Hi there, My partner has a Kidney transplant of twenty years now and she regularly takes CDS for various things like urinary tract infections and to nip colds and flues in the bud. She has numerous blood tests and they can detect antibiotic like activity. Her transplant was under stress five years ago and deteriorating, but since CDS/MMS she has become very stable and the doctors are very happy with her progress. At twenty years she is now one of the longest in New Zealand. Before CDS/MMS, the use of antibiotics always had a bad effect on her health. She would have to rest for two days after one good day out. Now she never needs rest days at all. I make the CDS as she prefers it to MMS, as we both did the old high dose protocols and she got heartily sick of the MMS -citric acid taste. She now is up early, rides her horse, walks the dogs an average of 6 kms a day and cooks the evening meal. Every day!!! So from five years and first hand experience with MMS/CDS, we know that it is very beneficial and does not interfere with transplant drugs. Hope this helps.

Rev Phil

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my latest experience. I live in Jakarta Indonesia and it's very hot and humid here. I have been using a fragranced alcohol based under arm deodorant spray that has worked fine for me here for almost 2 years. The other day however, I started to get a rash in my left arm pit and it seemed to be getting worse day by day as I used my normal deodorant. So one morning last week I decided to try using my mms skin spray which is a 10 drops per once solution. I sprayed each arm pit as I normally do at about 5am. I then went to work - I'm a school teacher here, teaching English. It happened to be my big day of the week which is I leave at 6am and get back home at 9:30pm - so that's 15.5 hours. During the day the AC was off at times in my classrooms or weren't sufficient to properly cool the rooms I teach in because it's been rather hot lately. During my evening classes at one time the power went off for about 45 minutes and it really got hot and I sweated quite a bit.

So how did the mms work you ask? Absolutely NO smell. I couldn't believe it and thought there must be something wrong with my nose so I asked my wife to please smell my arm pits for the sake of humanity and experimentation - but she declined :( . Later she did kind of smell from a distance and said she couldn't smell anything.

I told my dad about it and he suggested that I see how long it would last on just the one morning spray. I told him that, for the sake of humanity and experimentation I would do just that (to the dismay of my wife :) ) Guess what, after 2 full days (and no shower during that time either :ohmy: ) there was still NO smell at all. I'm amazed.

So, it's not a medical breakthrough - but I think it's pretty cool. By the way, the rash is going away too and I have not experienced any irritation at all using mms under my arms :P .

That's all for now. Keep mmsn!

Oh, one last thought. And this may become a common proverb in the future so I'd like to claim credit for it right now :P :

You can lead someone to MMS, but you can't make him drink it.


I was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis in 2002 and was told that I had 5>8 years to live and that there was no cure. I stuck my middle finger up at the doctor. I accepted a job overseas and ended up being there for about 13 years and about 3 years ago my spleen had grown to a size where it took about 60% of my stomach cavity and I became quite ill and was suffering all of the side effect that are related with Mf such as excessive sweating, itching, bone aches, headaches, weight loss, anaemia, depression and confusion and others . I heard about the new wonder drug Ruxolutinib so went to Singapore where it was available and started treatment.

The initial results were quite good but about 15 months later, blood transfusions almost every month and close to USD300,000 I gave the treatment away as it was no longer working and had become just too damned expensive as I could not get medical insurance as this was a pre-existing condition. I was then prescribed Hydroxyurea as an alternative but the side effects were worse than the problem so I gave that away as well. I went to China for 1 year and took traditional medicine and that increased my haemoglobin levels but was still costing me about USD2,500 per month.

While there I was still very prone to other infections such as stomach infections, flu, diarreha and I developed serious gout, all the while still with severe headaches 24/7 which had not decreased in intensity over the past 3 years or so, and I was still sweating badly. I came back to NZ in September 2015 and continued to suffer from all of the above afflictions and as I had while in China and was in and out of hospital A&E on a weekly basis. The doctors finally said that they could do nothing for me except control the pain and consequently I was given morphine elixir and slow release tablets.

About 2 months ago I was sent the link to watch the video about MMS and decided to try this stuff, after all, I had nothing to lose. For the first 10 or so days I have never sweated so much in my entire life and I believe that this was my body detoxifying. Since then the headaches that I had suffered 24/7 for the last 3 years plus have GONE. I am not suffering from stomach infections, flu, diarreha or any of the other side effects of myelofibrosis. My spleen, which had grown to such an extent that it was now hard down on my pelvis and extremely uncomfortable, has reduced in size by about 20% and is continuing to shrink in size so if you add all of these benefits together it has given me a new lease on life. Literally.

I am currently still having blood transfusions every month or so but my hg levels are slowly increasing and holding higher levels between transfusions. There is no cure for myelofibrosis but if MMS can relieve or eliminate the symptoms as it has done for me then I am forever grateful. I tell as many people as I can about MMS as I do not believe that anyone yet truly knows the extent of the healing that it can give or promote.


My wife and children are using the CDS and I am using the MMS. We are all feeling a lot better, it is a miracle.

I have taken MMS and I have seen my doctor for numerous blood tests and I am negative; IE cured !

My husband has suffered with gout for years, to the point where he would run a fever and his ankle would swell up for months and he could hardly walk. We tried everything--meds, ACV, Vitamin C, cherry juice--nothing worked … Then I stumbled across the website for MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution, and that has cured his gout. The last episode he had, he started taking it and his gout began resolving in a couple of hours and was completely gone by the next day. And not only that, but a swollen wrist that had never gone completely down from a previous attack months before went back to normal. He hasn't had an attack in a couple of years. He eats whatever he wants, and if he should get a twinge of what he even thinks might be an attack coming on, he takes a dose of MMS and it's gone.


Had painful gout in my knee and ankle; could hardly walk. Got some MMS2 capsules, and after only two days of taking them, I was running up and down the stairs!


I have tried CDS and find it really effective in all sorts of subtle ways especially through winter and want to have a constant supply now.


I am on 2 drops per hour ... I haven't started DMSO yet and am going to do the liver cleanse next week. I am feeling much better already. I have more energy and can breathe better. About 50% more oxygen and energy, digestion improved also bowel movement. Seem to forget taking my other supplements. (The body may be telling me they aren't needed).


I saw the interview on TV and got what I expected from media. I personally wrote a complaint (no response) to Closeup for obvious bias preconceived reporting. It was a farce. MMS has definitely helped both my son and myself when all else failed.


I bought some CDS from you some time ago and have had it stored in my fridge. For some reason I didn't start taking it until a few days ago after listening to Dr. Andreas Kalcker on youtube and am amazed by the increase in energy after on it a few days of taking it.


Heard about it from three different parts of the world - a German doctor of nuclear medicine (mother of one of my woofers) has taken it for 5 weeks. Says she hasn't felt this good for many years and now just been back to her cardiologist and run the tests and scans - her endocarditis (bacterial infection of membranes of heart) is totally resolved - gone. It came also recommended by health professional friends in Australia, as well as one of the SNFTAAS members.

I thought if this many people are telling me to look at it within the same space of time, I had better do. Also my son William got glandular fever back in Easter 2009 (first had it when he was 16) - not having much else on hand, I sent him MMS1 and 2. When I rang the following Sunday night he said he felt heaps better in 3 days, and had spent all weekend extreme kayaking on the West Coast - he felt and feels fine.


An elderly guy (in his 80-90's), who claimed he was the last survivor of the chemical company (since closed), that use to operate in New Plymouth, and made Agent Orange, and many other toxic sprays. After 50 odd years working there, he said that he was so full of toxins that he couldn't remember things that he had done the day before, along with other health effects relating to a build up of toxins in the body. Someone told him about MMS, which he tried. He phoned me on the second day all excited, saying that he remembered all he had done the day before. He claimed to be 100% better within about a week on MMS. He is now an advocate for MMS, telling everyone who is willing to listen.


Yes you are definitely right. I had done all of the detox (with MMS) myself and my children and most of my family are taking it too, and the result is AMAZING. My mum can't wait to receive her MMS that is on its way. Thank you very much for this Miracle Mineral Solution which is right for its name!!


I think this MMS rocks, I am living proof that it works, trial and tribulation is key to life so, why wouldn't someone try it to save themselves or loved ones. A doctor gave me, antibiotics / panadol / ibroprofen, which did nothing. MMS made me rid the crap in my body and since then I have been fit and well. Used correctly and seriously, I see no harm and definitely am behind this !! Amen to you for getting this stuff to NZ for sale.


Just a note to say I owe the fact that I still have a hand to MMS. When the inner boom of the forklift came down like a guillotine, the hand looked like roadkill, bones broken and crushed ; just a mess of raw meat. Now 6 weeks later, I have a hand again, movement is coming back and yesterday I was able to pick up a lemon; I was overjoyed .. looks like I get to have my hand back.


Never took antibiotics, pain killer, just MMS. Just to make sure, we put a glass of activated drops in a plastic bag and fumed the hand; that had a wonderful effect. Just using antibiotics I could have lost the hand. I see people often with issues and antibiotics just seems to piss off the infection and things do not heal up as they should. So I am very grateful to you guys and thanks again.

I have used MMS for 2 years and have found it to be an amazing immune stimulator. I have used it in the treatment of shingles to toothaches and even the common cold. It kills bacteria, viruses because of its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. A woman that started the 16 day MMS had a strange episode of abdominal cramping when she got to 8 drops per day. She experienced labour pains and after an hour she passed a uterine tumor the size of an egg. She never knew she had it. Later she had an ultrasound to see if she had any other tumors but found she was all clear, what a blessing, it saved surgery.


I've been using MMS for a number of years with good results for various problems such as bronchitis, breast infection, abscesses, cold sores, and fungal nail infection. I try to pass on the information about MMS as much as I can to other people. To me it seems so simple and compelling. It is frustrating that many people still reject the possibility that MMS could be very helpful and effective for them, but a few are starting to listen recently.


Having had chemical poisoning for many years and it being successfully treated by the Tizard Clinic for chemical poisoning, I am on a daily low dose of mms (after detox) and am able to deal with the constant bombardment of herbisides, insectasides and fungisides that this country is awash with.


I've been reading about MMS for over 8 weeks and thoroughly believed all that I read. I finally started treatment 18 Dec, and cannot believe the healing I'm getting from numerous serious ailments - type 1 diabetes since age 11 or 12, breast cancer in 2004 and came back 2009 and recently think it may have returned in the bone. I started MMS 18 Dec 2014 every hour for 8 HRS.... I'm not giving up MMS ever. I am lucky my children support me. I hope a seminar comes to my town of Calgary, Alberta soon. I wish we the people know how to put our government in their places concerning MMS.


Thanks for MMS brother. It changed my life after I had to take mental health drugs. I was very sick with all kinds of side effects - obesity (162kg), irritable bowel syndrome, leaking gut, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, boils all over my body ..... With the help of MMS and probiotics I solved all those problems.


othI just wanted to let you know that my son (studying & working at an ayhuaska retreat in the Amazon jungle of Peru) has had great success helping his native shaman teacher (maestro) who has been suffering with Tuberculosis. I have no other details except that he said, "...the stuff is amazing and you are really helping to change the world by helping my maestro." Update - It appears that my son is finally free of the life-threatening blood nematodes. This is due at least in part to the CDS, combined with Amazon jungle plant remedies. Doctors in the US could offer him no effective medical treatment and no hope for a full recovery, so he went to the jungles of Peru.


I will start taking MMS again as I am noticing I am craving sugar and I have mild hay fever. I will just take the minimum dosage. I started taking MMS on and off for a year and found after a miscarriage, that I noticed I looked and felt healthier started eating better and my sugar cravings curved. I soon fell pregnant and kept taking MMS spastically while I was pregnant and only ever got sick (virally) when I had stopped taking it and was exposed to illness (flu or something) by a family member.

I have 3 months to go before baby is born and have been warned by both my doctor and my old midwife to stop taking it, but I am not going to listen to them. Instead I have changed doctors and am looking for a new midwife!


I've been using MMS for a number of years with good results for various problems such as bronchitis, breast infection, abscesses, cold sores, and fungal nail infection. I try to pass on the information about MMS as much as I can to other people. To me it seems so simple and compelling. It is frustrating that many people still reject the possibility that MMS could be very helpful and effective for them, but a few are starting to listen recently.


I have never been the same since using MMS. IT IS TRULY A GIFT FROM GOD!!!
I came home from mission trip /Ethiopia So very VERY ILL I KNOW MY OWN BODY. 6 weeks
Was sent MMS - instruction via phone Next DAY 95-98% better - never been sick since
I tell everyone about MMS LOTS PEOPLE ASK ME FOR MMS/where to purchase?

Mama Jeanie

Few years ago I was hospitalized and had to take some serious medication that did help with the targeted condition, but what happened was a disaster. All of my joints, ligaments and muscles got relaxed, lost their tension and strength, and I felt like my spiritual force that held my bones and muscles together was out of the body. Joints began to hurt and ligaments felt as if they did stretch and no longer were tight to hold joints together. Muscles became mushy and soft, but I was always athletic body type, but soon I did look like some old Pirate Captain. It was odd and strange to have such body transformation, but I had plenty of things to worry about. And a couple years later all of my joints began to hurt and crack and pop and squeak as if I was a senior citizen but I was only 32 and now I am almost 35 and did find a way to fix the issue as much as possible. Couple years ago I realized that if I don’t do something I will die early and will suffer all the way to the grave. I found MMS and I knew about Bioresonance Rife Machines. I read Jim’s book and ordered MMS. I was taking some supplements but they were not working at all. I was too toxic by then. I started taking huge doses of MMS and ignored the starting procedure. Not smart and I had a severe detox reaction that scared me. I realized that I seriously accumulated toxins in my joints, bones and muscles. I estimated that medicine I had to take did feed bad bacteria. It felt that my joints had toxic fluid and something was not right inside the bones, and muscles felt toxic inside their layers. So after a few days on MMS I did detox extreme amounts and did have a drop in my body temperature. I realized that some toxins in the muscles were keeping me hot. Not sure what the toxins were, but I felt cool and had a cold sweat. My body was just a couple of degrees cooler than normal. I was shaking and toxins would come out day and night. But to my surprise, I was feeling good and joints detoxed and I had plenty of energy and felt instantly younger. I kept taking MMS and understood that some toxins had to come out as cold sweat as one of the ways to flush them out of the body. It was not pleasant for a couple weeks, but after two month my body temperature was normal and most of the toxins had been eliminated. I did not know about vitamin Niacin, but pure Niacin vitamin causes a flush and skin gets more blood flow and gets red temporarily, so I later realised that it would help to warm up the blood and body. Vodka is not the choice. I kept taking MMS protocols like that for about 4 month non stop. What happened was that fluid in my joints got detoxed and had to be replenished. Joints did not hurt but they were loose. I avoided unnecessary physical moves and had the opportunity to stay in bed. Pain of any kind was gone, but detox would continue once in a while. I felt very happy. Muscles were detoxed and gained this youthful strength. Eventually, joints did tighten up a bit. I was back on the bicycle. Many other health issues also got fixed. I had some swelling of arms and legs and that swelling was gone. I had tons of energy again and felt 10 years younger. I did have other health issues and found Spooky2 Rife Machine. I am not promoting or recommending Spooky2 Rife Machine but it is amazing equipment for that price, but mainstream considers it to be “experimental equipment”. I found that Spooky2 software that operates the machine got programs for muscles, joints, regeneration, bones, ligaments and a few others. I started running those programs and things got better. Before all of my joints were making noises, but after MMS cleanse they detoxed, however, I felt loose, but after Spooky2 rife treatments for ligaments, joints, and muscles my whole skeletal system got into a better shape. At some point recently I went on a bicycle ride and I realized that I am 34 years old and suffered many health issues but now I was pressing on the pedals as if I am 16 years old running away from bad boys. And just a couple years ago I thought of getting a cane to help me walk due to joint problems. Supplements for muscles and joints did not work before MMS and Rife treatments, perhaps bad bacteria overgrowth was consuming supplements instead of me. I started taking complete amino-acid supplements and other supplements like boron and collagen. It took a year and a half of treatments with MMS, Rife Frequencies and Vitamins, and now my joints rarely make any noise, my muscles are ready to get into an exercise routine again, I ride a bicycle without pain for many many miles, and many other health issues do not exist anymore. Dozens of problems with the joints got fixed. I also found that the Spooky2 rife machine has healing programs for the nerves and DNA. Those programs do amazing things. Nerves regenerate and function better. If nerves are fixed - body can fix anything else on it’s own. Rife programs for DNA can repair it or renew it - and that makes you soon feel as if you are much much younger, and you may also begin to like music that is designed for younger generations to my surprise. I bet Stars and Celebrities who look younger than they should be are using such Rife Machine Programs to stay in business, but rife therapy is not part of recognized medicine and Stars and Celebrities are unable to talk about it on TV or Radio. I am so happy that MMS does the fastest detox at a low price. Taking supplements like Boron, Collagen, Pink Salt and all regular Vitamins gave necessary substances for the Joints, Bones and Muscles to renew their cells. Restoring and saving one’s own health is a personal responsibility and it is so sad that modern doctors are so limited in what they can do or say.

After suffering for two years with constant mouth ulcers going through a tube of bonjela a week I started using five drops of MMS with fifteen drops of DMSO every day no more mouth ulcers  thank u Jim Humble

Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever Health Recovery. My wife Lynn and I live on a farm in Tenn. where there a lot of ticks. While working in the gardens and the farm we both get tick bites fairly regularly. Normally, we would not get a blood test for tick bites, but one time in 2019 we did because I had began experiencing some symptoms I thought could be from a tick bite. The blood test came back positive for Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever (RMSF) for both Lynn and I. See attached Lab Tests. I had been taking MMS and Lynn had not. So I decided to treat the Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever with MMS exclusively, whereas Lynn opted to go with what the normal medical / allopathic route. Which is take 100 mg of a strong antibiotic called Doxycycline Hyclate 2x daily for 2 weeks. Then you wait and see what happens to your symptoms. If symptoms persist then you stay on the Doxycycline for another 2-4 weeks or at times indefinitely up to several months. This is per what we were told by the MD. My RMSF blood serum was actually worse than Lynn and I ended up to be totally asymptomatic and never even had 1 physical symptom because I had been taking and experimenting with MMS for several weeks to see what it did for a healthy person. For those not family with Rocky Mtn. Spotted fever it is actually more dangerous of a disease than Lyme Disease the more well known tick disease. You can do your own research if interested. Even with the Doxcyline treatment Lynn developed a rash was over her entire body and she tried to get up and could not walk. She was paralyzed like the cartoon gumby. Her legs and arms were like soft putty unable to work properly. She immediately took a 5 drop dose of MMS and within 2 hours was able to sit up and within 4 hours the rash was 100% gone and she was able to walk normally. My wife found out later the severe rash she broke out from was caused by tick saliva that contained an "Alpha Gal" protein in the saliva. Turns out red meat also has Alpha Gal and when she ate meat the combination of the 2 (meat and tick) Alpha Gal created a severe allergic reaction that she never had before from red meat. I never experienced any symptoms at all because i had been taking MMS for a few weeks prior.  At that point, my wife Lynn decided to stop taking the Doxycycline and she went on the MMS Starting Procedure and followed up with Protocol 1000. Lynn is still a little careful not to eat too much red meat which was confirmed by her MD she may have allergic reaction for up to a year because of the tick bite. We were very fortunate because I had been experimenting with MMS and DMSO for more than 18 months prior to this episode with the Rock Mtn. Spotted Fever. (RMSF) If we would have just followed "the crowd" and do what Big Pharma says..... I am fairly certain we'd still be in this RMSF mess and on a bunch of Big Pharma meds for a long time if NOT a  lifetime. Or worse because both lyme and RMSF are very dangerous and at times deadly or leaves the body so worn out and tired a person can't even hold a job or be the healthy and full of life Mom and Dad for their family. I have several other very good success stories with MMS for health recovery on arthritis, digestive issues and wound healing i will be sharing at a later date. I am 68 years old this year and dob't take meds of any kind or take vaccines of any kind because they can be quite harmful to your body as argued successfully; scientifically, medically and legally by both Robert F. Kennedy Sr. (JFK brother) and his son Robert Kennedy Jr. team of scientists and doctors as well as many other highly qualified health professionals. RFK Jr and their team most recent legal win was that big pharma was following ALREADY established law with respect to the safety of vaccines. https://www.worldhealth.net/news/rfk-jr-wins-case-against-government-vaccine-safety-violations/ Warm Regards, Jim L. McHood

My name is Jason Rogers from Sydney Australia.I came across you guys one day after listening to 'Info Wars' when a caller mentioned your group. I wasted no time checking you out. Ever since then I have sourced MMS from a G2 Church in Queensland where my wife and I have used it successfully against bacterial infections. When we first tried it, I asked my wife to take the antibiotics that our GP prescribed and I took the MMS protocol 1000. By the end of the day I had no more symptoms, but my wife suffered from her infection for a week where she completed her antibiotic course and still had symptoms afterwards. She then started on MMS and again by the end of the next day she was over it. Fantastic! I told my 62 yr old workmate about it so then he wanted to try it. He wasn't suffering from anything, but wanted to see what happened; just to try it as a detox. He said he only tried it a little bit on Saturday, but started to bring up black spit on the following Monday. He said it must be from when he used to smoke, but the thing was it was 20 yrs ago!!I have epilepsy well under control and I think I'm lucky by not suffering many side effects. Have you had many epileptics that had successfully gotten off the meds?

Thank you, Jordan, for your help.  My membership is complete.   Thank you for all you do.  It’s not easy shining the light on darkness, it takes courage and strength of character. The companies who have forsaken you are weak and fall to the wayside in fear.  May God bless you and your family for protecting the sacraments.  You are very much appreciated.

Thank you.


G2 has taken care of every little ailment I have encountered in the past year. One day I don't feel well, the next day I'm back to healthy. Including flu symptoms in early March 2020. I love it, I believe in the science, and it needs to be shared with the rest of humanity  

Jordan, i am so sorry to hear that this is happening to your church and actually to many like you. I do believe in your MMS and i do believe in your church’s cause and life purpose.  I will pray for you all. I am hoping that president trump helps you.  This 2020 is a trial and is a test of good and evil. This covid19 is reaping us all apart and I pray that this black and dark forces do not prevail. The good shall conquer and the truth will indeed set us free. God bless you and may the blood of Jesus shower your house and protect you from all these forces that are trying to harm you. Harm those that believe in God. Meantime, it is correct to just stay under the radar for now. Thanks, Annie

I met a man that’s a living testimony to your sacraments. I’m all about alternative medicine as I’ve practiced it myself for years. I’d love to start this as well. I put it on my shopping cart but it won’t let me check out. Please help. The sooner the better. I also am the owner of a non-profit parrot rescue and am very interested in using it in their healing as well.

Best regards,

Crystal Abshire🐦

SELF INTRO Born 1953 when doctors still made house calls. Had all vaccines, mercury fillings, rheumatic fever, penicillin, many pharmaceuticals for depression as a teenager, hepatitis, chemo, fibromyalgia, etc. I moved from Kentucky to Hawaii 2006. Built yurt home + gardens 2009 where I grow food with healing + spirituality exercises. I am a retired female living solo with 4 cats. My mission is to leave Earth with a smile on my face. TIMELINE + OBSERVATIONS JOURNAL Dates are approximate. My calendar-tracking may be off a bit. Mar 9, 2020 Purchased Starter Kit = MMS, Activator + DMSO. Started only one drop per day. I was nervous about understanding how to mix solutions. Watched videos to better comprehend + learned interesting history too. Mar 29th  Began 8-hour protocol . Apr 2nd Increased energy + a molar I was told had to be extracted for infection started healing naturally. Positive, slow mental shift. Apr 4th Purchased Jim Humble book to better understand protocols. Fractured my foot about 5 years ago. Would feel very minor occasional pain. Felt some tingling sensation + no more pain or sensitivity since. Mid to Apr 24th Took a break for only ONE DAY. I think that was the 3rd week. Increased drops around 4th week. Felt weaker + nausea up to 3 drops, so I reduced to one drop doses again, but drank most of 4 ounces, gargled + swished remainder in mouth.  A rather large rock fell on my hand about 2 years ago while gardening. Minor pain near the thumb, applied Arnicare cream. Eventually it became difficult to hold a cast iron skillet with that hand. I realized my wrist was weakening. I went to my primary doctor who referred me to a surgeon, but I never did that or get an x-ray. The pain + weakness has vanished. One time I had loose stool, not diarrhea. I noticed bowel movements were shifting from late morning to early morning. I didn’t know I had poor digestion, but it improved. It’s like getting so use to discomfort that comfort is forgotten.  Surprisingly, my mood + emotions improved. I have a long history of waking with negative thoughts + memories. I guess my mental state is at least 85% positive-better, even during the virus chaos.   Apr 25th to May 4th Had practiced protocols for 5 weeks. Decided I needed to break from 8-hour protocol schedules. It was difficult to drive anywhere + be back home within an hour. Switched to brushing with MMS1 and DMSO protocol 2 to 3 times per day. Customer support has promptly answered each query + assured me a break was ok, but to work back up to the 3-drop protocol. I intend to do so May 5th. Teeth + gums are healing. Molar is no longer infected, sensitivity decreased dramatically + they feel very clean. More so than a professional dental cleaning. Morning plaque + tartar is almost nil.  May 6th Alternating 2 to 3 drops (MMS1) in 8-hour protocols since Monday, May 4th. Also brushing teeth with DMSO. This morning I used my home dental tool to view my gums. Sure look like they’re healing. There is still that dark diseased appearance around some of the roots of teeth, but other areas look normal now. Sensitivity has lessened.  Sometimes I get leg cramps while in bed, semi-asleep. I noticed that annoyance hasn’t occurred for at least 3 weeks. May 15th  The infected lower molar tooth is healed, or at least no longer sensitive or loose. No more morning plaque on teeth + gums. May 16 thru 22nd Stopped 8-hour protocol to focus on teeth with 5 drops MMS1 + 15 drops DMSO, brush/swish 2 to 3 times/day. Gargle some, but do not swallow. Sensitivity in gums (root of tooth) most noticeable early mornings + moves around. One day it will be a molar, another a front tooth. It is not painful + seems to vanish by end of the day. Zero morning plaque, unusually nice! Going slow on protocol upgrades is undoubtedly best for me. I have trouble with nausea if I use protocol 1000 more than 4 times per 8-hour day. I can tolerate the remainder of the day with MMS1. I see there is a chapter in the book for eyes + nose protocol. That could benefit me. The 8-hour schedule is sort of irritating. Being a retired senior for 5 years, I’ve been spoiled doing as + when I please. I want to continue, but intend to study, ask support, + read more of Jim Humble’s book.  I will run out of MMS + Activator, probably soon. Not sure where/who to replenish from.

I'm 58 years old/young, I have no official illness and I don't take any prescription medication. but I'm a truck driver and when I'm on the road 3-4 months at the time I can not take care of myself as good as I would like. I found out about MMS and DMSO about a year and a half ago. Since then I use both of them for "maintenance" and my life changed for the best. From my hair to the tips of my tows, inside out everything changed positively. I drink MMS, I take daily a teaspoon of DMSO, I spray my whole body with them, I even use MMS in my eyes. I do not use any body lotion, or deodorant, or face creams anymore and I love the way I feel. All my family use them with nice results

I used it transdermally, gargle and 1 drop orally a few times a day on an empty stomach and in 3 days all of my symptoms of sore throat, dry cough, body aches, headache, stuffy sinus symptoms were gone.A relative used it who had abdominal pain por 15 years in his lower right side, severe brain fog, and a painful mastoid cyst and one drop orally and 3 drops in 3 Oz of water whole body transdermally and all pain gone in 20 minutes and brain fog 90% improvement, whereas before could only carry on a conversation for 5 minutes, now able to do so fo an hour and a half

This travel kit was well thought out designed. We travelled to the Philippines and had to pass through Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, japan airports where just about everyone was wearing the masks for coronavirus, we had no fear (and no masks) because we had MMS protection. We are back and everyone is still healthy. Thank you and God Bless you G2 Church for providing this amazing solution to Dis-Ease in the world.

I have been taking all kinds of medication for schizophrenia, but did not lose my cognitive abilities. After 5 years on such meds all other small issues become life threatening, and tons of complications with my health made search and try anything and it was very hard to do physically. I found MMS and Jim’s videos and site, read his book while waiting for the MMS to arrive. I needed one certain medication to fall asleep and still do need it if I want to sleep for a long time and completely relax and rest, but I hope to find a solution to such insomnia soon. So, I started taking MMS, I knew it would flush out medication that is stuck anywhere in the body along with other pathogens, but I would take MMS during the day and medication late at night before bed. I had plenty of detox reactions, and they were not pleasant but some can be scary, but when you are facing early death like me, MMS cleanses very fast and the amazing relief is experienced shortly after. I took MMS protocols for about 4 month almost no stops and I became alive again, and started to search for more healing methods. I found information that one old doctor left after his death, his name is Dr. Abram Hoffer. I found interviews and webpages, and decided to follow the vitamin regimen he used and developed since like the 70s to treat early cases of schizophrenia with success. Mainly it was a certain type of vitamin Niacin in larger doses along with other vitamins and better diet. By that time I only took MMS as necessary because I figured that taking vitamins has to be first after enough MMS, and I was worried that MMS may destroy some artificial vitamins. I took about 2 weeks on Dr. Hoffer’s vitamin regimen and I started to feel much much better in my mind. So, I continued vitamins in moderate doses and sometimes took a day or two and would take MMS as much as I thought I needed. I continued my search. I knew about Rife Machines, but did not have my own, but I did find a clinic that had professional BICOM Rife Machine. I was treated with that machine before with success about other issues, but they had some frequency programs for schizophrenia and I tried that, but in my case it would work but the mind / brain would rearrange itself back like it was, but bipolar issues were fixed. However, later I got my own Rife Machine, it is called Spooky2. I am not affiliated with Spooky2 rife machine retailers and I am not recommending them, but I believe they offer the best equipment for a relatively low price. I tried many healing programs on that machine and some did have good results, however, rife machines are considered “experimental equipment” and using one is one’s personal responsibility. Eventually I connected an attachment to the Spooky2 machine and did so called BioFeedback Scan and software found the issues in the body, but looks like software does not name what they are, but did let me save the list of frequencies that suppose to heal the found issues, so I ran them on the machine and in few days I noticed some improvement with schizophrenia along with other found issues. BioFeedback I did repeat every 4th day and in a couple weeks things would get even better. And I would have one day of vitamins, one day of MMS, and a third day with Spooky2 treatments because few hours of frequencies may cause discomfort. I would also do bentonite clay detox for intestines due to the fact that plenty of debris gets dumped there during the cleanse. And vitamin Niacin is great for the skin so I noticed that my skin became shedding old layers faster, so I had to get that female skin scrub to cleanse my skin. It has been a year and a half with all these alternative treatments and the only issues I am still trying to resolve is my insomnia. I tried CBD and a few other things like Melatonin, and it did help a little but not a lot and I find CBD to be a very costly solution because I can take a lot without predictable effect, so I still take this one psych pill at bedtime so I could get enough rest at night.

Hello My name is Patricia and I am a 78 yr old Woman living in Nova Scotia Canada, and I have been using MMS Sacraments since 2016, when Rev Kilburn first appeared with MMS to help heal a Chronic Candida/thrush issue despite repeated treatments with antibiotics. Since that time I have kept MMS and DMSO in my Medicine Cabinet for multiple uses, for Sinus, Ear, skin issues, arthritis, and when there is pain. I have also learned with the guidance from Rev Kilburn to use many of the Sacraments to maintain my health as I move onward into my Golden years. 

God Bless

Patricia M.

I have been working with one of your Members , Wulfric Kilburn, Health MinisterI was looking for information for myself on your sacraments. He actually came to my home and not only showed me what I could do for myself but while he was here he also instructed me on what it could do for my animals. I run a Feral Cat Sanctuary here so this was very helpful. Not only do I use MMS with amazing results, for certain things I use DMSO as well. i have a much healthier Feral Colony. I use MMS in their drinking water to keep them free from Upper Respiratory situations mostly and over all better health.I use MMS for abcess cleaning and healing and am amazed at the much shorter time to their healing. I also use it to clean eyes and ears when needed. I have also had a few cats come here that have been very bad condition, down in weight, sickly and I now use MMS sometimes in a syringe to give to them as they are very bad off, sometimes just in their drinking water and occasionally mixed right in their food. It has helped their mouths to be free of infection, helped their gums get back to health which ultimately help their teeth as well. I use different strengths for different things.I am very glad that I met Wulfric Kilburn, Health Minister as with his help and knowledge , my feral cat family is a very happy and healthy crew.  Sue

Thank you! Geoffrey enjoyed talking with you, even with us living in Rio de Janeiro is kind of rare the opportunity to talk with somebody in good English. The MMS is not for us, it is for my brother, he is taking MMS already and he is getting better. The doctor said he will leave the hospital next Friday. Two weeks ago, before he started with the MMS, the doctor made very clear that my brother was going to die. He got a virus in the medulla and it was paralyzing his body, starting in the legs. I asked my sister to start to give him MMS without telling the doctor. In that point my brother was not walking, and he was not able to talk much. He was in fever every day. In a couple days drinking MMS, 3 drops every 2 hours, 8 times a day. The fever was gone, he starts to eat, I was able to talk with him on the phone and his voice was sound very good. Last week the Doctor got some results of exams which shows the virus got paralyzed. My mother had breast cancer 4 years ago and she got one breast removed. Geoffrey told me about the MMS. And I told mom about it. And she decided do not to do the chemotherapy and just to use the MMS. Every year she does exams and it comes all ok. She is very well.

Thank you,


aDear Bishop Mark, Last night we met our dear mother Rosemary at Zurich airport, returning from 3 weeks treatment from you at your clinic. It is impossible to put into words how much we appreciate all you have done for her. It goes much further now, as we are about to have Rosemary’s 7th grandchild. Through Jim's & your work of constantly "swimming against the tide" in this mad, mad world ruled by greed instead of need, you are creating a legacy of hope & love as opposed to misery & fear. One month ago there was pressure from family & friends to go & have her breast removed, followed by Chemo & Radio therapy, after which I watched my own mother die horribly 32 years ago. This morning Rosemary shoveled snow from the paths around her house completely healthy, happy & whole. We want to express to you from the deepest recesses of our hearts... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Wishing you Love & Light Roger, Diana & our unborn child.

Rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, gout, degenerative disc disease and HPV. I was told there was no cure. I'd be on meds for the rest of my life. I took this Holy water as instructed and in four days I was healed. I keep this sacrament in my home for all ailments. You should too.

Thank you,

Lord. Liz Ellie

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for showing us the way you are a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat man Mark e support you wholeheartedly Fatima  from Algeria

Studying the G2Voice Episodes! I am a Naturopath told me she has a Master’s in Natural Medicine and after studying the G2Voice Broadcasts she feels like she has a PhD! Student  

I discovered Mark and his earth shattering ministry when he, Bob and Alan   Keyes did a segment on Infowars. The information was so hot to handle, it wasn't even uploaded on banned videos! Thank the Lord for that segment because it forever opened my eyes to the most earth shattering health revelation in the last century! Now, I've got the book, make MMS myself and am spreading the word organically, in line with the original vision of Mark Grenon. Big Pharma, the medical mafia and controlled government will try, but they aren't going to stop the word from getting out to humanity.

MMS saved my life and the ones around me so I am so grateful for it and for people like Mark for sharing it with others. There's too many people out there that has the "it works for you but it might not work for me or it's the fear of the unknown". I am so glad I gave it a chance! I've given it to my husband, friends, my cats and dogs. It really works!

 I have been taking protocol 1000 for two weeks, I had a really grinding noise jaw join (some kind of arthritis on my jaw join) sometimes it would lock up and I couldnt open it all the way...it was so loud that my wife could hear it while talking to her over the phone!!! It has gone back to normal now and I feel great!!   I have my mother and my wife on the starting protocol! And about to start my Dad that has a skin cancer on the arm, but it has cost me some time to convince him to get started.I read about MMS over 10 years ago but didn't follow up on it...All the time that I wasted..imagine all the people that I could have helped... 

Thank YOU!!

Pedro Rodriguez Puerto Rico9.    

I have been taking a variety of serious medications and at some point a couple of my fingers would get numb before bed or I would find them like that in the morning. They would begin to work in several minutes as I would begin to move then, but I determined it was not the circulation issue but some toxins in the nerves that control the fingers. After taking MMS protocols things got better, but I ordered more DMSO and would clean my palms and wrists and would rub DMSO into my hands and would do other protocols with DMSO. It took few months and my hands lost some swelling, not much, but there was some, and veins on my hands showed up again, and finger joints stopped hurting, and fists became strong. But on top of that to my surprise my beautiful handwriting got restored. I guess there was some coordination issue and my handwriting suffered, but now I can write beautiful letters like I used to when I was a teenager and I am almost 35. 

I had been taking MMS for the past year and a half. Did several complete protocols and take maintenance doses or more. I must say that MMS quickly reduces brain fog and if the brain fog is ongoing because of some toxins it clears once the toxins leave the body. Very often MMS helps me to do some creative work if I feel that my brain is clogged up so I take maintenance dose and in a half hour begin to think much better and faster. I can do intelligent house projects all day long.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2018. I had surgery, but turned down any conventional treatments.  I've been followed by a naturopathic doctor having labs every few months and it seems that even with multiple supplements I couldn't get my A1C, insulin, glucose levels nor thyroid regulated.  After 8 weeks on MMS, my A1C went from 5.8 to 5.1.  I saw my primary care physician today and he said that he didn't know what I was doing, but keep it up because it's working! My thyroid was normal for the 1st time in 2 years.  I'm still working on my blood pressure and hoping to get off the prescription medication soon.   I originally worked up to the 3 activated drops 8 times a day and did Protocol 1000 for 3 weeks and then continued the daily drops. I'm a believer and my physician is too!  Now I will tell my naturopath at my appointment next week!  God is so good!   I also am working daily in a homeless shelter during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Taking MMS, I feel confident that I can't get the coronavirus!  

Another success using MMS friend had mumps doctor told her it would go in a week but one week later still there so I sprayed her lump under her ear with MMS three times and it was gone thanks again Jim Humble

Bed Sores happen when you bed bound due to illness or other causes I dont know.  I friend had bed sores from not being able to walk due to a very aggressive cancer.  He started to get the bedsores. I activated about 10 - 20 drops of MMS, poured in a 4- 6 once spray bottle  with distilled water. spray as many times as you can or after bath.   this gave him a so much relief and the bedsores started to heal.  I have used this same spray to heal open wounds that would not heal because of location of the wound. the open wound healed! I had this wound for months!  I love MMS. Its my Windex ! ( Windex is reference to MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING movie) 

hi my wife's ankle was swollen to the point where she couldn't walk she said she needed a wheelchair or crutches so i made up some mms and put it into a spray bottle and told her to spray every hour after 1 hour she could walk again after 36 hours the problem was totally gone she sprayed around 10 times in total in that time frame this stuff works i would like to say a big thank u to jim humble for bringing this to the world yours thankfully adam/cassie

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all that you do and have done. It has helped me in my life and health, immensely. I appreciate the discussion of "clinical".Where else is there "clinical" studies? G2Church is science. I also appreciate the 5G discussion. This is toxicity on steroids.Thank you, again.

This was the first liver flush done by our recent student, Mike, who came to Colombia for 30 days. He was amazed at what came out and how he feels after! He will be doing a liver flush every 6 weeks until NO MORE COME OUT! 10-13-19

I have a client here in Jamaica that has severe diabetes, 20 years on injections. She started taking MMS (6 drops in the morning and 6 drops at night), not even dropping them in her eye. She was scheduled for surgery and had to travel 3 hours to get to the hospital where she would have the surgery. She first went for consultation and the specialist said she definitely needed the surgery and urgently. Her eye looked like she had been punched in it. The sugar in the blood is like glass in the eye. That is what causes the bleeding. She was on the drops for a couple of weeks and her eye visibly started turning from blood red to pink and then to white (normal). She went to have the surgery and the doctor was shocked (to say the least) he said he didn’t understand how this happened but he sent her home and said she didn’t need the surgery again. —J.

Medical profession gave me no hope after acquiring hydrocephalus in an auto accident. I went from a nursing home invalid for two years to become a productive vibrant citizen. I now can drive, run, and live a normal life. MMS also cured deep vein thrombosis and cured me in 2 days of MRSA. God bless this work forever! —C.K.  

I just really want thank u all, for the great job helping the world to have the opportunity to choose between what works (MMS)  to conventional methods that not only waste our time, trying to save our lives, just at the end to find out they didn’t work and not only they don’t work, I’m talking about conventional cancer treatments, after all the nightmares we went through we hear from our doctor,” at least we are trying to extend your life a bit longer, “after chemo radiations we end up with no energy, pain wishing we will be dead after all.  With CDS  I have energy I’m more relaxed I have no pain whatsoever  I’m able to walk eat if it wasn’t for that big growth on my neck, I will probably say I’m am ok. Just been able to feel that I’m different now omg! I have no way to express my gratitude.  I know probably I have a long way to go to get better, but even if I don’t this is better than dying every day with conventional treatments, bc now I feel alive with ups and downs but with energy to enjoy my family, God bless you all. 

Yanira Iraheta

California USA 

For 19 years i have had to walk on my toes when going upstairs. I had a really bad fracture in my ankle. worst doctor had ever seen screws plate . He said if I touched the ground for 6 months it would wreck everything. Probably not walk around well at all. WELL I took the sacraments for three weeks and I wasn't limping when I walked anymore. After 2 months 6drops 6 times daily. I have 99.5  range of motion on my ankle. It's normal again. I'm not waiting on my toe going up hills anymore. Praise the Lord

A few years ago i had a blood disease called polycythemia I had this blood disease for many years, Then at the end of 2017 I got sick with colon cancer while I was being treated for my blood disease by The Maine Centers For Healthcare In Westbrook Maine. I lost 80 pounds in 2 months, I told my doctor I was not going to do anymore teat or treatments I did not take the chemo I told him I was not coming back to see him and went home, The next day he called my wife and told her if she did not talk me into coming back for further test & treatments I would die, I was so sick I was in bed I could not even take care of myself. My wife began giving me 6 drops of MMS every hour, Within 10 days I was able to eat where before i could not even eat, In the next 4 or 5 months I gained most of my weight back and today the cancer is gone and so is the blood disease. Wild Waters  

Name: Samula

Am a Bishop of the Genesis2church in Uganda and we have used it to heal over 50,000 people from many diseases. Governments don't want to see anyone using MMS as we are in endless court cases for healing the people. The Genesis2church supports us always.

I am doing great and my health has been getting better and better every day!!  I had a minor case of COD and it is almost gone now!!  My energy level is amazing!!  The feeling of wellness is amazing!!  

As always thanks much for all your help!!

Christopher Narcouzi

I faithfully watch you and I listen to 528radio.com. Thank you for all the information on was goes on in this world. I have started reading the bible since I have listening to you guys. I wish that maybe one day you would start up a bible class over the internet. Thank you and Joe again for all your research and knowledge on health and spirit and I know that God is watching over you both.

God bless you both,


Jim Humble, thank you for your testimony about MMS/Chlorine Dioxide that uses sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid! Something so simple that is so beneficial to eliminating diseases! You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for your humanitarian work!👍 Edwin Bickel

I have been a long time supporter of Brother Humble. I have been using MMS for at least 12 years. I have always had a gastric reaction using citrus acid, so I purchased the Hydrochloric from your site. I like it better. George

I have been taking protocol 1000 including 8 drops of DMSO with each dose for about a year now.  It started with a tooth abscess that I probably had for six months before I discovered it.  I have some swelling in my gum.  I don't believe it got worse and may have reduced a little but it still exist.  I have achieved feeling of wellness on many levels (unbelievable!!).

I have control over my health, and I feel wonderful. Still have some aches and pains that come up and I put the mineral on em! Thank you for making this available to us all. I love you Angels. Leslie 

Dear Sir, here is a copy of a stone that got out of Matt with the pen next to the picture to show the size. I used MMS drops for Matthew about 3 years ago, the doctor was to do a surgical procedure spending thousands of $ in the hospital. He did not have to spend a penny and no surgery and no doctors expensive fees. He was well and back to high school the next day! And like this testimony, I have been helping hundreds of people to get well and very soon, with excellent results. Make it a great day! Walewska

So wonderful to see Mike on your channel. Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary! Have my MMS and following the protocol 1000. My body is already feeling healthier!

MMS saved my life and the ones around me so I am so grateful for it and for people like Mark for sharing it with others. There's too many people out there that has the "it works for you but it might not work for me or it's the fear of the unknown". I am so glad I gave it a chance! I've given it to my husband, friends, my cats and dogs. It really works!  

This MMS saved my life, I was on antibiotics for a couple months, I had ordered this long before and finally tried it! I was much better 3 days but stopped. It came back. 1 week later I was back sick, started MMS again 3 days later symptom free but I kept taking MMS for 2 weeks and it never came back!!!

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Rheumatic fever, treatment penicilline benzatine for 6 months, of one million, but was't effective, i had to use biomagnetismo, azitromicine... pain of hearth, bones was still annonng me. In february i started againg using MMS, but clorite with sugar and water. Now at april 2020, may i continue using but as CDS, I don't have the same level of pain, my body had resistance to benzathine penicillin, I had a holter, echocardiogram and it came out normal, but I have had and still have discomforts like small sequelae, I cannot do much physical activity, I take the CD and I feel better, I hope little by little to recover Furthermore, the CDS was what I should have consumed since I was detected this, I knew and used mms before but it affected the stomach so it did not take it, when I should have taken it as CDs.

Hi Mark, It is Saturday evening and I started doing the raw milk with 1 egg - in the morning and the evening - on Tuesday.  By Wed. morning I noticed a big difference.  No more liquid diarrhea! By Thursday afternoon, I actually had a simi-normal poop that felt good.  It is not 100% but soooooooo much better.  Raji

I had a chat with my father on Sunday and he was so amazed about my mother's fitness as she continues with MMS. He said my mother is looking more and more beautiful by the day. Unlike before she was always looking sick. He asked whether he can also take some and I told him that, He will only take if he doesn't want to fall sick and never want to see a doctor again. Nana Asamoah you are a great blessing to me. I promised to visit u with my family abt 3weeks ago. Hmmm We shall surely come.

Margaret's most recent "Big Wow" is SPEAKING in her sleep!! I woke to hear the last four words! It has been since 2012 she has spoke four words in a row that was understandable. Many recoveries received and a few big ones to go. Midnight, our American Bulldog I've been writing in about, can also add new whiskers to his recovery list. Some are just over a half inch! This has made a big difference in his balance and movements. I must close with telling you guys, Dr Group gave his support for our number 1 sacrament and referenced the research he did with Jim all those years ago. Hopefully you can find with picture that shows time stamp.  Godspeed Michelle Gugel  

Thank you for your prompt actions and reply to my order. I am very grateful for all that Bishop Mark Grenon and his team has provided in this course. The information and videos on all of the sacramental protocols are very easy for me to follow and understand. I was turned on to MMS about 10 years ago by my sister, back when Jim Humble was informing the public, but I was ignorant to the proper protocols. I had been praying several weeks ago for Jesus to open doors for me for health sources to help protect myself, family and friends during these uncertain times of health threats. I was then led to your information on the internet. And recognized the term MMS. I could not believe how much Satanic undermining and fake news was out there when I searched the internet for more information. But like I said; I had taken it in the past and I knew it was safe and made me feel better. Thank all of you at Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. I will study hard and I will stay in touch.


John George Toledo Jr. 

Hi Mark, Just wanted to say how thankful I am for all your work. I can see how much effort you and your family put in and how selflessly you go about it. I've been a follower of you and mms for a little while now and after reading your book, imagine a world without disease, my health has drastically improved. I have suffered for 5 years now with many ailments, such as lupus, autoimmune hepatitis, staph infection that would have cost me my leg if I had listened to the doctors, digestive disorders and splenomegaly. It has just been a never ending story of problems. I changed my diet and went organic which eliminated my lupus pains but still couldn't get on top of my health. Only until recently after reading your book, when I found the liver flush, has my body began to heal. That's when I understood how important a clean liver is and how many functions it has. I have done 2 liver flushes so far and have been using mms. The first flush left me bedridden as all my previous symptoms came flooding back. The detox was incredible, very painful, but obviously much needed. However after the second flush my digestive problems, aches and pains in various parts of my body have just about disappeared. Feeling so much better and at ease within my body. Thank you for sharing all this information, it's changed my life. I also wanted to say I agree 100% with your views concerning the medical establishments. Also being a Christian, I can't wait for the King to come back Thank you so much once again

Hello all.  I would like to share my experience with all of you. September 2018 I fell off my bike.  Elbow totally crushed and now operated 3 times.  The wound has been exposed for 6 months by means of a vacuum pump. (drain) This because there was enough skin to adhere it.  (I will spare you the details and photos)February 2019 again operated and removal of metal plates from the elbow.  1 metal plate has been pressing on the nerve for 6 months, which has caused a lot of radiation pain in the forearm.  I really could not do anything with it, during that period I was also 6 months on antibiotics due to bacterial infection with 6 different bacteria🙉 and in May 2019 this was under control. January 2020 I still could not do anything with my arm (dominant) IN February I contacted Peter and he advised Clo2 and Dmso.I had to mix Dmso with aloe vera and use it as an ointment on the arm. Now I do this for 4 weeks and with astonishing result. January I could not make a fist and now with much more strength. No more pain in the forearm. I can now also grab something beyond my control.  So all in all I am a very happy person again. I am in the process that I would be rejected as a bus driver in September.  This week for the inspection for my code 95 and in principle approved.  Now we have to wait and see what the CBR (Dutch central OFFICE for driving skills) will say.  So January I was like life that didn't make sense to me anymore and now thanks to the combination Peter advised I am full of life energy and I can do more again.  Since 2 weeks I can also wipe my buttocks again (only you must have toilet paper🤣🙏).Thank you Peter

Just wanted to share with you. I always carry a 15 drop spray. The other day, I entered a store and they were spraying the carts. I entered, shopped and left. When I returned to my car, I could feel a "tickle" in the back of my nose/throat. I felt I "got" something from the store. So I used the spray bottle and snorted the sacrament. I felt better within minutes. The "tickle " disappeared. I feel the spray truly helped eliminate anything that caused the "tickle". Thanks for all you do! Cheers! Dave

My name is Kat, I own the Buffalo Holistic Center in Buffalo NY. http://www.BuffaloHolisticCenter.com. 4 years ago I was introduced to your work. 6 months ago I began my research, have read your books, Jim humble and ante Oswald(the German doc). There are around 15 of us doing the health recovery protocol. One got rid of coronavirus in two days. Another had catastrophic heart failure and was given two weeks to live, his heart at 25% function. 2 weeks into protocol he is 90% function, another had a hard time walking for around 6 months and day two of protocol all pain in foot went away, another was diagnosed with tumor in the bladder. Began protocol, bled on days 2 and 3, day 4 went to cancer institute, they did a sonogram, THERE WAS NO TUMOR!!! We have brilliant minds, educated out of the box thinkers and some narley bikers who aren’t scared, including one who’s talking to his 2 million listeners on a biker radio show that he hosts. I know HE would love to have you guys on as a guest sometime!I want to take the course and set up a g2voice church chapter here. If I buy the course and have my crew take it with me, how many of us can take the test and get certified as health ministers? Also, I love Jesus with all my heart, mind and soul. I’ve almost died too many times to count...bad choices in the past, car wrecks motorcycle wrecks, been put back together with rods, Nuts and bolts. Today, I feel amazing, the drs reports were never spot on, God gave me No Fear, great Faith and Love, and Hallelujah, thank-you Jesus!!! I feel amazing these days!!I LOVE you guys and pray for you when the good Lord brings you to mind. I am so excited to venture forth and meet you guys in the future, there are a bunch of us that want to train with you in Colombia...and be an extension of the vision that God has set before you.

With much Respect and Love!

Kat Allen

Hi, I am taking mms for 14 days. I started with 4 drops in 1 liter of water 8 times a day and every day I put one more drop. Today I thought 20 drops. In the first week I was weak and tired, couldn’t do anything at the gym, but now I am feeling good. I have acne, candida on my tongue, fungus on my toenails. I’m 50 % cured. Thank you.

GREAT NEWS! After only 5 days on protocol 1000 I had a lump disappear completely! My goal is to eradicate the EBV virus, can't wait to see my test results in a few weeks!!! I'm finally taking control of my own health, way better than the traditional route. Smooth Beaches

I completed the liver cleanse as directed. I could not believe what came out of me. There must have been thousands or more (Stones) from seven evacuations throughout the day. I took the day off from dosing mms1 and was happy I planned this on a day off from work. I woke up this morning (the day after) with more energy and feel like a fog was lifted off of me. Like cleaning or replacing the filters in a car. Everyone should be doing this. Today I'm back on the protocol 1000, on week 11 of 16 and feel like having done the liver cleanse will greatly enhance the protocol. It's like a powerful 1-2 punch! (Check out the pics. Gross, but proof) Thank you all so much for your easy explanations and support. People should donate for the video course and get their hands on all your materials for their self-care. It gets frustrating when people don't want to take responsibility for their well being. It's hard trying to drag people over the finish line. I forward the Quantum leap video and your podcasts to people so they can check it out for themselves. Please continue with the podcasts. I look forward to them every week and always try to say hello in the comment section. God bless!

Edson Castillo,

Rev #1993

My family and I have used MMS for the past decade as an alternative to conventional medicine. The only side effects we’ve ever experienced are positive ones - ill symptoms for which we did not intend to apply MMS for disappear! We can’t say that about any of the pharmaceutical products can we? Here are some of the conditions we had cured ourselves with the sole use of MMS. - common colds - urinary tract infection - candida - wasp stings - swelling subsides and pain relieved - skin blemishes - sluggishness and prone to colds & infections  - MMS detox renews the overall health condition, helping with weight loss too. Here are other conditions we cured using MMS with a few other natural substances - painful lumps in my left breast (after 1 week of full therapy with MMS1, DMSO and B17 tablets, pain and lumps gone)- our pet dog’s tumor the size of a golf ball vanished after 5 days administering MMS and B17 tablets  Hoffa’s disease (swollen fat pad below the knee cap) - knee operation was scheduled for my husband 2 years ago. In the meantime we applied MMS and DMSO in the 3 weeks until the day of operation with positive effects. On the day of operation the surgeon declines the procedure stating that the swelling and infection were not there anymore. My husband hasn’t had the problem since. Taking MMS on a periodical basis helps my family and I to stay healthy and avoid any negative development. We nip any ill conditions in the bud by taking MMS at the early stage. I wouldn’t be stating this unless it is TRUE. God bless you, Helen  

My daughter, who is headed to college, recently had titers done for measles, Mumps and Rubella. All titers came back showing no (0) antibodies. She's had no vaccines, but we assumed she'd have built up the anti-bodies over her lifetime after exposure to others. Then I read the Genesis II Church Vaccine protocol, and realized that by doing MMS, she was ridding her body of all remnants of those viruses - which would result in zero anti-bodies. Of course, she won't need the anti-bodies, since she has a strong immune system and MMS !! (This will make it more difficult to get into college, but we're thrilled that the MMS is so powerful!) I continue to recommend MMS to anyone that has an interest. Praying many blessings upon you and those who assist you.


Sever lower bowel infection(after indulging at the buffets in Las Vegas) with much bleeding in the stool and much pain. Using Clara's 6 and 6 protocol, pain and bleeding gone. Upon continuing a 3 week protocol as a precautionary step, the man's skin discolor ration (similar to vitilago) cleared up completely. It had covered his entire back, and no creams from the doctors had any impact in 3 years previously.

We were in several other towns treating people with MMS/CDS. Amazing results! During the 3 weeks we were treating people with Sacrament 1000, we saw: Stage 4 Breast cancer cured!!(Sacrament 1000) • Diabetes cured!! Blood sugar level 210 before Sacrament 1000, now 108!! • Diabetes cured!! Blood sugar 250, now 110!! (Sacrament 1000) • Pinworms gone!! (Sacrament 1000) • Fibroid tumors gone, Sacrament 1000 and Douche, Before bed is best. • Chargas, leichmisis gone in days, Sacrament 1000 • Multiple sclerosis, improving daily, (couldn't move left hand, now it moves freely) • Mana Ray wound poured on infected site - Pain gone immediately!! • Warts gone!! Sacrament 1000 plus spray applied numerous times daily.

We have had a wonderful month at the health and restoration center in Bulgaria with huge successes: All of the people below followed the Genesis II Church Sacramental protocols. The three week stay at the Genesis II Church Restoration center has either completely “restored health” to these people or they are well on their way and they went home well on their way. Mr E: from Cambodia: Lung cancer and skin cancer.. His lungs are 70% improved, skin cancer removed, walking at fast pace and feeling 10 years younger. Very good success. Mr S: from Poland: Lung cancer, liver cancer and stomach cancer., lungs are greatly improved, fitness returned, appetite returned feeling fit and well, need for continuing protocol. MS R: Constipation for 15 years,. Mass parasite infestations, this lady had more than 5 buckets of parasites which caused the constipation. Mr I: Acute Asthma and MS, left without steroids or need for inhalers, arrived walking on a zimmer frame, left walking with a stick, massive improvement with this lady. Mr V: breast cancer, responded well, cancer reducing, more time needed. Mrs C: diabetes 2: left insulin free Mr B: prostate cancer: feeling stronger and healthier, more time needed. Mrs M: Lung cancer and Lymph cancer, lungs filling 90% when arrived 35%, wonderful progress, cancer in lungs clear, continuing working on Lymph.  

Dear Mark and Joe, This is Gregory Riter's mother, Irenee.  Heard your program today from 11-10-19 and I must say that you guys are absolutely right on about the truth and real history.  I have been studying all of it at every deep level possible constantly.  And the history crosses over and validates the truth at every turn and has a huge impact on the scope of our life experience.  As the mother of this group of exceptional six children and wonderful partners (such as Libby you now know) and 12 grandchildren who are "waking up" one by one, I am so grateful to be able see what is going on...Agenda 21 all the way, and everything the Tribunal of Natural Law is helping to expose with the inspiration of Shawn Stone and Robert David Steele, David Icke, scientist Nassim Haramein, Matais DeStefano and many of the teachers on Gaia among others.  But thankfully, after the initial shock of it all I have found a balance of understanding and peace, but I watch very carefully and champion every spark of light beaming through this dark contrast that is now rapidly moving energy around, but will ultimately be for the good of all. In my search, I was listening to The International Tribune for Natural Justice and discovered Jim Humble who mentioned cancer and how there was a misunderstanding about chlorine or bleach in his healing thousands of people with malaria in Africa.  The very next morning I woke up with two thoughts placed right into my mind: Thought (1) the Clorox bleach that my uncles discovered.   [Bleach was the reason the burns they received from the irons working in a laundry just didn't materialize, so ever since I was a little girl our whole family (mother had 13 brothers and sisters) used bleach to heal our burns and the story is that if you leave the burn soaking until it didn't hurt when you took it out, then you knew it was enough, and it always worked!  My two year old little girl Jana, had boiling hot water from a vaporizer pulled over and onto her head and I ran out to the laundry room and grabbed the bleach and poured it all over her face that seemed burned and then we took her screaming to the doctor and he was shocked at what I did, and she did have to be in the hospital several days, but do you know, the only place that left a scar at all was the skin under her chin in the right crease of her neck where the collar on her little jumper missed the bleach. She was completely healed and is a beautiful woman.  What a blessing of blessings.] Thought (2) A very savvy Dr. Purcells told us to use a capful of Clorox (only that brand) in water to rinse our vegetables so we have done that for years.  Thought (3) Then of course it hit me about Gregory, remembering hearing Jim Humble mention the word "bleach" I immediately got up and searched on the web and found the interview with Jim Humble on "Project Camelot" and told Kristen and she immediately felt it.   And that is not all.  The next night was our family Taco Night and we mentioned the Protocol and would you believe, both my other sons, Cary and Michael actually had bottles of MMS and Citric Acid sets. They didn't remember why or for what reason they had ordered them a long time ago, and they pulled them out and Kristen tested them and they were good.  And that was it!  We were off to the races which led to both of you.  Greg's other brother Steve was open and within the month, everyone pitched in and now there you all are down in Santa Marta and Gregory calls you his brothers and that is a high compliment in his heart.  This experience has moved everyone in the family with greater expressions of love for each other in all ways.  Thank you for being with us. Wishing you happiness and birds singing for you today and always, Irenee

Hey there! My name is Vero and I live in Mexico. The first time I heard about MMS was with the release of Quantum Leap. Since then I began researching and started making and taking mms, then giving it to my kids, then recommending it to my friends, and they started giving it to their kids. We even have a WhatsApp group and help each other with information about health. Thank you Mark and Joe for all your work and Jim oh my God! God bless that man and everybody who is helping humanity wake up and make this positive change possible in the world. So, in our group of moms we've had really great results dealing with stomach, ear, throat, infections in our kids. Allergy symptoms, food poisoning, rashes, stuffy nose, cuts, etc. We are so happy for MMS and I use it and recommend it to every person who is willing to listen, everybody who takes it gets better. People here in Mexico are still a bit afraid and listen to the doctors but I pray to God for them, that they will soon realize the damage the "medicines" do to their bodies. I have been listening to the broadcasts and they have helped me a lot to learn more about how the body works, so thanks for that. And about the vaccines, I have 4 kids, the first 2 I vaccinated and the youngest two I did not. I can see a great difference in how they react. The first two had allergies, they got sick once a month when babies and they still have trouble controlling themselves and concentrating. I have to confess I have not given them the whole 1000 protocol, but I know that when I get the chance to really finish it their problems will be gone for good since I have seen things disappear with one dose. So, I will be doing that. The youngest two have very strong immune systems and can fight of any cold or infection if they get one, but it's very rare and when they do they usually get high fever for one or two nights and the next day wake up much better. They have no trouble with stuffy nose, or allergies, or crup, or anything like that witch was a big problem with the oldest two until MMS. Doctors and medicines only made things worse for them so I started to search for alternatives, and thank God I found the ultimate and best one MMS. My husband had allergies his whole life, problem solved. I was totally toxic and had lots of problems with intestinal issues and now I feel great.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough, you guys have been an inspiration and now I want to take the course and help more people because I have found lots of happiness in helping other people heal, I think it's the perfect way to start if we want to heal the planet and make the world a better place.

God bless!


As for the MMS program, it has been growing at a fast rate with word of mouth driving it's expansion.  We are in over 60 communities with over 5 thousand people taking the sacrament on a daily basis.  Miracles happening every day and a great amount of suffering is being eliminated.  I'm documenting as much as possible, and the only people that it doesn't work for are the people that don't take it!  I have given up on trying to convince anyone that it works as there are more people then I can get to that are ready to take it.  Unfortunately, the programing is deep within the western society.  I guess this is why I have such good luck in getting it out to the rural tribal peoples, less indoctrination. Thank you, Mark, for all that you do to get the message out there to humanity.  God Bless you and your family! Bishop Casey

For about a year I have used protocol 1000 and used 4 OZ of it in a glass and added 8 drops of DMSO that I got from your store.  I have stopped using DMSO now for three days and the results I got on many levels are truly beyond amazing!!  I think my body is so clean right now that maybe 8 drops are too much for me.  Maybe in a week after the rashes are gone I can try one or two drops instead and see how that works.  Do you agree?  I have been brushing my teeth now for a year with MMS and use 20 drops of DMSO with 10 drops of MMS and Activator as well.  Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.  I had a very mild case of OCD that does not require any treatment.  But I did not know how deep it was until I started using Protocol 1000.  Like an onion, MMS start peeling OCD layers one after another and that is when I realized how deep it was even though it was very mild case.  Now that I stopped DMSO for few days it is almost all but gone!!  The feeling of wellness has skyrocketed after I stopped DMSO.  I still think I need it though since I still have some swelling in my gum. 

Christopher Narcouzi  

My letter today to President Trump below,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE post this on your Facebook page and send to all you know   For  info on *MMS See:    https://mmstestimonials.co/  

Dear President Trump,   BOTH my wife and myself have taken *MMS for 11 years and never get sick. It cost us $17 for a bottle that we both use for 12 months. We have taken 2 or 3 drops with a large glass of water in the morning and also before bed.   We have travelled the World every day now for 18 years, 4.5 years all over Africa, 2.5 years all over S. America and Central America, 14 months ALL over China, 2 years all over India, 1.5 years in Australia and New Zealand and 7 years in all the countries of S.E.Asia. We take NO vaccinations, always take public transport with the local people in MANY malaria, dengue fever, etc areas, and have never gotten seriously ill.  I had a friend in Madagascar and at my suggestion, he took *MMS and 3 weeks later was clear of hepatitis that he had had for 27 years. IT WORKS.   See us at   www.worldglobetrotters.comI can understand why the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want to stop *MMS as it works and cost nothing while some 40% of the USA economy is made by people being sick and this would change everything, some 15million people Worldwide now take this very simple remedy.

Thanks for your good work for all America

We love you 

Joseph O. Gill  

Hello,  I am sending you this text to let you know what happened. You sent me 2 kits because I told you that my brother works in a hospital well my neighbor got the virus. So I gave him a kit and told him the protocol for the virus 6 drops every 2 hours. Well he only did 3 doses because it was affecting his stomach. I told him to cut back but he said he was done with it. Then 1 day later he tells me that he felt much better. Then 2 days later he said he felt brand new even doing push ups. That was on just 3 doses! He went from the sickest he's ever been to doing push ups just to let you know. Hope it's useful information to you

Hi guys been a while since I emailed. First I’d like to give you a praise report. I had a skin condition called alopecia universalis. It would come and go for years and after my first two month session on mms it has completely gone away!, Thank you and thank God for you. My second question is I might have the corona virus. I just started a new two month run with mms. Thank you Stephen

I was pretty sick with something in January for two weeks, but I took MMS and truly believe it saved me. I never got tested so I don't know what it was. Hope you get some good candidates. It must be so hard to promote MMS these days. Google presents you with 4 to 5 pages of continuous defamation as soon as you type in MMS. Lawrence

Hello G2 Church, Firstly, my family and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for what you are doing as a Church, this is the first Church we've ever wanted to be a part of! I found out about MMS back in April 2015, the same week we found out we were pregnant with our daughter! I had already been on a deep research project online to find a cure for my Tinea Versicolour; I had given up on the medical community long ago at this point. Since then we've been using MMS on any scratch, scrape, bruise, blister, bite, burn or any ailment of any sort, with friends and family. We often use it in combination with DMSO externally; I had a knee on knee collision playing soccer and was bedridden for 3 days after. I didn't do anything about it, went back to work (drywall taping/mudding) and had a limp for the following 12 months. My knee cap was loose and I was able to move it around in a circle underneath the skin because it was still swollen with fluid. Although I was able to walk, every few steps would cause sharp pains behind my knee. I started using DMSO, CLO2 mixed and within 4 days, the fluid was pulled out from under the knee, swelling was gone and within 2 weeks all pain was gone as well as tendons and ligaments regained strength so I have been unable to move my knee cap since. Based on what I know about Quantum Physics, no science holds more truth at the moment, is that any long lasting change in the body has to happen energetically first, before it can happen in materiality. I'm starting to think that electrical charge in CLO2 has far more beneficial implications in the body, that we currently are aware of - it could be creating the 'conditions' for health to take place. Anyway, I continue my deep dive into original health teachings and latest updates from unbiased, peer-reviewed scientific papers - especially from Heart-Math Institute (great resource). We would love to meet you guys one day and be there for training, until then, I hope to keep open lines of communication; I have countless testimonials from people I have shared this information with. Thanks again. Jah Bless! Cosimo

A very sick mid forties man Had a worm crawl out his nostril.  He had been homeless, in and out of jail.  Started him on 1 drop 8-10 hours/day. Within hours little black bugs started coming out of his skin, his ears, and his toes.  His mother thought she had lost him before the MMS.  They are both amazed.  Bugs still high tailing it. Tom