link for other people’s experiences with MMS.
Jim Humble’s own site is the best place to get all the information you need.


I have a small testimony to share. I had my nose pierced a few weeks ago. The past couple of weeks, it has been really sore, weepy, and red with infection. Yesterday I was going to take it out and let the hole close up, when I decided to apply some MMS and citric acid solution to the skin, inside and out. I can not believe it. This morning the swelling has gone and it is not oozy at all. Amazing!!

I am continuing to take 15-18 drops three times a day. Will let you know when I have some big results re the Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia back/neck pain etc.

Thanks guys for putting me onto this product. It was so great to catch up with you the other day, and I look forward to seeing you soon (with the rate I am using the MMS, I will need to come pick up some more citric acid soon

Hugs and Kisses,

Kaz Victoria


Sprayed CDS on an infected wound, and it cleared it up within the day. This stuff is great.

Aloha  I have had extensive dental work done in Mexico over this past year 2019. I am sharing what happened as it may be beneficial to some of you. The first trip entailed 9 extractions, 8 units of bone grafting, 5 implants and deep scale cleaning on the lower teeth. Shortly after I returned I felt pain on the upper left implant and saw white pus. I suspected there was a bacterial infection, let them know in Mexico and they suggested doing a round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, they didn’t work and so I proceeded for the next 2 1/2 months to do 2 more rounds without success and was concerned. I had heard of 2 other people here on Maui who had to have their implants removed from infection and was determined not to be one of the them. My husband and I set a very strong intention together for the best possible outcome and later that day was reminded by a friend of something that had been on my shelf for 8 years. So I decided to try the MMS (miracle, mineral solution) protocol for bacterial infection along with DMSO and over the course of 24 hours swishing 3x a day and it was gone. I continued to do it for another 2-3 weeks after just to make sure it never came back and was greatly relieved that it didn’t!! This has all been verified by the dentist along with x-rays proving it was/is completely gone. I actually found it hard to believe that something for only a few pennies per treatment, so simple to do,  got rid of it so quickly. Then the more I learned about it, it makes perfect sense.   Then a few months later made another major discovery and that is that DMSO with inflamyar (homeopathic cream) was able to immediately take away the crippling pain I had in my lower back. I have never had anything work so well. ( I have heard that this also works well with CBD oil.) Btw, the friend that reminded me of it no longer has melanoma cancer which is also verified.   I am eternally grateful to Jim Humble and everyone that has dedicated their lives to helping others with this!!

Name: Pamela Gerry

My 26 y.o. son had an infected finger that was pus-filled, red, hot , swollen, and there was a red line going from his finger to up under his arm pit. The nurse in me thought, "we gotta get to the ER fast !", but my knowledge of MMS effects, and my faith in God, caused me to hold off and quickly prepare a solution for him to soak his finger in. I added 30 drops mms in to 2 ounces water, and he soaked the finger for 2 hours while watching a movie. When we took the finger out of the solution, it was no longer swollen, hot, nor pus-filled, and the red line had dissipated from his elbow to the finger, and the line from elbow to up under his arm pit was much lighter. He could now bend his finger and his arm, and he couldn't before treatment, without much pain. We did this treatment 2 more times in the followoing 2 days, and had complete resolution. If we had gone to ER- he would've had IV antibiotics- (non-specific- they don't do cultures anymore), that may or may not have been relevant, oral antibiotics for 10 days, and a big $1,000 bill.

Name: Najere

I'm from malawi Lilongwe. In January 2016 (last week as i'm writing this) i woke one morning and i had body pains, headache and fever(38.5cc). i decided to go to the hospital to have my blood tested and see what was causing these things. I was informed that i had a bacteria infection and i was given an antibiotic injection and oral drugs which i was suppsed to take 12 hours after the injection. 4 hours after the injection nothing was changing at all. I then decided to start taking the two hourly dose of Calcium Hypochlorite. MMS2.approx. 500mg ( as I'm 90kg body weight) . Two hours later the fever was gone the headache had improved. i continued the treatment for the next eight hours. by the time i was going to bed the main thing was just that was feeling weak. i continued the dose the following day and things improved quite well. on the third day i just took one capsule in the morning and onther one in the evening. i decided to go back to the hospital on the third day to get my blood check again. these were my results before and after the treatment: WBC- before 10.1x103 UL , after 3d 7.4 x103/uL , Normal range 4.0-10: Gran% , before 84.6% after 3d 65.3% normal range 50.0-70.0% Gran# before 8.6x103/uL after 3d 4.8 x 103/uL normal range 2.0 -7.0. Take note that i did not take any of the oral medication which i was given to continue 12 hours after the injection. as i'm writing this i'm back on my feet feeling very health.

This is not the only thing. I had a toothache cleared within a day at some point ! with MMS2. This MMS thing really works!!

Name: Bob

My office manager had the misfotune of being bitten by her dog on the top of her hand. As it was her dog, she did not report the incident to any of the authorities. Two days later she had a significant infection. The top of her hand was quite red in color and very swollen.

 She visited her physician and received a course of antibiotics, that was to last for 10 days. I had mentioned to my office manager that I had a supply of MMS and that it would work to cure her infection should the antibiotics fail.

On day 9 of her course of treatment on antibiotics, it was obvious that the antibiotics had minimal impact. While the infection had not increased in size, it had not decreased either. Her hand was painful to move, and she had difficulty working with the pain in her hand.

On the last day of her antibiotic treatment protocol, she asked for my help. I taught her how to use MMS, and gave her a set of bottles for her use.

The next day she returned to work with most of the infection gone, no pain, her scab from the bite had sloughed off, and she could use all of her fingers easily.

She continued the use of MMS over the weekend, and on the next Monday, there was no sign of infection, no redness, no swelling, and she was cured.

This showed to all of my office staff the effectivemess of MMS, and they all became believers. I then taught all of my other employees how to use it for the various problems that they had with family members.

All in all, a very satisfying ending to a problem that antibiotics could not solve.

Name: vasilios koumentakis
Location: Greece

Female 65 year old patient with a mastectomy, there was a fistula and accompanied pain in the infected area for over 3 years. All antibiotics that were prescribed proved ineffective. 3 days after MMS therapy(2 activated drops x 3 times a day topically), showed zero population in the microbe culture. Doctors could not believe in their eyes. All the following testing were of the same results. I repeated the treatment in a man 60 years old suffering from reumatoid arthritis and was also successful.

With respect,
Dr Vasilios Koumentakis (MD AM)
Crete -Greece

Name: Roxanne cross
Location: United Kingdom (UK)

I want to share my testimonial here for bladder infection. My doctor gave me antibiotics for 5 days. I took 5 drops of mms solution with 25 drops of lemon juice and the infection was gone overnight. I also suffer from diabetes and hyper tension, so I wii now be taking 5 drops every day regularly to see if I can reduce my sugar level an hyper tension.

Name: Alan
Location: Mexico

This person was severely biten by a drugadict who bited his midle finger and no one could get this guy to stop the bite. They had to punch him in his face for him to let go the hand of the poor man. He went to the hospital with his hand suolen and his biten finger in a complete painful way. The hospital gave him iv antibiotics but they did not help. After a week the woind was worst and they told him that he was surely going to lose his finger because was getting gangrene. This person went to a veterinarian friend of mine and asked her for help . She called my girlfriend who had the mms drops once i gave her and told her if she could aply the drops to de wound. My friend went with her with the mms and the citric acid and applied it to the finger of the person who by the way was having a heavy stinking odour. The thing is that she forgot to desolve it and applied it directly to the poor persons finger and he started screeming like hell fir about 10 minutes . But after this ten minutes the pain was gone and incredibly the wound was totaly closed and looked like scared. Next day he came again with out pain with just a litle open in the wound and asked to put some more drops,wich my friend did. INCREDIBLY the finger was saved of amputation and you can not see but a small scar were the wound used to be. Thank you jim humble. In the name of this unknown person.

Name: Pat Lee
Location: Canada

I got scratched by an infected child while administering therapy. The child broke my skin on my forearms, and thus began a two recurring battle with impetigo. I tried oral antibiotics, antibiotic creams (prescription), oregano oil, cell food drops, bleach, lavender oil, tea tree oil, an electronic gizmo that altered your ph on the wrist, and naturopathic remedies (undas and other homeopathic remedies by a naturopath. The latter helped to a great extent but did not render me clear permanently. Whenever my immune system dipped (ran too hard, didn't sleep well, travelled and got too tired) my impetigo would flare up. Finally I came across MMS on a website, bought some, and began the old protocol of 4 drops twice a day. I don't know exactly when my bloodstream began to be clear of the staph, but at some point 4-6 weeks, I permanently got rid of this pathogen in my system. It's been over a year now with no recurring infections. I am so very happy to have my life back. After spending over a thousand bucks on naturopathy, I later discovered my naturopath did indeed sell MMS but didn't think to use it with me!

Location: America / United States


Name: Teo
Location: Mexico


I wanted to share our experience with MMS. While living in the Yucatan, my girlfriend was bitten by a spider in 3 locations on her body one night in her sleep. She had normal swelling and itching similar to an insect bite, but the bite locations formed a head similar to a pimple, and would not go away. My girlfriend started feeling worse and worse each day, and then complained of muscle pain, and weakness. She started to develop hives on her body globally and was experiencing much pain. I took her to a local clinic but they only treated teh symptoms and gave her pain killers, and an injection of anti-histimines to help with the hives.

During this phase, we believe the Staph infection was able to gain hold and begin spreading in her body. After 3 days of worsening conditions, I took her to a general hospital in a town about 1.5 hours away from our home. They ran some blood tests and her white cell count was 50,000 or 5 times the normal levels indicating a massive infection. After about a week of testing, they finally put her on antiboitics via an IV.They seemed to have little effect.

I was searching and talking to people when I discovered MMS. I was able to get some in the local town, and smuggled it into the hospital. I began administering protocal 1000 to her and she started to recover. She was in hospital for 3 weeks. and our doctors confided in us that they could not believe she had recovered as quickly as she did and how fast her white blood cells returned to normal levels. She experienced NO DIAHREA or stomach pain with the MMS. Thank you Jim, and the rest of the team that is making this information and remedy availble. I read about the Daniel Smith story, the FDA thug tactics, confiscations, seizures, and it makes my bllod boil. The allopahic medicine solution is NOT the only way, and we are blessed to have found MMS. We tell everyone who will listen and we encourage you to do the same. Peace and love, teo and Val in Mexico.

Name: Rebecca
Location: America / United States

Dear Jim,
My grandson became ill with a fever and I noticed the inside of his eye was infected; also at the inside base of his nose. He had a large red and white pimple in both areas; I guess it could have been stys too. Anyway, I made a twenty drop solution and took a cotton ball and placed in on both areas for 20 minutes. I did this three times before he went to bed. The next day it was gone. MMS works!

In another instance my grandson had a planters wart on the bottom of his foot. The doctor tried to freeze it but it didn't work. I was told he would have it for a very long time and the treatment was not gauranteed. They told me that it had rooted deep and that was that. So, I decided to make a 20 drop solution and spray the bottom of his foot every night before his went to bed. I don't remember how long it took maybe a couple of weeks but the planters wart is gone, there is no sign that it ever existed, not even a scar!

Name: Tobias Laube
Location: Spain

Ear-Piercing Infection on outside Ear Helix
Infecciòn de un Piercing en la Oreja en la Helix

Before / Antes

-After two days using topical activated MMS (20 drops)

 -Despues de dos dias de aplicar MMS activado topical (20 gotas)

Tobias on Steve Lodge Gonzalez
Jan. 2014

Name: Tobias Laube
Location: Spain

A TETANUS Infection through a Dog Bite - Not Vaccinated-

This is a Report of a MMS Treatment guided by Tobias Laube about Gregory Paul Whaling who had been infected by Tetanus.

"Last Week Wednesday afternoon, my Mate Gregory, told me that he got bitten into his leg by a Dog.

Sunday morning I get a call form his girlfriend telling me that Gregory is very ill and cant move.
I instantly drove to her place and saw Gregory in bed, sweating like coming out of a sauna.
The bite wound grew big. He was shivering and sweating like hell.
I instantly saw a TETANUS infection.

Gregory refuses to go to hospital, always has done, doent take antibiotics like other people as soon as their toe starts itching and has not been vaccinated since decades.

He has a very strong, good Opinion against Vaccines. He does not take any kind of Modern Medicine.

(TETANUS is highly dangerous though, has a incubation period of 3-7 days and can quickly lead to Death !
Surviving Tetanus completely untreated, can cause severe cardiovascular damage.)

Tetanus started to get severe and Gregory began to have cramps over the whole body, contractions in is face, lock-jaw and started screaming of pain. Violant vomiting and drooling. His spit was green and his eyes were rolled back. Periods came where everything stopped for a while and he calmed down and fell asleep. In the meantime i instantly started with a intense MMS treatment for drinking, prepared a very high dose for topical application.

I increased the dose, did further whole body MMS+DMSO spraying especialy on the Immune System “headquarters”- Spine/Toncils/Kidneys/Stomach. Where the Arteries where, to get the Mineral into his bloddstream quicker.
After every whole-body spraying, his entire body started to go into spasms.

It looked like an Exorcism!

He than began whispering that the exterior application was doing him well. So we continued. He was visibly improving step by step. After 10 Hours Treatment we changed to start giving him high doses of Vitamin C – 4 gram Steps.
11 pm came, I said I'll stay over night . During the night he head heavy coughing,

At 8 am he was amazingly better.

All symptoms gone down to approx. 3%. Now he was just massively tired and exhausted.

I told him we continue with high Vitamin C untill the point of diarreha.
This indicates that the 100% of Vitamin C demand per day of the human body has been achieved.

In the afternoon he was up on his feet again and well.

Thuesday, when I passed by his place, he was fit like usual, just slight energy deficient.
Gregory recovered from Tetanus to 98% again in only 32 Hours.

Modern Medicine can NOT do that. Besides, the heavy Antibiotics and the Vaccine would have caused heavy Side-Effects.

MMS & DMSO + high doses of pure Vitamin C have completely killed Tetanus!

The next day we arranged some training again 7 o’cklock in the morning, like usual.

Tetanus is lethal to the human Body. But when you respond fast enough, MMS can be more lethal to the Tetanus Bacteria."

(August 2012)

Tobias Laube about Gregory Paul Whaling

Name: Mel
Location: Canada

Absolutely, I am a huge, massive advocate of MMS. I have suffered intensely under doctor's care for 3 decades and they nearly killed me 2X because they honestly didn't have a clue of what to do so they pushed about 15 different prescriptions from anti-depressants to beta blockers to methadone,  for 2 decades and I lost organs due to their recklessness and carelessness. I would have taken away all of their licences all 80 doctors that supposedly provided health care to me.  So, MMS, is pretty well the only thing I take now if I get even the slightest cold, and type of recognized infection in the body from cough to chills and shivers to urine infection (with uva uva combined) just for extra percaution for the urine.... anyway the chit is the BOMB, which means it is the best and most cheapest effecient and effective way to treat your body. I haven't been to the doctor's now for 2 years!!! But here this the last time I was there, the pinhead told me my beauty marks are signs of cancerous cells awakening? What a moron..... lol

Name: ALX

I punctured my heel on a rusty metal bolt in a boat while in the Amazonion jungle with no medkit. A friend who i was with, introduced me to MMS. The puncture in my heel was the size of a dime. It had turned black and green slime had started to form, always being infested by some flying bug. I made a 10 drop solution and used my toothbrush to clean all the gunk out. My heel eventually healed. Also became very sick due to the mosquitos, couldn't eat and was very dizzy, feverish. 15 drop dose of MMS, woke up in the night and expelled both ends. Felt back to proper health the next morning! I don't want to know what would of happened if my friend didn't have MMS with him.. Thank you all.

Name: Jude
Location: America / United States

Hi Myrla and Al, I am writing to tell you what MMS did for Josh. Late last fall Josh had his gall bladder removed, also while he was in the hospital they removed a cyst, the size of a pea, from his chest. He returned home with MRSA, a staff infection,Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium with antibiotic resistance, that he contracted at the hospital. For 3 weeks it continued to get worse until the hole in his chest was an inch or so deep. You could put your finger, up to the first knuckle in it. They (the hospital) told him to soak gauze in peroxide and stuff it back into the hole. He continued to do this for weeks and it just got worse. He called and told me how bad it was so I went over to the house to see. When I saw this gaping hole I almost started crying. I couldn't believe what I saw. I told him to stop putting the peroxide in there. I took the MMS and sprayed it into the hole, then put the gauze back in. He did this several times a day. After 3 days it started to close. In one week it had almost healed completly.  

Two weeks ago he was out in the yard and was covered with ticks, brown ticks, deer ticks, and turkey mites,a hundred or more. It took over an hour to get all the ticks off. The turkey mites were something else. They lay eggs under your skin and you can't get them out. Josh became extremely sick, to the point of not being able to talk or get out of bed. I thought he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I really thought he was dying, he thought so too. He said,"Mom, go get Abbey, I've got to see her because I think I'm dying and I'm never going to see her anymore." Thats when I started giving him the MMS,every hour for 8 hours, every day. After the first day he was sitting up on the side of the bed. The next day he was up walking around. By the third day he was back to his old self. He also was covered with poison ivy, he had blisters all over his legs, hands and between his fingers,that was cleared up the next day.All the tick bites cleared up too. Please don't think I'm crazy, this really works. MMS kills everything in the body that is not supposed to be there, it doesn't harm any of the good bacteria or flora, only parasites and all the bad stuff in you. Maybe it can help Keith too. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I love you and will ask God to help him. God does miracles but sometimes he uses our hands.   

This is a letter I wrote to my aunt in 2011 about my son Josh and every word of it is true. I believe Josh would have died without MMS. My youngest son Jared has today been diagnosed with hepitis were trying it again. Say a prayer. Your friend Jude in Kentucky.  

Love Judie

Name: Sigrid Beckman
Location: Netherlands

From 2006 to 2012 my jaws suffered a huge infection. I had 13  operations on my jaws where bone and tissue was remooved . I suffered immense pain in mouth and face amd pain trying to speak.

On september 6 I drink my first dose of 10 activated drops MMS,one hour after the next up to 5 times that day.Like Claras protocol just more drops activated MMS and more times a day.Within 3 days i stopped taking the prescribed heavy painkiller.

I come back myself thanks to MMS.

I am gratefull to MMS

Thank you Jim Humble.Love and Light to you all!

Name: Judith
Location: America / United States

I have a condition where I have severe bone loss in the upper part of my mouth that has brought about a related problem that no longer protects me, and is constantly letting in bacteria into parts of my upper mouth and body that cause these constant infections. I was told by two specialist medical doctors that without an operation to repair the bone and tissue loss, the infections would not only get worse over time but those infections would cause my premature death.

Even when I had health coverage the HMO's would not cover the operation I needed. I have been suffering with constant infections that only antibiotics can heal. Without them I am in a battle for my life. Often I either did not have health coverage or many doctors did want to give out antibiotics anymore because of the resistance factor and then they go ahead charge me after leaving me helpless.

Twice I went to the hospital with serious infections was denied antibiotics, & sent a huge bill I could not afford. After I just kept getting more and more ill without the antibiotics I needed, only to end up in a coma and almost died.

Not anymore! If I even begin to feel like I am getting another serious infection, I take the MMS and in no time I am well, no more hospital bills, no more doctors who put my life in more danger and then bill me for it, and no more antibiotics.

I cannot even count the times in the last 5 years, Master Mineral Solution (MMS), that used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement has saved my life. Doctors almost killed me more than 2X. And I have friends that have brought me every natural product they thought might work, trying so hard to save my life. Through them, I have tried everything from Colloidal Silver, vitamins, nutrients, products to neutralize my system or to cleanse my system and nothing worked except antibiotics until I found MMS.

Getting these infections became a battle for my life. That was until 5 years ago when I found MMS. To all those who want to tell others that, "this product is so dangerous and toxic (in the amounts prescribed by Mr. Humble in his books to overcome certain bad health conditions)", you have never been ill with something very serious and subject to the medical system making you worse and then charging you outlandish fees. making you not only sick but poor too!

I am still here because of MMS, and yes that is TOXIC, to the MEDICAL FIELD AND BIG PHARMA, CERTAINLY NOT TO ME OR I WOULD NOT BE HERE ESPECIALLY AFTER 5 YEARS OF USING the MMS that critics call Toxic!

Name: Donna Collins-Yamini
Location: America / United States

I do not have an ear drum in my left ear. It ruptured years ago when I had a bad ear infection. Prior to using MMS I averaged 8 ear infections a year.

So here is what happened - I had just found out about MMS. I was away from home - on a business trip - I could feel the infection coming on - by the time I flew home I could just barely hold my head up. I started the MMS using it every 3 hours from the moment I got home. By the end of the day the pain was relived. I followed the same protocol the second day - as I could still feel it itching - sorta driving me crazy. Generally I would be in pain several days when on 500 mg penicillin and would have to take it 7 days sometimes even longer. 

Here is the wildest part - on the third day - I woke no itching, no pain, and was totally amazed. I went to the bank and as I walked in my ear made a loud noise as I walked towards the teller and all of the sudden it burst and water gushed out of my ear - every teller screamed in this little bank - it was like someone had hit me with a water ballon - water went every where, soaking my hair and shirt. 

Now my ear has ruptured many times in my life but this was the first time there was no blood, no infection, no pain - just water poured out. The MMS in 2 days had cleared out the infection. 

All this was on a Saturday. On Monday I went to my ear doctor - just to have him check on it. Much to my surprize upon examination he said "well it looks like you may have had something a week or two ago but it is all healed and just a bit pink".    

That was 3 years ago - I have not taken penicillin since. MMS is how I keep healthy now.

Name: Sigrid Beckman

Beloved Jim Humble!

Thank you for MMS.

From 2006 to 2011 I suffered enormeous pain caused by an infection in my jaws.The jawsurgeon removed bone and tissue in 11 times operating on my jaw.I took heavy paracetamol with codeine and felt pain so much i could hardly articulate,speak.The infection would persist and jump through my jaws.On 6.September i took first MMS 10 drops-4 times a day.Within 3 days i stopped the painkillers.I became able to open my mouth again and speak well and laugh.No pain.The swelling in my mouth from the operating melts away.......I am very gratefull for MMS !

In 2006 the first operation they remooved a cyste and put Amalgam in my jaw.I got very ill.3 months after they remooved the Amalgam and put some other stuff they use for people allergic to Amalgam.Now my question,if they forgot tiny amount of Amalgam will the MMS be able  to get it out of my jaw,body,system?

What is the best way for me to take MMS?

I love the tubbaths!

Love to you and all!


Sigrid Beckman

Name: zorho
Location: United Kingdom (UK)

my partner of four years was recently diagnosed with Staphylococcus, she successfully treated it with mms, and surprisingly got pregnant, not that she was looking forward to having a baby, but she has not had any form of contraception for the last three years and she never for once got pregnant in any of those three years. and this is not even the best or worst part of the story depending on whose side you are on, she is expecting a twin baby as if a baby is not disastrous enough to drive one mad, omg, i need a long holiday.

Name: Les Barley

MMS is amazing for skin infections, which I have often been prone to. I woke up two years ago with a tiny red granuloma (benign) on my mouth. If I pricked it with a needle, it would gush and gush blood, as if a major artery had terminated on my face. Could not get rid of it. One day I nuked the thing with a couple drops of MMS in a tiny bit of water (I may have even done full strength). It instantly cauterized it. A couple days later, just to be thorough, I peeled off the tiny fleck of scab/skin and reapplied the MMS. It had not come back.

i had a really advanced papalomoyo(LEISHMANIASIS) on my leg about 5x5 cm round and deep wound.

i tried with everything the local people told me to put on it, plants roots, to drink sorosi hombre grande, red head etc. i tried a cream which one local guy produce which smells like sulfur. nothing works. it was getting deeper and bigger and at other places of my body were coming spots. i get scared and went to the clinic where they wanted to give me injections of mercurio !!!

i asked arround and someone told me about MMS. I met evi and she explained me how to apply it on my leg external and how3 to dosify internal. i took 3 drops every hour 8x a day and spray the wound perhaps a 20 times a day. it tooks only 4 days to dry the wound to close it slowly!!! after 2 weeks it was GONE.

it is amazing how it works so quickly.
Thank you so much

Name: Vanessa R.

i had a Papalomoyo in the inside on my right leg and couldnt get rid of it.
it is leishmaniasis and i searched in the internet for help.
i didnt find anything helpful. i met a taxi driver here and he told me
to try MMS.
after 2 days it was better and after 2 weeks it healed completly.
i just used 10 drops MMS and 10 drops acid citric added 200ml of water
and filled it in a spray bottle
i sprayed it on the leg every hour. until it was completely healed.

Name: shannon

I have used mms, with no side effects at all. MMS cured a serious infection that i had. Many of my friends have started taking MMS with amazing results.

Name: hans2009

Despite what people say about MMS, I have been cured by MMS from an tropical infection. It started with a tine wound on my foot. The next day my foot was swollen and the lower part of my leg turned red. I have to admit that I use an anti-biotic creme on the wound. In addition I started taking MMS, 3 drops every hour. The next day I reduced the MMS to 3 drops every few hours. The infection cured completely and I am sure it would never cured without MMS.

Name: Patricia Maureen Caterer
Location: Canada


A few months ago I had a sinus infection for about 6 weeks. I tried 2 rounds of anti-biotics, various nasal sprays, netty pot. I think the anti-biotics made it worse as I believe it was a fungal infection. After a few hours of taking MMS it started working, cleaning it up. My 13 yr old son was a witness, so last week when he woke up with symptoms of a cold he took it and within a few hours felt better. He kept taking it throughout the day and it was gone. Usually it takes him 10 days to get over a cold. He was so happy as summer is here and he has things to do!

We are so relieved to have found is so inexpensive and very, very effective.

Name: Luc
Location: Belgium

Hi All,
I know about MMS for quite some time already. But 1 1/2 week ago I got a tooth and gum problem. After a party I got home and suddenly got terrible pain on my right upper back teeth and gum. I started to use MMS protocol 1000. After 3 hours of pain it suddenly stopped. I rinsed and cleaned with toothbrush as said in the Jim's text on these kind of problems. One teeth was loosened in the gum and now is steady again. I still need to go another 1 1/2 week continuing the protocol but am confident that I be fine in the end. Thank you Jim !

Name: W. Wilson
Location: Canada

I have had kidney infections since I was a child and created stones all the time.  Have had 6 stones blasted with lithotrypsy and passed a few as well.  Now at 60 they say it is time to have the kidney removed because it is only working at 34% and it has been causing constant bladder infections.  I would take antibiotics for 5-7 days and the infection would be gone only to re-occur with in 5-6 days.  This has been happening for about a year.  I was booked to have my kidney removed on the 27th of May 2011.  A friend told me about MMS and I started it just weeks before the surgery.  Since taking it 3.5 weeks ago I have not had another infection.

It had started to come back a couple of days after starting the MMS but was suddenly gone and has not returned.  I saw my specialist a few days ago and he said if I was having no pain and no infections then we could wait to remove the kidney.  He was quite interested in what I was taking. He looked up your site while I sat there and bookmarked it so he could look later.  He was surprised at the cost and said he had patients that spend more than that a month for medications.  I think he just might try it himself!  I will up date when I hear anymore or if I end up with the surgery.  Somehow I don't think I will have any more problems with the infections.  Thanks to my friend and to Jim and MMS I am infection free right now.

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