Skin problem

Name: Gareth

Hi, my 7 year old son developed a skin condition called molluscan contagiosum.

My wife took him to the Dr's who's diagnosis was this..and he said as it a virus there isn't nothing they can do , it will clear up on its own within 18 months to 10 year's.

I got in touch with Jordan who advised me to do the bath protocol which we did..3 weeks.later totally cleared up..

The condition is in the pox family of viruses and is lethal once popped it just spreads.

Thanks to the g2 church guys

Love and peace

Gareth uk

100% clear.

Name: Vaughn Raup

Dear Jim and Genesis II bishops, In October 2014, I had terrible skin eruptions in which huge areas on my shins turned purple and were extremely itchy. I also had symptoms of dizziness and extreme weakness. My sister-in-law, who is knowledgeable in the medical field said it was cellulitus and I should see a doctor immediately because it is very serious. I started the 1000 protocol (it took 3 days to get to the 3 drop per 4 oz. level). The itchiness was terrible so I tried the mms bath protocol at a little higher dosage of 3/4 tsp per bath and removed the itchiness completely for 6-8 hours at a time and I took one 20-30 minute very warm bath per day. In one week I was healed. The nasty huge purple patches disappeared and I feel completely well again. MMS saved me as I was in serious trouble and I knew it! Your remedy is a blessing Vaughn Raup Pennsylvania

Name: Jeff Sonders

I've been applying the MMS directly on my occasional small (less than 1 inch dia). skin cancer tumors of the basil or Kerotosis type and it kills the cancer cells and the tumors slowly disappear in about a week or two. Using Noxema to help clear away the dead cells helps for faster healing. It has not stopped them from forming but I can get rid of them as they pop up. Have not taken internally. I have killed about 20 tumors so far. If I did not have this, I would be covered with crusty skin cancer spots.
It also works on warts. Takes while but it does work.

Name: Doris Prince

Greetings to all those who have concerns with an insect or other bites!

I was recently bitten on the "baby toe" by a 1 1/2 inch  Scorpion! The smaller, the more potent the sting!

 I was in a poorly lit room, and going to walk out the back door, when I felt like a needle had gone into my toe...  I imediatly felt like I was recieving an electric vibrating shock in that very spot on my toe.  I flipped on the light and there was that little scorpion!  I stepped on it immediately so it wouldnt get the chance to hurt anyone else in my family!  I swiftly walked across the room and into the kitchen.  I opened up the refridgerator for my bottle of CDS!  I poured 1 cup into a bowl and placed 4 ice cubes in to keep it all very cold.  I put my foot into that bowl and kept it covered with the icy CDS solution for at least one hour.  I sat there in the kitchen and read while feeling the Vibrating Electric feeling in my toe.  Soon as I felt enough time was spent, I scooted across the room with my foot still in the bowl, and pulled out the diatameous earth.  I then got some more cold CDS, pouring maybe 1/2 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon D.Earth.  What ever the amounts are so there is a thick paste.  I dried off my foot and applied this to the area that I was bitten, then wrapped it with a CDS moisteded light weight strip of white old cotton  Tshirt, and wrapped that in a plastic bag so there would be no dripp or mess... I went to bed and rested. The shocking feeling never left that very place on my toe that I got bitten!  I went sleep easily with no pain. In the morning there was no way to find where I got hurt the night before!

One of my friends said someone she knows was bitten by a scorpion, and hurried to the hospital.  The bite was on her foot, and the pain was traveling up her leg!  They told her that the antidote would cost 3 thousand dollars.  She went home hurting.  A child that was bitten was affected through her whole body with trouble in her eyes.

I am so very thankful I had CDS ready with the ability to think fast and take care of myself.  

Hurrah !!!

Thank you Tons... Jim Humble       

Name: Sammie Smith

I had what I thought was Morgellons for 13 years, but found out that I was suffering from heavy metal posioning, and I am using Dr, Amin's protocol from  During the detox, my body began to shed damaged and destroyed skin.  It was alarming and I thought I might be getting sicker instead of getting well, in addition, I had lots of open wounds.  I begain using MMS per protocol for skin and it was amazing!  It kept infection away, it hastened the shedding of dead tissue and dried up oozing.  I tried MMS topically in the past with limited sucess, probably because I was so toxic the skin problems were overwhelming.  However, now that I am recovering the MMS is imperative and miraclous!  I use MMS on my skin and, teeth, water and for cleaning and sanitizing everywhere I can, as often as I can.

I LOVE MMS and pray for continued success to all in the MMS congregation.



Name: Chris Apao

My husband had an extreme skin problem, caused (we think) by a toxin build-up.  We had a machine shop and used waste transmission oil for our machines.  One week after getting some oil from a local and different source, he broke out in a small skin rach on his shins, this spread to a full rash on his whole legs.  Then it showed up everywhere on his body except his mid and lower back and face. Now I am not talking about a slow increase, I am talking about a lightning fast attack on his body.  A few hours from first itchy bump to full leg coverage, and the next morning it was a full body experience.

Every part of his body acted in a different way... water filled bubbles on the bottom of his feet, cracking and weeping patches on his arms, neck and upper chest, red burning or itching patches of red everywhere else.  And then there were the boils.... 40 -50 at any one time!!!

We went through all kinds of surface treatments for about 4 months and finally it went away..

Two months later it was back.  Again with everything we could think of to treat it. And it lasted for 5 months.

I learned about MMS after the last infection was over and purchased some.

Three months later it started up again, but this tims I was ready!

I gave him the 6-6 protocall three times that first day. I did the same the next day but didn't really need to, because it was already nearly gone!

A year after and it never came back.

I don't really know what it was... disease from some kind of bacteria that was in the oil, or toxins that had built up over years and the oil was the final straw, but the MMS put it down in a spectacular way!

Name: Atencio Lopez

My name is atencio Lopez I live in Toronto Canada. I was dioagnosed three years ago with Lichen Planus. After visiting several dermatlogists they desided to put me on steroids. Due to my financial situation I bought the ointment only once I was suppouse to use it for a long period of time. Almost a year later a good friend of mine who was using MMS gave me a small bottle but I did not use it properly, a year later I decided to use MMS and even if I was not doing the treatmen the way it was suppouse to I started seeing results, until the marks under my armpits and the pubic area disappear

Name: Ralf

Two weeks ago I got a thorn from cutting garden roses quiet deep into the skin of my thumb, that I could not pull off. After a few days the spark where the thorn was located turned completely black about 2 or 3 Millimeter in diameter, the area around it of 2 Centimeter in diameter would turn red and started to hurt. From past experiences with toxemia blood poisoning I was urged by my wife to see a doctor immediately. But then I remembered MMS. I made a 3-drop solution plus 3 drops of DMSO and dipped my thumb into it for about two hours on three days in a row. The pain and red skin diappeared within the fist session. A week later the black spark came off all by itself like a piece of dead skin. It appears the thorn is gone. 

Name: Ben Andriessen

Four weeks ago my wife experienced a wasp sting on one of her toes. The toe went into a kind of anaphalectic reaction with swellings, redness up to the calf, very painful, several blisters and severe itching. I applied Aloe Vera Gelly, which cooled it down and bought some antihistamine tablets from the drugstore....which did nothing.

After 2 days, the dctor prescribed antibiotics and stronger anti histamines, which still did nothing to alliviate the swelling/redness/itchiness. Then, just before bedtime,  I remembered MMS. I made a 3-drop solution, soaked a gauze in it, wrapped it around the affected area and placed  a piece of  plastic on top of the wet gauze, to allow for maximum impact.. I left it overnight and the following morning all redness had gone, the blister had gone, as well as some top skin layer. Also the swelling was much less and after a few days disappeared altogether. We were both amazed and yet not too surprised....!!

Name: Wendy

I had an itch inside of my ear but what is considered in medical terms to be the outer ear.  I am guessing it was a mild  fungus.  I put up with it for about 6 months.  I would scratch until it was raw and then it would crust over. 

One day I decided to try my quality aloe lotion on it.  That would take the itch away for a few days but it always returned.  So I made a 6-drop dose of activated MMS in I think it was 1 cup of water.  I dipped a Q-tip into that and really rubbed it rigorously into the skin of my ear. 

The next day my skin was dry and  flaky and the following day it was smooth and has been  smooth and non-itchy ever since, which it's been about a month.  I decided to use that same solution as an underarm deodorant, using a cotton ball for application.  I showered but avoided washing my armpits for 2 1/2 days.

My poor husband was the guinea pig for sniffing them.  He said they were fine.  Normally I am not a strong underarm b.o. type of person, but if I don't use deodorant, I will have a mild smell at the end of the day, so I think this was a great experiment and I am confident this is a good natural deodorant solution for me.____

The more dramatic skin testimony is I had a seborrheic keratoses, I think it was called, on my left upper arm.  A dermatologist 20 years ago told me it was noncancerous, and I had a dermatologist in 2011 tell me the same. 

I didn’t want to deal with getting it frozen or cut off, so I never got around to doing anything about it, though I was self-conscious because it was about the size of a kidney bean and ugly… dried out looking and on the gray-brown side. 

I bathed in MMS about 5 times, not every day, but almost every day.  Well, I felt it kind of tingle when I got out of the tub, so I scratched it.  It disintegrated like fine sand.  Then I picked the final bit off, leaving a small raw area.  It has healed and not given me any issues since, and this happened in the Spring of 2011.  I am thrilled.____

I also felt conjunctivitis (pinkeye) coming on.  I washed my eye out a few times with my maintenance dose and it never came on full blown.  I have had pinkeye enough times to know that unmistakable pain that strikes before the redness, itching, and goop set in.

Name: Jay Ranger


MMS works wonders!

I have received a bad case of poison oak while hiking in southern California. After a week, my feet and lower legs swelled. I decided to treat with MMS by spraying on the skin. After two days of doing so, the swelling was completely gone and the redness was reduced down below the surface of the skin. Itchiness was temporarily stopped, and I used poison oak calming lotion thereafter to keep itchiness at bay.